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I've never really felt like a veteran. I've never felt like the guy who's like, 'OK, everyone needs to look up to me and respect me.' I've always just been one of the guys that people are excited to get in the ring with. That's all I want.~A.J. Styles

Respect People Me

If we are not free, no one will respect us.~A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Respect Free Will

If you respect a language and culture, it shows in your work.~A. R. Rahman

Work Respect Culture

Self-respect is the fruit of discipline; the sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Respect Discipline Fruit

We abuse land because we regard it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.~Aldo Leopold

Love Respect Community

Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.~Albert Camus

Respect Fear Nothing

It is justice and respect that I want the world to dust off and put - without delay, and with tenderness - back on the head of the Palestinian child. It will be imperfect justice and respect because the injustice and disrespect have been so severe. But I believe we are right to try.~Alice Walker

Respect Justice Child

I've never isolated role models based on gender. I have more male role models due to the mere fact that I've done business with more of them and they're leaders within the verticals I work. Of those, Tony Hsieh, CEO of, is an entrepreneur and personal friend that I have a great deal of respect for.~Amy Jo Martin

Work Business Respect

I've always seen the Olympics as a place where you could act out your differences on the athletic field with a sense of sportsmanship and fairness and mutual respect.~Andrew Young

Respect Differences You

I really don't have much respect for the people who live their lives motivated by an exit strategy existing, being performed. There was no option that we were trained in that says, 'If it gets too hard, get up and leave.'~Andy Grove

Respect People Live

We don't do drugs, drink or use profanity. Instead we instill morals and values in my boys by raising them with a love of God and a love and respect for themselves and all people. I believe they will have a chance.~Anita Baker

Love Respect God

Love, friendship and respect do not unite people as much as a common hatred for something.~Anton Chekhov

Love Friendship Respect

We all require and want respect, man or woman, black or white. It's our basic human right.~Aretha Franklin

Respect Woman Man

I do accept that, with - with respect to those vague terms in the Constitution such as equal protection of the laws, due process of law, cruel and unusual punishments. I fully accept that those things have to apply to new phenomena that didn't exist at the time.~Antonin Scalia

Time Respect Law

New York gave me hell for that 'Purple Swag,' man. They didn't respect me until 'Peso.'~ASAP Rocky

Respect Man Me

I write for those women who do not speak, for those who do not have a voice because they were so terrified, because we are taught to respect fear more than ourselves. We've been taught that silence would save us, but it won't.~Audre Lorde

Women Respect Fear

When about to commit a base deed, respect thyself, though there is no witness.~Ausonius

Respect Witness Commit

I don't believe war is a way to solve problems. I think it's wrong. I don't have respect for the people that made the decisions to go on with war. I don't have that much respect for Bush. He's about war, I'm not about war - a lot of people aren't about war.~Avril Lavigne

War Respect Decisions

The test of our social commitment and humanity is how we treat the most powerless of our fellow citizens, the respect we accord to our fellow human beings. That is what reveals our true culture.~Azim Premji

Respect Culture Humanity

With respect to sticking accelerator pedals, we failed to connect the dots between problems in Europe and problems in the United States because the European situation related primarily to right-hand-drive vehicles. Toyota will increase its outreach to government agencies charged with protecting the safety of motorists and passengers.~Akio Toyoda

Respect Government Safety

I respect my father as a father, but I also respect him as an honorable chairman.~Akio Toyoda

Respect Father Him

Having the respect of your peers means the world to me.~Alex Rodriguez

Respect World Me

Wherever I look, I see signs of the commandment to honor one's parents and nowhere of a commandment that calls for the respect of a child.~Alice Miller

Respect Parents Child

I think it's never too late to learn - or it's a lesson that's good to continue learning - that you need to treat everyone on a set with respect.~Alison Brie

Learning Respect Good

You can't respect yourself if you're afraid to be who you are.~Amber Heard

Respect Yourself You

There is a wealth of readership for regional language literature in India that is not given importance. We must give respect to our own languages.~Amish Tripathi

