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I think the debate in our society now is that people have to agree on zero-tolerance to terrorism.~Abdullah II of Jordan

Society People Terrorism

Where do the evils like corruption arise from? It comes from the never-ending greed. The fight for corruption-free ethical society will have to be fought against this greed and replace it with 'what can I give' spirit.~A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Society Fight Corruption

It's society that disables an individual by not investing in enough creativity to allow for someone to show us the quality that makes them rare and valuable and capable.~Aimee Mullins

Creativity Society Quality

The first principle of a free society is an untrammeled flow of words in an open forum.~Adlai E. Stevenson

Words Society Free

As I often say, we have come a long way from the days of slavery, but in 2014, discrimination and inequality still saturate our society in modern ways. Though racism may be less blatant now in many cases, its existence is undeniable.~Al Sharpton

Racism May Society

There is the desire of a consumer society to have no learning curves. This tends to result in very dumbed-down products that are easy to get started on, but are generally worthless and/or debilitating.~Alan Kay

Learning Society Easy

If you're going to have any kind of political opposition in the 21st century, then it has to be as fundamentally liquid as the rapidly changing society we're living in.~Alan Moore

Society Political Living

There are winners and there are losers. And as much as we would like to help the losers, if we do it in the way that directs the limited capital of the society to support the low-productivity parts of the economy, it means that the rest of the economy - our overall standard of living - will not rise as much as it could.~Alan Greenspan

Support Society Help

I think it's child abuse to have someone in the public eye too young. Society basically values wealth and fame and power at the cost of well-being. In the case of a child, it's at the cost of someone's natural development. It's already hard enough to develop.~Alanis Morissette

Power Child Society

I have spent all my life under a Communist regime, and I will tell you that a society without any objective legal scale is a terrible one indeed. But a society with no other scale but the legal one is not quite worthy of man either.~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Life Man Society

The health of a democratic society may be measured by the quality of functions performed by private citizens.~Alexis de Tocqueville

Health May Society

The surface of American society is covered with a layer of democratic paint, but from time to time one can see the old aristocratic colours breaking through.~Alexis de Tocqueville

Time Society American

It is better, as far as getting the vote is concerned, I believe, to have a small, united group than an immense debating society.~Alice Paul

Small Society Believe

You just let your lower self go, and then it takes on all these aspects of the society - the city with horns blowing, the people yelling things at each other, and the all-in-all violence and chaos of the city. Put that on stage with music, and that's what this is.~Alice Cooper

Music Self Society

One of the definitions of sanity is the ability to tell real from unreal. Soon we'll need a new definition.~Alvin Toffler

Society Real New

If we don't preserve the natural resources, you aren't going to have a sustainable society. This is not something for Chez Panisse and the elite of San Francisco. It's for everyone.~Alice Waters

Society You Natural

You don't see Indians in Hollywood films around which a story can revolve. As soon as we have a social presence in your society, I am sure there will be many actors from our part of the world that will be acting in Hollywood films.~Amitabh Bachchan

I Am World Society

To me, the tragedy about this whole image-obsessed society is that young girls get so caught up in just achieving that they forget to realize that they have so much more to offer the world.~America Ferrera

Achieving World Society

Affirmative action is an effort to include every aspect of society in the decision making.~Andrew Young

Decision Society Effort

We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.~Angela Davis

Society Minds Talk

Patriarchy is like the elephant in the room that we don't talk about, but how could it not affect the planet radically when it's the superstructure of human society.~Ani DiFranco

Society Elephant Human

Patriarchy is a fundamental imbalance underlying society And it's one we rarely address because it's so universal. But as I get older, I see that peace is a product of balance.~Ani DiFranco

Peace Balance Society

We're living in a whole new social and economic order with a whole new set of problems and challenges. Old assumptions and old programs don't work in this new society and the more we try to stretch them to make them fit, the more we will be seen as running away from what is reality.~Ann Richards

Work Society Reality

I'm always looking for a cover subject that reflects the magazine, an interest in fashion, in culture, in society. We're trying to bring the world into the pages of 'Vogue.' We do that by tapping into the zeitgeists with our cover subjects.~Anna Wintour

Culture World Society

We must not inflict life on children who will be resented; we must not inflict unwanted children on society.~Anne Lamott

Life Children Society

The Constitution that I interpret and apply is not living, but dead, or as I prefer to call it, enduring. It means, today, not what current society, much less the court, thinks it ought to mean, but what it meant when it was adopted.~Antonin Scalia

