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Arbitrary power is like most other things which are very hard, very liable to be broken.~Abigail Adams

Power Broken Most

We may say most aptly that the Analytical Engine weaves algebraical patterns just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves.~Ada Lovelace

Flowers May Most

Most everybody who's Italian is half Italian. Except me. I'm all Italian. I'm mostly Sicilian, and I have a little bit of Neapolitan in me. You get your full dose with me.~Al Pacino

Me You Most

Almost everybody that's well-known gets tagged with a nickname.~Alan Alda

Almost Everybody Tagged

I'm remote from most technology to the point that I'm kind of Amish.~Alan Moore

Technology Kind Most

Most of the images of reality on which we base our actions are really based on vicarious experience.~Albert Bandura

Experience Reality Most

The difficulty for most of us in the modern world is that the old-fashioned idea of God has become incredible or implausible.~Alan Watts

God World Most

The content of most textbooks is perishable, but the tools of self-directedness serve one well over time.~Albert Bandura

Time Tools Most

Oh! Most miserable wretch that I am! Why have I not learnt how to swim?~Alexander the Great

I Am Why Most

In politics shared hatreds are almost always the basis of friendships.~Alexis de Tocqueville

Politics Always Almost

Lena Horne is the sweetest and most adorable woman in the world.~Alvin Ailey

Woman World Most

Profits, like sausages... are esteemed most by those who know least about what goes into them.~Alvin Toffler

Know Most Like

Knowledge is the most democratic source of power.~Alvin Toffler

Knowledge Power Most

I read just endlessly, ceaselessly, almost every book, it seems!~Alice Paul

Book Almost Read

I'm most comfortable in my birthday suit.~Amanda Seyfried

Birthday Most Suit

The most effective way to do it, is to do it.~Amelia Earhart

Motivational Way Most

Most managers were trained to be the thing they most despise - bureaucrats.~Alvin Toffler

Most Despise Trained

The most gifted natures are perhaps also the most trembling.~Andre Gide

Gifted Most Natures

The most decisive actions of life are most often unconsidered actions.~Andre Gide

Life Most Actions

The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes.~Andre Gide

Beautiful Most Beautiful

Most quarrels amplify a misunderstanding.~Andre Gide

Misunderstanding Most

Computers make it easier to do a lot of things, but most of the things they make it easier to do don't need to be done.~Andy Rooney

Computers Done Most

The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.~Andy Warhol

Meet Opposites Most

The Lord gave us two ends - one to sit on and the other to think with. Success depends on which one we use the most.~Ann Landers

Success Think Most

I was not the most attractive child. I had two really big buck teeth. I was horrendous - long, lanky and gangly.~Angie Harmon

Child Long Most

While the form of treachery varies slightly from case to case, liberals always manage to take the position that most undermines American security.~Ann Coulter

Security American Most

Most artists are notoriously insecure, and I fall into that category.~Anita Baker

Fall Most Artists

The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere.~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Life Most Insincere

The painter... does not fit the paints to the world. He most certainly does not fit the world to himself. He fits himself to the paint. The self is the servant who bears the paintbox and its inherited contents.~Annie Dillard

Self World Most

The oil under Libya is the champagne of oil, drop for drop the world's most valuable.~Annie Jacobsen

World Most Champagne

The most important things in life aren't things.~Anthony J. D'Angelo

Life Important Most

Expecting something for nothing is the most popular form of hope.~Arnold H. Glasow

Hope Nothing Most

The most difficult crime to track is the one which is purposeless.~Arthur Conan Doyle

Crime Difficult Most

I was a Muslim once, remember, and it was when I was most devout that I was most full of hate.~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hate Remember Most

I shop more than most women.~A. J. McLean

Women Most More

These $40 burgers with foie gras and truffles and all of that flies in the face of one of the most proletarian foods around. It's overpriced, overdone and just not worth it.~Adam Richman

Face Worth Most

The most impactful comics that I've read are the ones where the artists swung for the bleachers and tried to immerse you in their world.~Adrian Tomine

World You Most

The connections between and among women are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet.~Adrienne Rich