Respect Language Wealth

I think it's most important for children to understand the concept of respect and manners and also work ethic. I have a responsibility to those who came before me.~Andy Garcia

Work Children Respect

But it's important, while we are supporting lessons in respecting others, to remember that many of our youngest kids need to learn to respect themselves. You learn your worth from the way you are treated.~Anna Quindlen

Respect Learn Remember

Respect all manner of men regardless of their station in life. Compassion is one of the greatest virtues.~Anthony Carmona

Life Respect Greatest

More than anything, you have to respect the game and do things the right way.~Asdrubal Cabrera

Respect Game You

India was secular even when Muslims hadn't come here and Christians hadn't set foot on this soil. It is not as if India became secular after they came. They came with their own modes of worship, and they, too, were given a place of honor and respect. They had the freedom to worship God as per their wish and inclination.~Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Respect Freedom God

We believe in equal respect for all faiths.~Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Respect Believe Equal

I think sports and bodybuilding were the only things that saved me from getting beat up. People are not pleased, for whatever reason, when you can answer all the questions in class. If not for the respect I got from track, cross-country, wrestling and bodybuilding, it would have been a disaster.~Aaron Patzer

Sports Respect People

I've always had a great respect for the picture business. It's been good to me.~Alan Ladd

Business Respect Good

The young people I know judge leaders by their deeds and abhor hypocrisy. Inconsistency and point-scoring do not win respect. It's not easy to be engaged in political debate when it is reduced to performers trying to outdo each other. Actions from leaders must mirror the values they claim to espouse.~Alexandra Adornetto

Respect Mirror Political

The worst thing that an actor can do is go into any project with a lack of respect for the material. You can have an opinion about it, but you have to respect yourself in doing it.~Alfred Molina

Respect Yourself Doing

I had no real experience studying acting; I came to it having done other things for a living for many, many years, and I have this gigantic respect for experience and technique.~Ali MacGraw

Respect Experience Living

And in this respect, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has been a tragedy, a clash between one very powerful, very convincing, very painful claim over this land and another no less powerful, no less convincing claim.~Amos Oz

Respect Powerful Conflict

Global markets must be balanced by global values such as respect for human rights and international law, democracy, security and sustainable economic and environmental development.~Anna Lindh

Respect Environmental Law

Terrorism can never be accepted. We must fight it together, with methods that do not compromise our respect for the rule of law and human rights, or are used as an excuse for others to do so.~Anna Lindh

Respect Together Law

Teaching the history of the British Empire links in with that of the world: for better and for worse, the Empire made us what we are, forming our national identity. A country that does not understand its own history is unlikely to respect that of others.~Antony Beevor

History Respect World

I believe that fitness needs to come from within you. You need to respect your body. Only then will you have the zeal to maintain it. For me, keeping fit is a part of my lifestyle.~Arjun Rampal

Respect Fitness Believe

Most teachers still say they love teaching though they wouldn't mind a little more respect for their challenging work and a little less blame for America's educational shortcomings.~Arne Duncan

Love Work Respect

Being a parent is not just about how you treat your child; it's also about how you treat the other parent. If you treat that person with respect, that's fine, that's the way to go. But if you don't, you're not being the parent you could be.~Art Alexakis

Respect Child Parent

I'm a vegetarian and very much active in regards to how I feel about animal rights and protecting animals and giving animals a voice. But at the same time, I appreciate and respect other people's decisions to eat meat. The only thing that I hope is that people are educated, that they're aware, that they're living a conscious lifestyle.~Abbie Cornish

Time Hope Respect

A man's respect for law and order exists in precise relationship to the size of his paycheck.~Adam Clayton

Relationship Respect Man

Actually, we got signed in November of 2000 with Dreamworks which is the most amazing label. We have friends on other labels and though we are not selling millions of records, yet, they treat us with tons of respect and give us some very good guidance.~Adam Rich

