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I did plays in high school, but I was convinced you couldn't make a living doing it. You don't have a lot of options in Indiana anyway, though, so I didn't want to stay there. I graduated early and worked a bunch of really odd jobs, and then I joined the Marines.~Adam Driver

School High School Living

First and foremost when you're doing comedy, you gotta be relevant and applicable to the times that you're living in. When you try and just do comedy about who is dating who and lifestyle jokes, it gets tiring after a while. It's hard to be funny in that realm.~Adam McKay

Funny Dating Living

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing.~Agatha Christie

Living Alive Know

Life is about making your own happiness - and living by your own rules.~Aimee Mullins

Life Happiness Living

Adversity isn't an obstacle that we need to get around in order to resume living our life. It's part of our life.~Aimee Mullins

Life Adversity Living

Most high-income people in our country do not realize that their incomes are being subsidized by their protection from competition from highly skilled people who are prevented from immigrating to the United States. But we need such skills in order to staff our productive economy, so that the standard of living for Americans as a whole can grow.~Alan Greenspan

Competition People Living

If you're going to have any kind of political opposition in the 21st century, then it has to be as fundamentally liquid as the rapidly changing society we're living in.~Alan Moore

Society Political Living

I suppose I had my rock star fantasies while I was singing into my hairbrush in the bathroom mirror, but I never really consciously said, 'OK, this is what I'm going to do for a living and I'm going to be Weird Al.'~Al Yankovic

Mirror Singing Living

No valid plans for the future can be made by those who have no capacity for living now.~Alan Watts

Future Living Now

In second grade, I told a bunch of kids there was a homeless person living between the portable classrooms outside our school. It caused panic, and the principal had to announce on the P.A. system that no one was living there. I pretended I didn't know who started the rumor.~Alessia Cara

School Homeless Living

I am not a normal person. I am living in a normal body, but my mind is not normal.~Alejandro Jodorowsky

I Am Mind Living

When we get together and rehearse, which is always living with each other, we always talk about what would make it better, what would mean more, what would say more. So we're always improving and growing.~Alice Cooper

Together Living Better

You hit road blocks in life, but I'm living proof that you can overcome those road blocks and become what you want to become.~Allen Iverson

Life Road Living

Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.~Anais Nin

Dreams Reality Living

You have to start living for something that's worth dying for.~Andrew Young

Living Start You

One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day. Don't clean it up too quickly.~Andy Rooney

Day World Living

We are now living on Internet time. It's a new territory, and the cyber equivalent of the Oklahoma land rush is on.~Andy Grove

Time Internet Living

Before I was shot, I always thought that I was more half-there than all-there - I always suspected that I was watching TV instead of living life. Right when I was being shot and ever since, I knew that I was watching television.~Andy Warhol

Life Living Television

Art is why I get up in the morning but my definition ends there. You know I don't think its fair that I'm living for something I can't even define.~Ani DiFranco

Art Morning Living

People work for a living. They got families to raise. Their lives are tough.~Ann Richards

Work People Living

When you have no money in New York, you're living in a shoebox, and it's freezing. When you have no money in L.A., you're living in a slightly larger shoebox, and you can go outside and feel okay about your life for a minute.~Anna Kendrick

Life Money Living

I don't want to have lived in vain like most people. I want to be useful or bring enjoyment to all people, even those I've never met. I want to go on living even after my death!~Anne Frank

Death People Living

It is a rare privilege to watch the birth, growth, and first feeble struggles of a living mind; this privilege is mine.~Anne Sullivan

Growth Mind Living

I must write it all out, at any cost. Writing is thinking. It is more than living, for it is being conscious of living.~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Thinking Writing Living

The dedicated life is worth living. You must give with your whole heart.~Annie Dillard

Life Heart Living

I wish that all of nature's magnificence, the emotion of the land, the living energy of place could be photographed.~Annie Leibovitz

Nature Living Energy

Dying is easy, it's living that scares me to death.~Annie Lennox

Death Me Living

Any idiot can face a crisis - it's day to day living that wears you out.~Anton Chekhov