Women Most Force

Art is the concrete representation of our most subtle feelings.~Agnes Martin

Art Feelings Most

Female users are the unsung heroines behind the most engaging, fastest growing, and most valuable consumer Internet and e-commerce companies.~Aileen Lee

Internet Growing Most

Some investors may grumble about entrepreneurs wanting 'unicorn valuations.' But let's be honest: most investors want them, too, and are supporting the massive capitalization of these companies.~Aileen Lee

May Want Most

Like most meaningful activities, campaigns are team games.~Alastair Campbell

Team Meaningful Most

Most entertainment is trying to get you. It's tested, like toothpaste.~Albert Brooks

Trying You Most

Most politicians are vain. Many of them are stupid.~Alex Pareene

Stupid Most Politicians

Rush Holt would be a fine senator. He's an actual physicist, which is neat. He cares very strongly about global warming, which is probably the single most pressing issue of our era.~Alex Pareene

Global Warming Single Most

It is possible to resolve childhood repression safely and without confusion - something that has always been disputed by the most respected schools of thought.~Alice Miller

Childhood Thought Most

It is my express wish that in awarding the prizes no consideration be given to the nationality of the candidates, but that the most worthy shall receive the prize, whether he be Scandinavian or not.~Alfred Nobel

Wish Most Prize

Most educated Indians are bilingual. Amongst the urban elite though, there is a disdain for regional languages. That's unfortunate.~Amish Tripathi

Educated Most Bilingual

The most luxurious item is a beautiful bed and beautiful, simple sheets.~Andre Leon Talley

Beautiful Simple Most

Like most girls, I suffered from pimples, too. I tried dozens of treatments but was never satisfied with any.~Amy Jackson

Satisfied Most Never

I've always been fascinated and stared at maps for hours as a kid. I've especially been most intrigued by the uninhabited or lonelier places on the planet. Like Greenland, for instance, or just recently flying over Alaska and a chain of icy, mountainous islands, uninhabited.~Andrew Bird

Flying Places Most

Much of what I make is geometric, and has a kind of almost mathematical logic to the form.~Anish Kapoor

Logic Kind Almost

It's impossible for everybody to be in sync, even the most proper family.~Andy Garcia

Family Impossible Most

The most useful piece of learning for the uses of life is to unlearn what is untrue.~Antisthenes

Life Learning Most

The chains that bind us the most closely are the ones we have broken.~Antonio Porchia

Broken Most Chains

I guess the most surprising discovery was how long Gandhi remained loyal to the ideal of the British Empire, even in India.~Arthur L. Herman

Long Discovery Most

I'm actually most comfortable when I'm in a bikini, running around on the beach, like, no makeup. It's really free-feeling, whereas I'm always having to get dressed up and putting makeup on.~Ashley Tisdale

Beach Makeup Most

Most ideas don't work out. Almost all ideas don't work out. So it's okay if yours didn't work out.~Astro Teller

Work Ideas Most

For most Americans, my Chinese music feels like a novelty, and it's not what it is for me.~Abigail Washburn

Music Me Most

The most abundant resources that we possess amongst the 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States are passion and knowledge, yet our most scarce resource is collaboration.~Adam Braun

Knowledge Passion Most

Most rich countries have reported increases in happiness as they become richer.~Adam Davidson

Happiness Rich Most

The best climber is the one who has the most fun.~Alex Lowe

Best Fun Most

To be challenged means to strive. I'm almost certain that's true.~Alfred Molina

True Strive Almost

I don't do much driving - about 5,000-6,000 miles a year. And most of that is to the airport and to the racing circuits.~Allan McNish

Driving Racing Most

Agriculture is the most destructive industry that we have. More than coal mining and other extractive industries.~Allan Savory

Agriculture Industry Most

Unfortunately, the Church's position on most contemporary issues makes it hard to take them seriously.~Andres Serrano

Church Seriously Most

The popularity of Groupon has almost rendered the group-buying element of it obsolete, because we're able to deliver so many customers that the merchants are very happy with even the smallest number that we can provide.~Andrew Mason