Today Society Living

There is no higher value in our society than integrity.~Arlen Specter

Integrity Society Value

The human race's prospects of survival were considerably better when we were defenceless against tigers than they are today when we have become defenceless against ourselves.~Arnold J. Toynbee

Today Society Survival

In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits.~Arnold Schwarzenegger

Women Society Limits

Our lifetime may be the last that will be lived out in a technological society.~Arthur C. Clarke

Technology May Society

Individual rights are the means of subordinating society to moral law.~Ayn Rand

Law Society Moral

The function of the press in society is to inform, but its role in society is to make money.~A. J. Liebling

Money Society Press

We coin concepts and we use them to analyse and explain nature and society. But we seem to forget, midway, that these concepts are our own constructs and start equating them with reality.~Abdolkarim Soroush

Nature Society Reality

A lot of guys and people in our society think that chicks just love dudes with money. Chicks love dudes who are successful who happen to have money - do you know what I mean? Chicks are attracted to dudes that are doing their own thing.~Adam Carolla

Love Money Society

The repossession by women of our bodies will bring far more essential change to human society than the seizing of the means of production by workers.~Adrienne Rich

Change Women Society

Because TED is for, and by, unbelievably rich people, they tiptoe around questions of the justness of a society that rewards TED attendees so much for what usually amounts to a series of lucky breaks.~Alex Pareene

Society People Rich

Babe Ruth is an icon, in sports and in our society.~Alex Rodriguez

Sports Society Babe

The first duty of society is to give each of its members the possibility of fulfilling his destiny. When it becomes incapable of performing this duty it must be transformed.~Alexis Carrel

Destiny Society Duty

One of the most destructive things that's happening in modern society is that we are losing our sense of the bonds that bind people together - which can lead to nightmares of social collapse.~Alexander McCall Smith

Together Society People

Manners are the basic building blocks of civil society.~Alexander McCall Smith

Society Building Manners

What we need are not prohibitory marriage laws, but a reformed society, an educated public opinion which will teach individual duty in these matters.~Alfred Russel Wallace

Marriage Society Teach

It seems to me that we're in danger of losing sight of certain basic civic values in society by allowing the growth of a whole generation of people who really have no sense of attachment to society.~Alexander McCall Smith

Growth Society Generation

Howard University shocked me into realizing how desperately sick the Negro could be, how he could be led into self-destruction, and how he would not realize that it was the society that had forced him into a great sickness.~Amiri Baraka

Great Society Me

Our notion of the perfect society embraces the family as its center and ornament, and this paradise is not secure until children appear to animate and complete the picture.~Amos Bronson Alcott

Family Children Society

I don't think writers really choose their subjects. I think the subjects, the topics, the themes, choose us, and then we make the most of what we have. For Trollope, society; for Roth, Jews. For me, apparently, love. Why hide it?~Amy Bloom

Love Society Me

I believe discrimination still exists in society and we must fight it in every form.~Andrew Cuomo

Society Fight Believe

Empowerment is not about doing the same thing the same way in the same environment. It's about building the man and the woman and doing so with a view to creating better citizens and, by extension, better patriots in this society of ours.~Anthony Carmona

Woman Man Society

I've always believed that the artiste is the one who has his pulse on the society and who, in many ways, represents the conscience of society in terms of engaging standards that we need to live by.~Anthony Carmona

Society Live Conscience

Activism has been very productive in our society.~Anthony Fauci

Society Productive Very

The remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true. This is the ordinary course in a free society. The response to the unreasoned is the rational; to the uninformed, the enlightened; to the straight-out lie, the simple truth.~Anthony Kennedy

Truth Society Lie

I think the key to the whole appeal of Amazons is the egalitarian society. There was once a time and place where equality was taken for granted - it was logical and necessary - and I think most people can get the message that if it happened once, it could happen again.~Adrienne Mayor

Time Equality Society

In our society leaving baby with Daddy is just one step above leaving the kids to be raised by wolves or apes.~Al Roker

Society Baby Step

Basically, an artist should be a mirror, or a reflection of society or his or her environment. What you see is what you can articulate.~Al Jourgensen

Reflection Mirror Society

It's good to have a governing body to oversee matters in making of films, but you can't blame films for what is happening in society.~Akkineni Nagarjuna

Good Society Blame

Over the past few years, many of us have increasingly begun to question the direction and meaning of our society as it has developed over the past several centuries.~Alex Campbell