Life Day Living

Pythagoras said that medicine is the most godlike of arts. But if the most godlike, it should tend to the soul as well as the body, or else a living thing must be unhealthy, being diseased in its higher part.~Apollonius of Tyana

Soul Living Medicine

The Constitution that I interpret and apply is not living, but dead, or as I prefer to call it, enduring. It means, today, not what current society, much less the court, thinks it ought to mean, but what it meant when it was adopted.~Antonin Scalia

Today Society Living

If you think aficionados of a living Constitution want to bring you flexibility, think again. You think the death penalty is a good idea? Persuade your fellow citizens to adopt it. You want a right to abortion? Persuade your fellow citizens and enact it. That's flexibility.~Antonin Scalia

Death Good Living

We're living in hard times.~Antonio Banderas

Living Hard Times Hard

I'm living to the edges of my fingernails, using everything I have. It's impossible for me to look at things politically or in any way as a project, to further my career. You're injected directly into the blood of the places in which you're living and what's going on there.~Arundhati Roy

Impossible Me Living

We're all living in a casino. It's just Vegas. Everything is on camera. Everything is being recorded. Everything is on audio. The truth is we all have access to everybody else's information.~Ashton Kutcher

Truth Living Vegas

In our work and in our living, we must recognize that difference is a reason for celebration and growth, rather than a reason for destruction.~Audre Lorde

Work Growth Living

Living is like tearing through a museum. Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering - because you can't take it in all at once.~Audrey Hepburn

Book Thinking Living

I confront the European elite's self-image as tolerant 'while under their noses women are living like slaves.~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Women Living Slaves

All black women aren't sassy, loud, difficult, or subservient. We are, in fact, very complex and very diverse, living very complex and diverse lives. That point cannot be made enough.~Ava DuVernay

Women Black Living

I feel like I've set the bar fairly high, and I want to keep living up to that bar.~Aaron Rodgers

Living Want Feel

The clergy earns its living from religion. If your interests are secured through religion, then you will defend your interests first, and religion will become secondary.~Abdolkarim Soroush

Religion Living You

A revolutionary poem will not tell you who or when to kill, what and when to burn, or even how to theorize. It reminds you... where and when and how you are living and might live, it is a wick of desire.~Adrienne Rich

Living Live You

There are certain parts of the home that I think embellishment feels cozy and inviting. Then there are other environments, for example, the living room, where I don't have a ton of items on the table.~Aerin Lauder

Home Living Think

There's room in the world for one historical folk-rock singer to make a decent living, and I happen to be it.~Al Stewart

World Living Singer

In computing, turning the obvious into the useful is a living definition of the word 'frustration'.~Alan Perlis

Computers Living Word

Lawyers have to make a living, and can only do so by inducing people to believe that a straight line is crooked.~Alfred Nobel

People Believe Living

I did a lot of commercial and theater work when I got out of school and was living in Dallas, and I moved to Chicago to go through the Second City Conservatory Program.~Allison Tolman

Work School Living

I think you can go from being not very funny to working really hard for 10 years and figuring out how to make a living on the road, but I don't think you can rise much above that.~Amy Schumer

Funny Road Living

Ending up-front fees should make it far easier for all students to go to university as they will no longer have to pay up to /1,125 out of their loans at the start of each year. Student loans will also rise to meet average living costs.~Anne Campbell

Ending Living Start

How do you make the timelessness of inert, silent objects count for something? How to use the, in a way, dumbness of sculpture in a way that acts on us as living things?~Antony Gormley

Silent Living You

When I get married, I think what matters is you should be happy with the person you are living with.~Arjun Kapoor

Happy Living Be Happy

If an alien with an accounting degree touched down in America, it might conclude that we're a weird cult that spends 11 months living frugally and four crazy weeks buying tons of stuff we don't need. It wouldn't be entirely wrong, either.~Adam Davidson

Crazy America Living

You are in integrity when the life you are living on the outside matches who you are on the inside.~Alan Cohen