Happy Almost Customers

I'm the most successful bad player ever.~Andy Roddick

Successful Bad Most

Where ambition can cover its enterprises, even to the person himself, under the appearance of principle, it is the most incurable and inflexible of passions.~Angela Carter

Ambition Appearance Most

The WTO has one of the most impressive records in global economic governance, by promoting trade liberalisation and economic development.~Anna Lindh

Development Most Economic

The most important issue we have to deal with is freedom of movement.~Anna Lindh

Freedom Important Most

Mostly I'm telling people that they don't have to be victims.~Anne McCaffrey

People Victims Mostly

I love travelling, and most scripts have been written while I have been travelling.~Anurag Kashyap

Love Most Travelling

I can't write about my greatest mistakes because I've slept with most of them.~Arabella Weir

Mistakes Greatest Most

Most people seek after what they do not possess and are enslaved by the very things they want to acquire.~Anwar Sadat

People Want Most

I had a migraine for about seven or eight straight days, and I was unable to sleep most nights.~April Winchell

Sleep Most Straight

I've always been the most vocal person socially about things that I feel are important.~Anupam Kher

Important Feel Most

In Washington, DC, politics dominate even the most casual conversations.~Armstrong Williams

Politics Washington Most

For the most part, I don't like people who soapbox.~Art Alexakis

People Most Like

I always felt slightly grubbier than most American people. I was never quite as groomed as everyone else, never quite as fit as anyone else. I didn't have my protein shake and my vitamins.~Ashley Jensen

People American Most

I always felt slightly grubbier than most American people.~Ashley Jensen

People American Most

I'm the most private person.~Ashley Olsen

Most Private Person Person

Most filmmaking is about shaking hands and just starting.~Abel Ferrara

Filmmaking Hands Most

Alan Moore's writing is almost novelistic. It's very intricate and wordy and smart.~Adrianne Palicki

Smart Writing Almost

I shop almost exclusively online, from brands like Eloquii, ASOS, Elizabeth Suzann, or Rachel Comey, if one of their straight-size pieces has a little extra room.~Aidy Bryant

Almost Like Room

'Atlas Shrugged,' let's face it, was probably the most important novel of the 20th century that was never a film.~Albert S. Ruddy

Important Face Most

Most of the food imported to Russia came from China.~Alex Chiu

Food China Most

In fact, Tibet is one of the most popular European tourist attraction of asia.~Alex Chiu

Most Fact Tourist

I just think that most of the people are very close minded.~Alex Chiu

People Think Most

I think most actors are insecure and scared of rejection.~Alex Pettyfer

Rejection Think Most

Everything I discovered was new and most of it was really valuable.~Alice Hamilton

Everything New Most

I tend to like the most basic pieces with the perfect fit and fabric, like a simple tank.~Alexander Wang

Simple Perfect Most

Most Republicans call the show 'The Left Wing.'~Allison Janney

Most Call Left

Claude Kirk was probably the most charismatic person I ever met.~Ander Crenshaw

Most Person Kirk

'Othello' is the most domestic of Shakespeare's tragedies and the one that's likely to strike a personal note with a lot of people watching it.~Andrew Davies

People Personal Most

Sour gas is one of the most dangerous, toxic substances known to man.~Andrew Nikiforuk

Man Most Toxic

Mystery is something that appeals to most everybody.~Angela Lansbury

Mystery Most Something

The Manchurian Candidate was the most important movie I was in, let's face it.~Angela Lansbury

Important Face Most

I read all of the nonfiction that I could find on Chechnya, and all the while, I was searching for a novel that was set there. I couldn't find a single novel written in English that was set in the period of the two most recent Chechen wars.~Anthony Marra

Find Single Most

I need it to survive. But most specifically, McDonalds Big Mac's and McDoubles (with no pickles).~Armie Hammer

Survive Most Need

Once again, stock markets have been threatened with extinction for almost 75 years, and I have found that stock markets are harder to kill than roaches.~Arthur Levitt