Past Society Meaning

There are a lot of different ways of building a prosperous society, and some of them use much less energy than others. And it is possible and more practical to talk about rebuilding systems to use much less energy than it is to think about trying to meet greater demands of energy through clean energy alone.~Alex Steffen

Alone Society Energy

There's no law of physics that says we have to be an unsustainable society - in fact, quite the opposite. The planet's ready to work with us if we're ready to think differently, but we do have to make that jump and start to do things in new ways.~Alex Steffen

Work Law Society

When the Internet really first started to hit, people felt this would be the death blow: after suburbs and long commutes and television and the death of the family dinner, this would be the last straw that would totally break society.~Alex Steffen

Family Death Society

Exclusiveness in a garden is a mistake as great as it is in society.~Alfred Austin

Great Society Garden

Humans have always used animals to depict ideas about themselves: ideas about their status, about their position in life and society and the world.~Alison Goldfrapp

Life World Society

According to its doctors, my one intransigent desire is to have been a Confederate general, and because I could not or would not become anything else, I set up for poet and beg an to invent fictions about the personal ambitions that my society has no use for.~Allen Tate

Society Desire Confederate

If you dig deep and keep peeling the onion, artists and freelance writers are the leaders in society - the people who start to get new ideas out.~Allan Savory

Deep Society People

Society may be likened to a rod, which only a just government can balance properly.~Ameen Rihani

May Balance Society

Revolution applies a local anaesthetic to one class of society and operates on the other.~Ameen Rihani

Society Revolution Class

By playing on people's desire to belong to groups, Facebook creates a new, inclusive society. After all, Facebook is not like Harvard College. Anyone with access to the Internet can sign up.~Amity Shlaes

College Society People

But we look back now, and we realize the Great Society was not a success.~Alphonso Jackson

Success Great Society

Everybody has an idea of the kind of society they'd like to live in, and I would like to live in one where our senior politicians were spirited and original and possibly even good at what they do.~Andrew O'Hagan

Good Society Live

Still, corruption and oppression are far too common threats to the democratic society.~Anna Lindh

Society Corruption Common

Unless and until our society recognizes cyber bullying for what it is, the suffering of thousands of silent victims will continue.~Anna Maria Chavez

Society Silent Suffering

'Codename Baboushka' is an action-packed modern pulp spy thriller, in the sort of British tradition of 'Modesty Blaise', New Avengers and of course James Bond. It's a book about Contessa Annika Malikova, the last of a noble Russian line and an enigmatic, mysterious figure in New York high society.~Antony Johnston

Book Society Tradition

There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones.~Anwar Sadat

Family Hope Society

Society prizes a girl for being thin more than anything else she might bring to the table.~Arabella Weir

Girl Society She

I think I just really understand what it is to feel like you don't fit in, within your society, within your world, within your family, within whatever. I've always felt like an odd duck so I really understood that.~Anya Taylor-Joy

Family World Society

We tend to admire the people in our society who have accumulated such wealth as to seem somehow great. But we shouldn't forget that it was the everyday working class man who made this country great.~Armstrong Williams

Great Man Society

I think it's certainly important that we don't have symbols in our society that are offensive to a segment and that arouse racial division.~Asa Hutchinson

Society Important Think

There can't be real peace without improving the integration of Arab society and making it part of the political game.~Ayman Odeh

Peace Society Political

There is a real diversity of talent and background on the A list so as to better reflect our society in all walks. There are people who have been candidates before, Councillors, Doctors, business leaders, charity campaigners.~Adam Rickitt

Business Diversity Society

Not just in modeling, but in society, there's so much pressure about what a woman should be, and, of course, it's just so unobtainable. You can never become that thing, because it's such a projection.~Agyness Deyn

Woman Society You

Simply that we are mirroring the trends in society, at any given time smuggling was an issue in the seventies, corruption is an issue today, and we faithfully reflect those issues.~Ajay Devgan

Time Today Society

The Iraqi people are living a long-running tragedy because of the legacy of the old regime, the Americans and their actions that are unsuitable for Iraqi society, and the weakness of national resolve.~Ahmed Chalabi

Legacy Society People

I respect very much the role of the media in our society; I think they can be very, very helpful. They serve as a very useful check, sort of a watchdog over the actions of the government, and I respect that.~Alberto Gonzales

Respect Society Government

The university's business is the conservation of useless knowledge; and what the university itself apparently fails to see is that this enterprise is not only noble but indispensable as well, that society can not exist unless it goes on.~Albert J. Nock