Life Integrity Living

A living cell requires energy not only for all its functions, but also for the maintenance of its structure.~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Living Energy Structure

But when Neil called, I have to say that my heart soared. And the reason was, because it said so much about his recovery... that he was coming back to the world of the living.~Alex Lifeson

Heart World Living

At first, teaching was more or less a straightforward way of making a living and having access to institutional resources while writing - aka libraries. And that was not inconsiderable. But it didn't in any way touch the writing. Maybe it would push the writing aside sometimes, but mostly it was fine.~Alexander Chee

Writing Living Push

The Narrator of 'A Sport and a Pastime' is an American photographer living in a borrowed house in what he calls 'the real France,' Autun, a small town where he hopes to take some career-changing photographs in the spirit of Atget.~Alexander Chee

Small American Living

You just never know when you're living in a golden age.~Alexander Payne

Age Living You

I've been acting for 25 years, living out of suitcases on theater tours or film locations.~Alfred Molina

Living Acting Film

I had no real experience studying acting; I came to it having done other things for a living for many, many years, and I have this gigantic respect for experience and technique.~Ali MacGraw

Respect Experience Living

The thing with me is, I'm both untidy and I hate mess. But I'm not untidy in communal spaces, like living rooms. My bedroom is havoc.~Alison Moyet

Hate Me Living

An adolescent is somebody who is in between things. A teenager is somebody who's kind of permanently there. And so living with them through the various teenage hopes and sorrows and joys was curiously enough a maturing experience for me.~Andrew Greeley

Experience Me Living

It's been quite an experience, being conservative and living in the North East.~Ann Romney

Experience Living East

One thing about living in a small town, I knew everybody and everybody knew me.~Anna Nicole Smith

Small Me Living

Living in a small town, I knew everybody and everybody knew me.~Anna Nicole Smith

Small Me Living

But I will say that living in Ireland has changed the cadence and fullness of speech, since the Irish love words and use as many of them in a sentence as possible.~Anne McCaffrey

Love Words Living

The problem that we, as living organisms, face - and not we only, humans, but any living organism faces - is the management of life.~Antonio Damasio

Life Management Living

My dad was a diplomat and after living in America, where I was born, he was posted to Cairo.~Arabella Weir

Dad America Living

The death of what's dead is the birth of what's living.~Arlo Guthrie

Death Living Dead

The dead govern the living.~Auguste Comte

Living Dead Govern

Once every five hundred years or so, a summary statement about poetry comes along that we can't imagine ourselves living without.~A. R. Ammons

Poetry Living Imagine

Having a dream, living that dream, losing that dream, dreaming again and then having that dream come true again is one of the greatest feelings ever because I'm stronger.~Aaron Carter

Greatest Losing Living

We are paying the price for living longer, collecting degenerative diseases along the way. Cancer is only one. Others are heart and brain diseases like Alzheimer's and Parkinsons.~Aaron Ciechanover

Heart Brain Living

So long as the human spirit thrives on this planet, music in some living form will accompany and sustain it and give it expressive meaning.~Aaron Copland

Music Living Meaning

I feel like a person living on the brink of a volcano crater.~Agnes Smedley

Living Feel Person

Yet it is awful to love a person who is a torture to you. And a fascinating person who loves you and won't hear of anything but your loving him and living right by his side through all eternity!~Agnes Smedley

Love Living You

We are living in a world where everything is based on security.~Alain Robert

World Security Living

For the better part of my life, I was always trying to manufacture somehow what I would consider 'living.' Because I grew up sort of upper-middle class and I didn't relate so much to that as a life, and I wanted to really find 'living.'~Alex Ebert

Life My Life Living

I wish I had some interesting stories about living in L.A., but mostly I just do my work and then go home.~Alex Pettyfer

Work Home Living

You can watch a little bit of war from your nice living room - 30 seconds of what's going on in Syria - and when you've had enough, switch over to some celebrity programme. We live our life through screens and images in this way, and we don't know what is real or fake anymore. It doesn't matter.~Alison Jackson