Almost Extinction Once

Most families are dysfunctional.~Art Malik

Most Dysfunctional

I think most people act in their self-interest.~Aubrey McClendon

People Think Most

Most of the more celebrated names among African-American authors, poets, and artists are known to the world because of their association with specific cultural arts movements.~Aberjhani

World Arts Most

Protein was the most valued ingredient 250 years ago: It was the rarest thing. Now the rarest thing we have is time: time to cook and time to eat.~Adam Gopnik

Time Eat Most

And most of these pilots were lost during the first five flights.~Adolf Galland

Lost Pilots Most

There's one thing I know for sure: When I'm most opinionated, my writing sucks.~Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Writing Know Most

Most of the art I have is more on the beautiful side than the violent or disturbing side.~Agnes Gund

Art Beautiful Most

E-mail is the most influential application ever to appear on a personal computer, and it remains sadly deficient.~Alan Cooper

Personal Most Computer

The pillory and stocks, the gibbet, and even the whipping-post, have seen many a noble victim, many a martyr. But I cannot think any save the most ignoble criminals ever sat in a ducking-stool.~Alice Morse Earle

Think Noble Most

Fidel Castro's most scandalous show trial was not mounted against a political figure but against a writer: Heberto Padilla. In 1971, after 38 days of detention, Mr. Padilla was forced to 'confess' at the Cuban writers' union to the charges of 'subversive activities.'~Alvaro Enrigue

Political Most Cuban

This whole fuss did not only damage Fischer's image, but that of the USA as well. The way the Americans treated one of their most popular citizens did not make a positive impression worldwide.~Anatoly Karpov

Positive Way Most

The most important thing is to just stay constant and not get too high or too low.~Andrew Benintendi

Important High Most

Our galaxy's pretty ordinary, garden-variety. So if we believe our galaxy has a super massive black hole, that tells us that most, if not all, galaxies host such a black hole at their centers.~Andrea M. Ghez

Black Believe Most

Fortunately, most things around the supermassive black hole are just going to go around it. They're going to orbit it. They don't actually get sucked in.~Andrea M. Ghez

Black Go Most

Because homecoming came first, and there was the homecoming court. The five guys on homecoming court were disqualified from being in the prom court. So being prom king was being sixth most popular.~Andy Richter

Prom King Most

I think most actors like to be liked.~Anjelica Huston

Think Most Like

We shouldn't be undermining Medicare for those who need it most in order to give more tax cuts to those who need them least.~Ann McLane Kuster

Tax Most Need

Sometimes the most beautiful thing is precisely the one that comes unexpectedly and unearned, hence something given truly as a present.~Anna Freud

Beautiful Most Beautiful

Surfing is simply the most fun I know how to have on this planet.~Antony Garrett Lisi

Fun Know Most

I think mine is the fullest and most plausible account of what went on in Marie Antoinette's life.~Antonia Fraser

Life Think Most

I just had this notion that I wanted to do the most extreme thing I could and I also very consciously wanted to do something that was very different from Mars because we were all very close.~Arto Lindsay

Mars Most Different

I always like whatever I did most recently. It's the closest to who I am at the moment.~Ayumi Hamasaki

I Am Moment Most

I use a lot more chords than most organists and I'm careful to phrase them with the guitar.~Alan Price

Guitar Most Careful

I've been very lucky. I've written for most of my idols and the contemporaries.~Alan Zweibel

Lucky Most Idols

I run four miles most days, at about 8:00 to 8:15 pace. It's totally relaxed.~Alberto Salazar

Most Run Four

The most imaginative people are the most credulous, for them everything is possible.~Alexander Chase

Imagination People Most

When I approach a story or movie, the story is the most important thing.~Alexandre Aja

Important Story Most

I was what's known as a floater. I could sit at the edge of most cafeteria tables, but was never a part of any one group. I was also a dork. And still am. And proud!~Alexandra Robbins

Proud Group Most

In general, I almost always watch foreign films.~Alexandra Fuller

Always Almost Watch

I listen mostly to classical music.~Alexandra Fuller

Music Listen Mostly

The most despairing songs are the most beautiful, and I know some immortal ones that are pure tears.~Alfred de Musset