Respect Good Friends

Musicians don't respect a lot of the stuff that is on TRL and a lot of musicians think that stuff on the radio is not good musically so when musicians say that they like us it obviously feels good.~Adam Rich

Respect Good Musicians

For us to accomplish our goals, it will be necessary to transform our political culture, to respect plurality, and to build, among ourselves, bridges and more bridges.~Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

Respect Culture Goals

And the woman who could win the respect of man was often the woman who could knock him down with her bare fists and sit on him until he yelled for help.~Agnes Smedley

Respect Woman Man

We have no problems with Jews and highly respect Judaism as a holy religion.~Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Respect Religion Problems

I call on the international community to be fair to the Iraqi people. My position is that we respect international resolutions but in return demand justice and accountability for those who stole Iraq's money.~Ahmed Chalabi

Respect Money Community

He means as much as Roberto Clemente does to Latin people. Thank God I had the opportunity to know him. I wish my kids had the opportunity to be around him, because that's how I want my kids to live their lives. I want them to be like Stan Musial. Not the baseball player. The person. That's the respect I have for that man.~Albert Pujols

Respect Baseball God

We respect the role of the Senate. We respect the authority of the Senate to look at the qualifications of Judge Roberts, and at the end of the day I'm optimistic that if given a fair hearing and a fair opportunity, that he will be confirmed.~Alberto Gonzales

Respect Day End

I respect very much the role of the media in our society; I think they can be very, very helpful. They serve as a very useful check, sort of a watchdog over the actions of the government, and I respect that.~Alberto Gonzales

Respect Society Government

I'm, you know, having begun my public service in state government. I very much respect the authority of states to make the decisions to provide for its citizen - the safety and welfare of its citizens.~Alberto Gonzales

Respect Service Decisions

I hate to spoil my own prospects, but I really don't respect the kiss-and-tell approach to public life at all, not at all.~Alexander Downer

Life Respect Hate

Make choices that bring love and joy to your body. It's not about perfection; it's about love and gratitude for an amazing body that works hard and deserves your respect.~Alysia Reiner

Love Gratitude Respect

I respect the people who buy my records and come to my concerts. It's only fair that I always try to give them the very best that's in me. After all, I need them more than they need me.~Andy Gibb

Best Respect People

If you respect the art and you have some talent about you, I'm on your team.~Anthony Anderson

Art Respect Team

If they respect the craft and what we're doing and they bring something to the table and they work hard, I don't care what you do as your side job or as your day job.~Anthony Anderson

Work Respect Day

I have the utmost respect for synthesizers - Soft Cell, early Depeche Mode. But that's become a cliche for the '80s.~Ariel Rechtshaid

Respect Early Soft

Hollywood is showing respect for all different types of art.~Ashton Sanders

Art Respect Different

Growing older, you respect the whole culture behind Nirvana.~Ashton Irwin

Respect Culture You

The key to making healthy decisions is to respect your future self. Honor him or her. Treat him or her like you would treat a friend or a loved one. A Stanford study showed that those who saw a photo of their future self made smarter financial decisions.~A. J. Jacobs

Future Respect Decisions

The greatest thing about music is everyone has their own style, and I respect all styles of music.~Adam Hicks

Music Respect Greatest

The bonds of trust between the United States and Israel have been frayed, but even the hostility and disrespect the Obama administration has shown has not severed those bonds.~Adam Hasner

Trust Disrespect United

The word majesty was now dropped; but, with the deepest respect and humility, I was addressed as the count. What could I do? I accepted the title, and from that moment I was known as Count Peter.~Adelbert von Chamisso

Respect Humility Moment

Cities all over the world are getting bigger as more and more people move from rural to urban sites, but that has created enormous problems with respect to environmental pollution and the general quality of life.~Alan Dundes

Life Respect Environmental

See, I respect boxing because it has given me so much and that's why I will never allow anyone to mistreat the sport of boxing if I can help it.~Alexis Arguello