Life War Living

It is living and ceasing to live that are imaginary solutions. Existence is elsewhere.~Andre Breton

Living Live Existence

There's something really simple and idyllic about living in a house very close to the water.~Andrea Riseborough

Water Simple Living

As evidenced during my failed audition, I'm a thorough introvert who would completely hate living in a 'Real World' house. I would have taken my Ikea comforter to the confessional room and never come out.~Andrea Seigel

Hate World Living

I think the average citizen is going to see no less than a $1,500 or more increase in what it's going to cost for basic living next year,... Taking sales tax off food isn't going to take care of all of that, but I think it's a way that we can help.~Ann Robinson

Food Help Living

With so many young playwrights, the true craft of writing for living voices is not what it used to be. They write for attention spans of 10 minutes between adverts.~Athol Fugard

Writing Living Young

You have to remember that I was a bright but simple fellow from Canada who seldom, if ever, met another writer, and then only a so-called literary type that occasionally sold a story and meanwhile worked in an office for a living.~A. E. van Vogt

Simple Remember Living

I don't know of a soul who packed more living into 72 years than Charles Lindbergh did.~A. Scott Berg

Soul Living Know

This field is not necessarily glamorous, nor does it often produce immediate results, but it seeks to increase our basic understanding of living processes.~Aaron Klug

Living Understanding

The Jews are the living embodiment of the minority, the constant reminder of what duties societies owe their minorities, whoever they might be.~Abba Eban

Living Minorities Owe

The only people who have control over their careers are the ones you see on the covers of magazines. Everyone else is just plodding along making a living. The key is not to live over your means and overdo it.~Adam Baldwin

People Control Living

I did all kinds of things in order to earn a living.~Alan Hovhaness

Living Order Earn

That's easy to answer: I never had any special appetite for filmmaking, but you have to make a living and it is miraculous to earn a living working in film.~Alain Resnais

Living Filmmaking You

I think vampires would want to find a way to stay attached to the living, the way human beings do, and that is through love, interrelations and meaning.~Alexandra Cassavetes

Love Living Meaning

Elephants are not human, of course. They are something much more ancient and primordial, living on a different plane of existence. Long before we arrived on the scene, they worked out a way of being in the world that has not fundamentally changed and is sustainable, and not predatory or destructive.~Alex Shoumatoff

World Living Long

For anybody living out their twenties, Sex and Career remain major topics: being sexy can help give you a career, and having a career can make others finally find you sexier.~Allan Gurganus

Sexy Help Living

What I do for a living puts me in the spotlight.~Ali Larter

Me Living Spotlight

I loved living in Hollywood - and the weather there was just fantastic - but there is something about rural England, and especially Suffolk and Norfolk, that pulls at my heartstrings.~Amanda Donohoe

Weather Loved Living

I grew up hunting with shotguns and rifles, and we had a gun in every corner of the living room. I'm not a gun advocate, but that's the way I grew up.~Anson Mount

Gun Living Hunting

Having plenty of living space has to be the greatest luxury in a city, and I guess in some sense Bombay is the antithesis of what living in Canada must be.~Aravind Adiga

Greatest Space Living

I had always intended to make a living out of playing blues. But I never admitted it to myself. I don't suppose I could have given a logical reason for it ever becoming possible to do so.~Alexis Korner

Myself Living Blues

Chocolate is not cheating! After a salty meal, you need a little bit of sweet. This is living, not cheating.~Ali Landry

Sweet Cheating Living

I love food and I love living.~Ali Landry

Love Food Living

All of those art-based fields are similar in that they're all hard to make a living in and they all require an intense amount of training and discipline.~Alicia Witt

Training Discipline Living

We are like ignorant shepherds living on a site where great civilizations once flourished. The shepherds play with the fragments that pop up to the surface, having no notion of the beautiful structures of which they were once a part.~Allan Bloom

Beautiful Great Living

In Hollywood if you are not working, you are a leper. True, you are probably living in the most expensive leper colony in the world.~Allan Sherman