Beautiful Most Beautiful

Again, most of the chief distinctions marked by economic terms are differences not of kind but of degree.~Alfred Marshall

Differences Kind Most

Hollywood grew to be the most flourishing factory of popular mythology since the Greeks.~Alistair Cooke

Most Hollywood Popular

I managed to fit most of the writing to evenings and weekends, and my wife has been very supportive.~Allan Guthrie

Wife Writing Most

This is the hardest job I've ever had, being a mom, but it's the most rewarding job I've ever had.~Ally Walker

Mom Job Most

I spend the most time with the Wii.~Alyssa Sutherland

Time Most Spend

Most writers I know go for word counts, and I used to be a journalist, so I guess that's ingrained.~Aminatta Forna

Know Go Most

I grew up on a sugar plantation in Trinidad, on an expat estate, and that meant I had no idea about money until a lot later than most children.~Andrea McLean

Children Money Most

Most female models don't have any muscle mass.~Andrej Pejic

Most Muscle Female

Most writers can write, most rock 'n rollers cannot.~Andrew Eldritch

Rock Most Writers

For the most part, I do not go out all that often, so it varies.~Angie Everhart

Go Most Part

Since Mashable's inception, some of our most popular articles have focused on the science behind the world's coolest innovations.~Adam Ostrow

Science World Most

The room is the most important thing about recording.~Adrian Smith

Important Most Room

Readers are made by readers - it is so obvious it is almost banal to say it.~Aidan Chambers

Say Obvious Almost

Families are the deepest, most screwed up relationships that we have.~Antony Starr

Deepest Relationships Most

Most writers who leave their country physically have already left it mentally and emotionally.~Ariel Dorfman

Country Leave Most

The most important part of ourselves is the mind, and it has been rather inaccessible.~Ariel Garten

Mind Important Most

Most authors would love to see their characters made for the screen, especially one that's quite colourful.~Arthur Slade

Love See Most

I've had some of the best and most traumatizing experiences at NBC.~Ashleigh Banfield

Best Experiences Most

Most of the time nothing much is required of directors, which is a pity.~Asia Argento

Time Nothing Most

The affinity of blood or pure haemoglobins for oxygen is a complex phenomenon, depending upon a number of conditions, the most important of which are temperature and hydrogen ion concentration.~August Krogh

Important Blood Most

I have designed the most buildings of any living American architect.~Alexander Jackson Davis

Architecture American Most

Being natural is one of the most irritating poses I know in people.~Alexander Theroux

People Know Most

I want to show the richness of even the most disagreeable bits of life.~Alfonso A. Ossorio

Life Want Most

The idea is to take the most ordinary things and make them extraordinary, as Gerard Manley Hopkins does in his poems.~Alfonso A. Ossorio

Extraordinary Most Idea

Most science fiction, quite frankly, is silly nonsense.~Alfred Bester

Science Silly Most

It's obvious we can't all be a Gully Foyle, but most of us energize at such a low level, so far short of our real capabilities, we could all be more, do more.~Alfred Bester

Short Real Most

A common price isn't the lowest price. It will most obviously be the highest price.~Alexey Miller

Price Most Common

Most of us who aspire to be tops in our fields don't really consider the amount of work required to stay tops.~Althea Gibson

Work Most Fields

I just believe that our most redeeming feature as a species is our capacity for love.~Amanda McBroom

Love Believe Most

Soho is a gritty former mercantile area that has, of course, evolved into the most bourgeois neighborhood in New York.~Andre Balazs

New New York Most

The 'Western' is the only genre whose origins are almost identical with those of the cinema itself.~Andre Bazin

Cinema Genre Almost

Unlike the general public, I rather like most politicians.~Andrew Marr

Most Like Politicians

Most problems in poor countries are locally generated even though international factors do play a role.~Andrew Mwenda

Problems Play Most

Integration is the most important asset Europe has, and the key component to European integration is the euro.~Anibal Cavaco Silva

Important Key Most

Like most authors, I also love to read.~Aprilynne Pike

Love Most Like