Respect Me Help

What helped me was I had people around me to remind me to help my country even when it did me wrong, have respect for my people, my family, my nation and mankind.~Alexis Arguello

Family Respect People

This is my job and I respect it enough to concentrate on it.~Andrew Bogut

Respect Job Enough

You have to do what you want to do, and I genuinely believe that if you start interacting in the world that way that there is a respect in that.~Andy Grammer

Respect World Believe

They all matter to me, whether I'm working on a Sam Jackson film for a week or I'm the star of my own TV series - I take it all very seriously, and I have a healthy respect for the work in general, despite the role.~Anthony Michael Hall

Work Respect Week

With respect to Barack Obama, let's face it; Barack Obama is an iconic figure in the African-American community. We respect that. We understand that. African-Americans are going to vote for the first black president, especially when he happens to share the liberal politics on economic issues that many in that community hold.~Artur Davis

Respect Community Politics

The two cultures of East and West are very different, and the priorities are very different. So when you understand that - if you are from this side or this side - when you understand that the other is different than you, and you respect these differences, you can build communication.~Ashraf Barhom

Communication Respect

I go to an all-Hawaiian school, and we learn everything about being Hawaiian. We have a really deep respect for the water and the land. We say, 'mauka to makai,' mountains to ocean. I believe if you take care of the ocean, the ocean will take care of you in return.~Auli'i Cravalho

Respect Ocean Deep

Not just Christians and Jews, but also Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and the followers of many other religions believe in values like peace, respect, tolerance and dignity. These are values that bring people together and enable us to build responsible and solid communities.~Alcee Hastings

Respect Peace Together

Many of the differences that cause students to be excluded in school are actually the same qualities or skills that other people are going to admire, respect or value about that person in adulthood.~Alexandra Robbins

Respect School People

How sick one gets of being 'good', how much I should respect myself if I could burst out and make everyone wretched for twenty-four hours; embody selfishness.~Alice James

Respect Myself Good

In school, I studied psychology, linguistics, neuroscience. I understand that there is a real lack of respect for the brain.~Aloe Blacc

Respect School Brain

I'm more influenced by characters than standups. I love strong, comic women because it's so hard, and I have so much respect for anyone who can do it. I'm a big fan of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler and people like that.~Amy Hoggart

Love Women Respect

I respect Everest very much.~Anatoli Boukreev

Respect Everest Very

Having spent many years working in New York's Chinatown restaurants early in my career, I have the utmost respect for the history and connection New Yorkers have with Chinese cuisine.~Andrew Cherng

History Respect Career

For me, every opportunity is a golden opportunity, so I just need to work as hard as I can to maintain credibility and respect and hopefully people enjoy watching me as an actor.~Aneurin Barnard

Work Respect Opportunity

I have lot of respect of filmmakers who work in Telugu and Tamil.~Anil Kapoor

Work Respect Lot

Without qualification, I am grateful to and have the highest regard and respect for all of the wonderful people on 'Two and Half Men' with whom I have worked and over the past ten years who have become an extension of my family.~Angus T. Jones

Family Respect Grateful

After receiving strong encouragement from numerous people that I respect and admire, discussing with my family, and seriously considering it, I have decided not to run for the 12th Congressional District, a seat currently held by a man I admire very much, Representative Jerry Costello.~Ann Callis

Family Respect Strong

People go out of their way to show the love and respect for me. It is very gratifying.~Abdul Qadeer Khan

Love Respect People

In this respect, the history of science, like the history of all civilization, has gone through cycles.~Abdus Salam

History Respect Science

I have been a producer and director for many years, and I can say it's really difficult for women, although the women in Mexico suffer as much as other women in the world. The first thing is to get respect for the work you do. Then it is about getting the money. And this respect comes little by little over the years.~Adriana Barraza

Work Women Respect

I want make more records with my sister. I want to go on the road. I want to tour around the world. I want to continue to make great films and work with incredible directors that I respect and look up to.~AJ Michalka