World Living You

I had moved out of the Edison Hotel because I couldn't pay the bill and was living at the Lincoln Hotel, where I couldn't pay the bill either, but it was cheaper.~Allan Sherman

Living Hotel Lincoln

I was living near the Twin Towers on 9/11, so I saw the attacks, and I had friends who were killed in the attacks.~Anand Gopal

Friends Living Towers

The thing I'm particularly interested in is natural history. In its heyday, the mid- and late-nineteenth century, when people were going out and gathering the first huge caches of data and trying to understand what was living and growing everywhere, there was such a sense of freshness to that pursuit. It's very exciting.~Andrea Barrett

History People Living

Part of it is living in Tennessee. I'm so out of the loop. And as a person, I'm out of the loop. I'm oblivious by nature.~Ann Patchett

Nature Living Person

To be fair, I don't think it's a plague to say I have the misfortune of making movies for a living.~A. J. Bowen

Living Movies Think

If I'm not living from my heart, I get sick.~A. J. Langer

Heart Living Sick

You can go the route of not living your life at all - and a lot of actors do that, where they just won't even go out of the house at all - but it makes life so unenjoyable. You can't go out, you can't hold hands with your girlfriend, you can't do any of these things.~Austin Butler

Life Living Hands

I'm delighted. I don't know of anybody who had a statue built of them while they were living. It's a great feeling.~Al Lopez

Great Living Feeling

The conception of two people living together for twenty-five years without having a cross word suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep.~Alan Patrick Herbert

Together People Living

The displacement of scripted series by reality programming continues to be a severe obstacle to a working actor's ability to earn a living.~Alan Rosenberg

Reality Living Working

The living cell almost always contains, locked in its interior, the visible or invisible products of its physiological activity or its nourishment.~Albrecht Kossel

Living Interior Invisible

I lived on my own when I was living in New York City when I was 18, working on a show. And that definitely kind of grows you up a little faster than a normal 18-year-old in college, so I think so. I think I've got some street smarts.~Alexandra Chando

College Living City

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.~Alfred Newman

Today World Living

His imagination conceived and bore - worlds; but nothing in these worlds became alive until he discovered its true and living name. The name was the breath of life; and, sooner or later, he invariably found it.~Algernon H. Blackwood

Life Imagination Living

As one went to Europe to see the living past, so one must visit Southern California to observe the future.~Alison Lurie

Future Past Living

I chose to document the lives of people living in a remote village in Alaska called Shishmaref because there we can literally see how climate change is affecting their homes, livelihoods and ultimately their lives.~Amy J. Berg

Change People Living

The girls in 'Downton Abbey' do what they do so well, which is make it so natural despite the fact that you're living within these constraints and taking so much from the research aspect of it.~Anastasia Griffith

Living Research You

It gives you great pleasure to know that millions of developers, day to day, make their living using the software that you created.~Anders Hejlsberg

Day Great Living

I'm Andrea Thompson, and unless you've been living in a cave, you probably already know that.~Andrea Thompson

Living You Know

I lived in Beverly Hills for years. I always had a line, 'I hate the rich.' From what I witnessed after living there for 15 years, these people just don't raise their kids. I used to see the lineup of cars in front of the schools and it was all the nannies.~Andrew Dice Clay

Hate People Living

I believe, I truly believe, that humans will be living off of this planet, at some point in the future. It's inevitable for us, and it seems like a reasonable and realistic progression for us as a human race. We won't last on this planet - not forever.~Andrew J. Feustel

Future Believe Living

I don't think the idea of homosexuality is really taboo any more. Our culture is evolving. This is an exciting time to be living.~Andrew Lang

Time Culture Living

I'm attached to my children with whatever flaws they have, and if some glorious angel broke through the living room ceiling and offered to exchange them for other, better children, I'd cling to my kids and pray away this specter.~Andrew Solomon

Children Angel Living

Brazil is living the last hours of Pompeii.~Antonio Ermirio de Moraes

Living Last Brazil

Are you living for the things you are praying for?~Austin Phelps

Living You Praying