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If someone tried to deprive you of your rights, you've got to resist it. You've got to resent it. You've got to fight against it.~A. Philip Randolph

Fight You Rights

Nothing would be more profitable to us than a right history of mankind.~Adam Weishaupt

History Nothing Right

To protect the right of expression is the central part of an artist's activity... In China many essential rights are lacking, and I wanted to remind people of this.~Ai Weiwei

People Artist Rights

You're absolutely right: Bob Grant is a racist, Bob Grant is a bigot, he's a despicable talk show host and I agree with that.~Alan Dershowitz

You Talk Right

As we develop the moral aspect of our lives, we often adapt standards of right and wrong that serve as guides and deterrents for our conduct.~Albert Bandura

Moral Adapt Right

Examine each question in terms of what is ethically and aesthetically right, as well as what is economically expedient.~Aldo Leopold

Question Right Well

It is time in the West to defend not so much human rights as human obligations.~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Time Human Rights Rights

That's like making fun of a maniac because his brain isn't completely right, because he isn't in the norm.~Alice Cooper

Fun Brain Right

There's no problem on the planet that can't be solved without violence. That's the lesson of the civil rights movement.~Andrew Young

Violence Problem Rights

All the rights secured to the citizens under the Constitution are worth nothing, and a mere bubble, except guaranteed to them by an independent and virtuous Judiciary.~Andrew Jackson

Nothing Independent Rights

The unsung heroes of the civil rights movement were always the wives and the mothers.~Andrew Young

Mothers Civil Rights Wives

I'm involved in the work around prison rights in general.~Angela Davis

Work Prison Rights

No one has the right to destroy another person's belief by demanding empirical evidence.~Ann Landers

Belief Evidence Right

Well it's really hard to satisfy the right wing. I can tell you that.~Ann Richards

You I Can Right

When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.~Arthur C. Clarke

Impossible Right Elderly

If we don't take effective measures now, the Netherlands could be torn between two extreme rights.~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Rights Now Two

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.~Ayn Rand

Earth Rights Individual

The best thing about Mick Jagger is how uncalculating he is. He does what he wants to do and it feels right. He's not a dancer - neither am I.~Adam Levine

Best Right Dancer

Nothing that's forced can ever be right, if it doesn't come naturally, leave it.~Al Stewart

Nothing Leave Right

We live in a world where everyone thinks they do the right thing, so they are entitled to do the wrong thing. So ends can justify the means.~Alex Gibney

World Do The Right Thing

The journalists have obviously failed to capture my innate magnetism, humour and charisma, and they all need to be fired from their newspapers right away.~Alexei Sayle

Away Capture Right

What is it about women that they just go right for the guy that totally repulses them?~Alison Brie

Women Go Right

What is right is not always popular.~Allison Tolman

Right Always Popular

I look at the Star of David as a symbol of righteousness.~Amar'e Stoudemire

Look Star Righteousness

The center-right alternative media has been playing a passable prevent defense, constantly saying 'That's not right' for consistently biased reporting.~Andrew Breitbart

Media Saying Right

No one questions the validity, the urgency, the essentiality of the Voting Rights Act.~Anthony Kennedy

Voting Questions Rights

Success is often the result of taking a misstep in the right direction.~Al Bernstein

Success Direction Right

I would adopt a standpoint, irrespective of whether someone was for or against it, if I felt deeply that it was right for the movement.~Alfred Rosenberg

Someone Movement Right

I can't remember when I wasn't an animal rights activist.~Ali MacGraw

Animal Remember Rights

Well, my definition of a tragedy is a clash between right and right.~Amos Oz

Tragedy Right Well

Blood probably tastes like salty water, right?~Amy Heckerling

Water Blood Right

Human rights are praised more than ever - and violated as much as ever.~Anna Lindh

Human Rights Rights Human

I don't have any doubts either about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Perhaps some more should be added to the list, but I don't have the slightest doubt about human rights.~Antonio Tabucchi

Doubt Human Rights Rights

I claim the right to take a stand once in a while.~Antonio Tabucchi

Stand Right Once

I guess short films have a bright future... The advantage is budget.~Anurag Kashyap

Future Short Bright Future

Even the strongest bonds, flesh and blood, they can just evaporate in a second given the right conditions.~Anya Taylor-Joy

Blood Right Bonds

The Right everywhere in the world gains more by forming a security agenda while the Left gains from a social agenda.~Ayman Odeh

World Security Right

Lyrically we tried to just not be the same as a lot of the other crap that is out there right now.~Adam Rich

Same Now Right

Without amendments we would never even have had the Bill of Rights.~Adrian Cronauer

Rights Without Never

The electronic spectrum is the only natural resource in which there's no such thing as private property rights. You can't own a piece of the spectrum.~Adrian Cronauer

Property You Rights

Secondly, love and relationships are complicated. No one could ever get it right in a four-line sentence.~Adrian Grenier

Love Complicated Right

I'm not massively fond of right-wing nutters or war criminals.~Alastair Reynolds

War Criminals Right-Wing

A kid in an abusive home has far fewer rights than any POW. There is no Geneva Convention for kids.~Andrew Vachss

Home Rights Far

I'm an aesthetic empiricist. If you like something, it doesn't matter who made it. There really is no objective standard other than your own taste. You develop your own tastes, you find things that do or do not fit your tastes, and therefore are or are not 'good.' Whether they have been labeled as produced by the right person is another matter.~Arthur Phillips