Work Sister Respect

I have a tremendous amount of respect for military families. To have to worry about your loved ones and still try and live a normal life is extremely hard.~Ashanti

Life Respect Loved

I think it's important to understand the concrete ways things work and to respect that. But some things shouldn't be explained, and you have to respect that, too.~Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Work Respect Important

Math is the great equalizer. If you can do the numbers, the boys have to respect you.~Audrey MacLean

Respect Great You

Assonance is not the enemy of rhyme. It helps us to respect rhyme, which has been spoiled by mechanical use.~Austin Clarke

Respect Enemy Mechanical

I have so much respect for policy makers and diplomats, but I could never be a politician because of the way they dress!~Azita Ghanizada

Respect Dress Way

I feel respect is in your hands as an actor when portraying a character, particularly when it's from the Indian subcontinent. I do make a conscious effort to do so and often talk to the directors especially about the heavy accent when it's not needed.~Ajay Mehta

Respect Character Effort

I think I earned the players' respect, and that's the ultimate in life, isn't it? I didn't care if they liked me or disliked me, as long as I had their respect.~Al Barlick

Life Respect Me

The people have spoken. Their decision is sovereign. We all respect it... I wish good luck to those who will now govern France.~Alain Juppe

Respect Good Good Luck

My brothers and I were raised by our parents to respect everyone regardless of background or race.~Alan Wilson

Respect Parents Race

I respect the hell out of everyone who does a network show. That is a marathon. It's so many episodes, and it can be a meat grinder. Anyone making a network show, and on top of that making a very good network show, that's an insane feat of Herculean endurance and fortitude.~Alan Yang

Respect Good Endurance

Since joining the U.S. House of Representatives in November of 2006, I have strongly supported Speaker Nancy Pelosi. I have the utmost respect for her, and I believe the Democrats were able to accomplish a great deal under her leadership.~Albio Sires

Leadership Respect Great

We shall all respect the principles of each other and do nothing that would be regarded as an act of oppression to any portion of the people.~Alexander Mackenzie

Respect People Nothing

A Syriza government will respect Greece's obligation as a eurozone member to maintain a balanced budget and will commit to quantitative targets.~Alexis Tsipras

Respect Government Budget

I call horses 'divine mirrors' - they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.~Allan Hamilton

Love Kindness Respect

I have the profoundest respect for people who behave in a generous way because of religion. But I come from a country where the misuse of religion has had catastrophic consequences. One must judge people not by what faith they proclaim but by what they do.~Amin Maalouf

Respect Faith Religion

I have deep respect for people's individual faith, but when faith gets connected to the machinery of state, or the machinery of hate, I find it very confronting.~Andrew Denton

Respect Deep Faith

We show deference to the civil authorities when they respect the divine origin of their power and when they serve the people with objective reference to the law of God.~Angelo Scola

Respect Power God

The essence of democracy is its assurance that every human being should so respect himself and should be so respected in his own personality that he should have opportunity equal to that of every other human being to show what he was meant to become.~Anna Garlin Spencer

Respect Opportunity

Respect... is appreciation of the separateness of the other person, of the ways in which he or she is unique.~Annie Gottlieb

Respect Appreciation She

Willing or preferring is the same with respect to good and evil, that judging is with respect to truth or falsehood.~Anthony Collins

Respect Good Truth

I will respect the limits of my experience but that won't stop me from trying to lead by example of my work. Being a good teammate and picking them up on and off the field is a simple goal of mine.~Anthony Rizzo

Work Respect Experience

We will ensure that associates continue to possess unsurpassed product knowledge and maintain their dedication to customer service and respect for their colleagues and for the communities in which they work and live.~Arthur Blank

Work Knowledge Respect

My grandfather was in World War II and fought in Europe in Army Infantry, so I have such a huge respect for him, and he's shared some personal experiences with me.~Ashton Holmes

War Respect World

We are not angry with people we fear or respect, as long as we fear or respect them; you cannot be afraid of a person and also at the same time angry with him. ~Aristotle

angry respect fear