Business Knowledge Society

So this is all part of a free society. People are entitled to hold whatever view they want, and the media can report things how they wish.~Alexander Downer

Society People Media

I think a writer is a describer. She describes society and human nature as she sees it. She has to be both typical of that society and alone within it.~Amity Gaige

Nature Alone Society

There is no Constitutional right to prey on others. The Internet is just a piece of technology, like the telephone. Society has the right to modify its uses.~Andrew Vachss

Technology Society

The teachings of the New Testament are the most valuable guide to the best way to a civil and sustainable society the world has seen.~Andrew Forrest

Best World Society

People are pushing against the fabric of society all the time.~Andrew Vachss

Time Society People

Victimizers of children are the enemies of any so-called society.~Andrew Vachss

Children Society Any

The real problem is that the way that power is given out in our society pits us against each other.~Anita Hill

Power Society Problem

Generally speaking, there is more wit than talent in the world. Society swarms with witty people who lack talent.~Antoine Rivarol

World Society People

The conceptual artist Ai WeiWei illustrates the schizoid society that rapid change has produced - sometimes by reassembling Ming-style furniture into absurd and useless arrangements, or by carefully painting and antiquing a Coca-Cola logo on an ancient Chinese pot.~Arne Glimcher

Change Society Artist

Art is a tool by which society extends its perception.~Arne Glimcher

Art Society Perception

Theater will never, and never has, gotten audiences like film. But theater goes to work on society in a different and more subversive way.~Athol Fugard

Work Society Way

I think if you look at the themes that are presented in the film, some are inherently social, and I think that any film which deals with the family is dealing with the smallest social unit in our society - and in a sense it is a question of scope.~Atom Egoyan

Family Society Look

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 laid the foundation for the Voting Rights Act of 1965, but it also addressed nearly every other aspect of daily life in a would-be free democratic society.~Aberjhani

Life Daily Society

The question I asked Georges has now become a general one - You, who thought you were superfluous, who thought there was no place for you in society, not only are you not superfluous, you are needed and so those who were beggars become givers.~Abbe Pierre

Society You Thought

A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.~Adlai Stevenson

Society Free Safe

We're building what I call 'software apartheid.' We're in the process of creating a divided society: those who can use technology on one side, and those who can't on the other. And it happens to divide neatly along economic lines.~Alan Cooper

Technology Society Process

People are always going to identify with what it's like living in society and have people judge you in certain ways, and how you can be strong enough to be your own person and all those good things.~Alessandro Nivola

Good Strong Society

The current neglect of the problem can only irritate this deplorable state of affairs. The Black Muslims should constitute a warning to our society, a warning that must be heeded if we are to preserve the society.~Andrew Goodman

Society Black Problem

If we were in India now, there would be servants standing in the corners of this room and I wouldn't notice them. That is what my society is like, that is what the divide is like.~Aravind Adiga

Society Now Standing

You must keep in mind that Pakistan has suffered the aftermaths of the Cold War, and that Cold War had left deep imprints on our society. We were the worst sufferers from the ills of the Afghan war.~Asif Ali Zardari

War Deep Society

To give up the task of reforming society is to give up one's responsibility as a free man.~Alan Paton

Man Responsibility Society

It used to be that readers were relegated because they considered themselves far above society, and so the metaphor of the ivory tower developed. Now there's still this idea that the reader doesn't take part in the social game and in politics, the res publica, but for other reasons: he doesn't do it because he's not making any money.~Alberto Manguel

Money Politics Society

In a society that tries to standardize thinking, individuality is not highly prized.~Alex Grey

Thinking Society Tries

I guess music, particularly the blues, is the only form of schizophrenia that has organised itself into being both legal and beneficial to society.~Alexis Korner

Music Society Legal

One does, after all, take on many of the givens of a society when one takes on its language.~Alma Guillermoprieto

Society Language Many

We develop social systems for the handicapped, but when you're handicapped in your mind, society doesn't handle those situations well. I think we don't recognize or acknowledge the power of messages and how deeply affected we all are by the messages we receive from the media.~Aloe Blacc

Power Society Mind

As a kid, you get to the stage where you realise the gender barriers that exist in society and what you're supposed to do and not supposed to do.~Andrej Pejic

Society Gender You

I'm not sure it pays to do anything remotely public in Britain. It's such a spiteful society. People seem to enjoy making your life hard for the sake of it.~Andrew Eldritch