Good Right Person You

But I'm the only one who can paint the moon, because I'm the only one who knows whether that's right or not.~Alan Bean

Moon Right Paint

Nature got it right with the cranes. They have been around since the Eocene, which ended 34 million years ago.~Alex Shoumatoff

Nature Right Years

The first piece of advice I would have from my experience is that governments need to be vocal about human rights.~Amal Clooney

Experience Advice Rights

The pressure of getting an order right is greater than sinking a putt.~Amy Alcott

Pressure Right Order

You have to figure out who the right person is to tell the story. And often, people who are very self-aware will only sound as if they are pontificating if they tell the story.~Ann Beattie

People Right Person You

Things are not as we would like them to be. There is only one way to deal with it, namely to try and be all right oneself.~Anna Freud

Try Way Right

You ask yourself not if this or that is expedient, but if it is right.~Alan Paton

Yourself You Right

I have equal contempt for both left and right radicals.~Aleksandr Lebed

Equal Right Left

I just had a full body cleanse. And am eating right and exercising a lot.~Alfre Woodard

Body Eating Right

Material goods consist of useful material things, and of all rights to hold, or use, or derive benefits from material things, or to receive them at a future time.~Alfred Marshall

Time Future Rights

As the evening progressed, Scott said that he was looking forward to settling down, but that he hadn't yet found the right person. The way he looked at me when he said that made me feel he might be wondering whether I was that person.~Amber Frey

Right Person Me Looking

Nobody thinks that they're evil or bad, they think that they're doing the right thing.~Andrew McCarthy

Doing The Right Thing

The idea that we cause harm by doing what we perceive to be the right thing, that's another theme that interests me. Because most people don't intend to cause harm, they cause harm by doing the right thing - in their mind.~Andrew McCarthy

Doing The Right Thing Me

I was fascinated that everybody in the story thinks that they're in the right.~Andrew McCarthy

Story Thinks Right

Spider-Man has always been a symbol of goodness and doing the right thing and looking after your fellow man.~Andrew Garfield

Man Doing The Right Thing

Before you do anything, you need to know if it's right or wrong.~Andy Lau

You Know Right

Don't wait. If it's not right, move on.~Andy Lau

Wait Move Right

When millions of Americans are tightening their belts, folks have the right to expect their elected officials to do the same.~Ann Kirkpatrick

Expect Same Right

I'm still blowing alright, and I still enjoy it which is the main thing.~Acker Bilk

Enjoy Still Alright

In every commercial state, notwithstanding any pretension to equal rights, the exaltation of a few must depress the many.~Adam Ferguson

Equal Rights Equal Rights

You'd just be amazed what people will do. You really would. And not crazy people. Ostensibly normal people. When the right person touches the right button in someone, you can get them to do almost anything.~Annie Parisse

People Crazy Right Person

And what sort of philosophical doctrine is thi - that numbers confer unlimited rights, that they take from some persons all rights over themselves, and vest these rights in others.~Auberon Herbert

Rights Others Numbers

How, then, can the rights of three men exceed the rights of two men? In what possible way can the rights of three men absorb the rights of two men, and make them as if they had never existed.~Auberon Herbert

Men Three Rights

He that wounds himself, even though he has not the right, is not culpable; but if others have wounded him, they are culpable.~Akiva ben Joseph

Him Others Right

The bottom line is that we cannot sit idle as unparalleled rules and regulations significantly restrict our rights and ability to care for our families.~Alan Wilson

Rules Care Rights

The whole of the Bill is a declaration of the right of the people at large or considered as individuals... It establishes some rights of the individual as unalienable and which consequently, no majority has a right to deprive them of.~Albert Gallatin

People Rights Individual

Bedside manners are no substitute for the right diagnosis.~Alfred P. Sloan

Manners Right Diagnosis

The issue of human rights is one of the most fundamental human issues and also one of the most sensitive and controversial.~Ali Khamenei

Human Rights Rights Human

The idea of human rights as a fundamental principle can be seen to underlie throughout Islamic teachings.~Ali Khamenei

Human Rights Rights Human

Those who have been outspoken in advocating human rights during these last forty years, have themselves grabbed the most fundamental of human rights from the people of the Third-World countries.~Ali Khamenei

People Human Rights Rights

I don't have the wherewithal to judge God's will. I don't have the wherewithal to determine whether your viewpoints are right or wrong.~Amul Thapar

God Judge Right

I've learned in my years as a journalist that when a politician says 'That's ridiculous' you're probably on the right track.~Amy Goodman

You Politician Right

The right to happiness is fundamental.~Anna Pavlova

Happiness Right

So I think you have to marry for the right reasons, and marry the right person.~Anne Bancroft

Anniversary Right Person

The quest for riches darkens the sense of right and wrong.~Antiphanes

Right And Wrong Sense

I'm a feminist, a 21st-century feminist - which means choice and freedom. One has the right to be both glamorous and ethically structured.~Arielle Dombasle

Freedom Choice Right

We all worry about the population explosion, but we don't worry about it at the right time.~Art Hoppe

Time Worry Right Time

When a thing's done, it's done, and if it's not done right, do it differently next time.~Arthur Ransome

Time Done Right