Life Society People

If we want technology to serve society rather than enslave it, we have to build systems accessible to all people - be they male or female, young, old, disabled, computer wizards or technophobes.~Anita Borg

Technology Society People

Games have a huge impact on our society because the media plays a role in helping to shape our attitudes. So it's not just fantasy.~Anita Sarkeesian

Society Impact Media

I try to do stories that make a difference - stories that affect the way people think, stories that people need to hear - and usually what drives me is to do stories about people who have no voice, people who have no political power, people who are overlooked by society.~Ann Curry

Power Society Political

When our bodies are sick and people extend their sympathy, bring us soup, offer up solutions. When our minds are sick, people tend to shy away from you, be afraid, or call you outright crazy. I'm fascinated by the way society and individuals view mental illness, and most of my shorts comment on that.~Anna Akana

Sympathy Society People

I am as frustrated with society as a pyromaniac in a petrified forest.~A. Whitney Brown

I Am Society Forest

By virtue of our private property society, we have disconnected individuals from the land. We have put them in high rises and asked them to live their lives in urban settings, disconnected from the land.~Adam Dell

Society Live Property

Like the winds that we come we know not whence and blow whither soever they list, the forces of society are derived from an obscure and distant origin. They arise before the date of philosophy, from the instincts, not the speculations of men.~Adam Ferguson

Men Philosophy Society

No international court can ever substitute for a working national justice system. Or for a society at peace.~Adam Hochschild

Peace Justice Society

The Internet is just a bunch of servers and broadband cables and routers that traffic data around the world. But I think now the Internet is starting to become an entity that society views as a human thing.~Adam Ostrow

World Society Internet

Our horizon is the creation of a noble society to which, like the medieval builder of those glorious cathedrals, you will have added your conception, your artful piece of stone.~Adrienne Clarkson

Society You Horizon

Unless we abandon elements which resemble a police state, we can't meet the demands of being a modern society.~Ahmet Necdet Sezner

Society Police Meet

You can't make up anything anymore. The world itself is a satire. All you're doing is recording it.~Art Buchwald

World Society Doing

Historically, over the last two or three hundred years, the relationship that we've had with money as a society - having money, talking about money - has been a little bit of a shameful thing. Splashing money about is clearly wrong, but there's nothing wrong about giving it back.~Arpad Busson

Relationship Money Society

The family is the single most important institution in Afghan culture. It is described in the country's constitution as the 'fundamental pillar of society'.~Asne Seierstad

Family Culture Society

If I lose, then I have to accept that my way of writing books is not the way society says it's okay to write.~Asne Seierstad

Society Writing Accept

The main ingredient of the first quantum revolution, wave-particle duality, has led to inventions such as the transistor and the laser that are at the root of the information society.~Alain Aspect

Society Revolution Quantum

If we are to fulfill the promise of this great Nation that everybody in our society has equal access to the law, obviously having the resources to have access to the law is extremely important.~Alan Mollohan

Great Law Society

I think one thing with Sweden is that in some way the Swedish society is a very good society, almost perfect on the surface. That is something that makes the writers forced to see what is underneath the surface, because it's always something underneath the surface, of course.~Alexander Ahndoril

Good Society Think

Journalism is about results. It's about affecting your community or your society in the most progressive way.~Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Community Society Results

I wanted everything. What could you not want when you are brown and Indian-looking in a society in which the white aesthetic is praised as acceptable?~Ana Castillo

Society White Want

Our country, like every modern state, needs profound democratic reforms. It needs political and ideological pluralism, a mixed economy and protection of human rights and the opening up of society.~Andrei Sakharov

Society Political Opening

Curiously, a principle affects your life whether you are aware of it or not. For instance, the principle of gravity was working long before the apple ever fell on Newton's head. But once it did, and he understood it, then we as a society were free to harness this principle to create, among other things, airline flight.~Andy Andrews

Life Society Free

You're isolated as a writer, so I always envied people who could get up early and drive to work and fit into society.~Aram Saroyan

Work Society People

If co-operation, is thus the lifeblood of science and technology, it is similarly vital to society as a whole.~Arthur Holly Compton

Technology Science Society

As in biomedical science, pioneering industrial inventions have not been mothered by necessity. Rather, inventions for which there was no commercial use only later became the commercial airplanes, xerography and lasers on which modern society depends.~Arthur Kornberg

Science Society Inventions