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Many will view the compromises that will be made during your negotiations as painful concessions. But why not view them as peace offerings, ones that will provide in return the priceless gifts of hope, security and freedom for our children and our children's?~Abdullah II of Jordan

Children Hope Freedom

When I talk to people in need, they tell me they want to hope; they are eager for opportunity; they are ready for better days. And I can tell you that every time their hopes are disappointed, all nations lose.~Abdullah II of Jordan

Time Hope Opportunity

At the end of the day we want to bring stability and hope to Iraq. That's the only way to defeat terrorism.~Abdullah II of Jordan

Hope Day End

All I can do is leave it in God's hands and hope that my fans feel where I'm coming from.~Aaliyah

Hope God Hands

I hope to have more than one main weapon. I have the Phenomenal Forearm as we're calling it now, the Calf Crusher - the Styles Clash is still available. I like to have a lot of alternative moves to hit people with, and whatever seems to work is what I'll go with.~A.J. Styles

Work Hope People

Bollywood music is definitely a big part of Indian music and can be a great way to introduce people to the sound. But I hope to continue to incorporate other types of Indian music into my work.~A. R. Rahman

Work Music Hope

All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.~Abraham Lincoln

Mother's Day Mother Hope

My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of earth.~Abraham Lincoln

Time Best Hope

Those who have learned to walk on the threshold of the unknown worlds, by means of what are commonly termed par excellence the exact sciences, may then, with the fair white wings of imagination, hope to soar further into the unexplored amidst which we live.~Ada Lovelace

Hope May Imagination

I doubt I'll be singing forever, because at some point people aren't going to want to hear my music, and I hope that I'll still get the opportunity to write songs.~Adele

Music Hope Opportunity

I'm naturally an optimist, but my basis for hope is rooted in my understanding of human nature.~Al Gore

Nature Hope Human Nature

In some ways, Israel has achieved a peace. There are fewer rockets being sent into Sderot, there are no rockets to speak of from the North, there has been very little terrorism from the West Bank. It's a kind of peace. I hope for a better and more enduring peace. Peace is not an endgame; we will never be completely at peace.~Alan Dershowitz

Hope Peace Terrorism

I think the thing about film is, as it gets proved by a lot of young filmmakers now, that the medium will just go on reinventing itself, and so you just hope to be a part of that and not a part of some kind of endless regurgitation or 'Here I am doing what you know I do' kind of thing.~Alan Rickman

Hope I Am Doing

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.~Albert Einstein

Hope Today Learn

All human wisdom is summed up in two words; wait and hope.~Alexandre Dumas

Wisdom Hope Words

Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest.~Alexander Pope

Hope Man Human

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Hope New Year's Smiles

I'm an optimist. I'm hopeful.~Alice Waters

Optimist Hopeful

Man, I'm 31 years old and a husband with four kids; I hope I'm no thug. I hear all those negative things and don't hear anything positive. I think that's all those people feel... that way that's all they hear about when you hear Allen Iverson did something negative or something.~Allen Iverson

Positive Hope Man

I mean, why am I considered an 'it girl?' Because I'm in a lot of movies right now or am on the covers of magazines? I just hope there is something solid behind that. Because here's the thing with 'it girl' status. It's great and amazing that anybody is saying that at all. But how long does that last?~Amanda Seyfried

Hope Great Girl

I hope all of you are going to fill out your census form when it comes in the mail next month. If you don't return the form the area you live in might get less government money and you wouldn't want that to happen, would you.~Andy Rooney

Hope Money Government

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don't give up.~Anne Lamott

Work Hope Dark

The reason I never give up hope is because everything is so basically hopeless.~Anne Lamott

Hope Never Give Up Reason

I simply can't build my hopes on a foundation of confusion, misery and death... I think... peace and tranquillity will return again.~Anne Frank

Death Hope Peace

Most of me was glad when my mother died. She was a handful, but not in a cute, festive way. More in a life-threatening way, that had caused me a long time ago to give up all hope of ever feeling good about having had her as a mother.~Anne Lamott

Mother Time Hope

I am not writing to try and convert people to fundamental Christianity. I am just trying to share my experience, strength and hope, that someone who is as messed up and neurotic and scarred and scared can be fully accepted by our dear Lord, no questions asked.~Anne Lamott

Strength Hope Experience

In terms of having high hopes that the level of consciousness will get higher and higher, yeah.~Anthony Kiedis

High Hopes Consciousness

Expecting something for nothing is the most popular form of hope.~Arnold H. Glasow

Hope Nothing Most

Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.~Arthur Miller

Life Hope End

I think it's a mistake to ever look for hope outside of one's self.~Arthur Miller

Hope Self Mistake

When I die, I hope to go to Heaven, whatever the Hell that is.~Ayn Rand

Death Hope Die

My nephew has type 1 diabetes, and it's my goal and hope that in his lifetime there will be a cure for diabetes. There's no place better to give the money to than the Juvenile Diabetes Association.~Abby Wambach

Hope Money Goal

Many Christians do not believe God sends tornadoes. But they do believe that God walks with His children through the storms, that He sends His people to help after the storms, and that with and through God, there is always hope.~Adam Hamilton

Children Hope God

Those who are believers in God find strength from their faith in the face of suffering. They are compelled to give sacrificially to help those in need. And they have the hope that comes from knowing that, with God by their side, the tragedy they are facing is never the final word.~Adam Hamilton

Strength Hope Faith

Now you can get artisanal everything - pickles, coffees, house-cured meats, mustard. The pendulum has swung back to this kind of food, and it gives me the greatest hope for the future, especially because we're living in a time with issues like polluted Gulf Coast seafood and food labeled organic that may not really be organic.~Adam Richman

Time Future Hope

I hope it's not all I'll ever do, but I know I've played enigmatic characters. For me, the good characters are people who get places, are devious, are cunning and tricky and hard to pin down. Obviously, if you play one and you do an okay job of it, that'll be on people's minds.~Aidan Gillen

Hope Good Job

On thee, Jesus, all our hopes depend. In thee all power is vested, even power to make sinful creatures instrumental in enlightening the heathen.~Adoniram Judson

Power Jesus Hopes

You write a lot of books; you hope you get better.~Alan Furst

Hope Better You

There is a lot of luck in football. Following England is like following Wycombe Wanders or Leyton Orient. You hope for the best and hope you are lucky.~Alan Sugar

Best Hope Football

On what rests the hope of the republic? One country, one language, one flag!~Alexander Henry

Hope Memorial Day Language

I retire to make way for an abler man. In my four years as attorney general I have aged about ten years, but when I have get back to the practice of law, I hope to show those lawyers that I still have some vitality left.~Alexander Henry

Hope Man Law

I just hope that as I get older, I calm down and enjoy the moment, enjoy the great gifts that God has given me.~Alex Rodriguez

Hope God Great

My girls are great at making fun of Dad. They're never impressed with anything I do. I love that. I hope that never changes.~Alex Rodriguez

Love Hope Dad

Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness.~Alfred Nobel

Nature Hope Truth

The grand old lady of bluegrass? Well, wouldn't that be a wonderful title to have? I hope I do enough to earn it some day.~Alison Krauss

Hope Day Lady

For better or worse, we live in possible worlds as much as actual ones. We are cursed by that characteristically human guilt and regret about what might have been in the past. But that may be the cost for our ability to hope and plan for what might be in the future.~Alison Gopnik

Future Hope May

My daddy, Rev. A. D. King, my granddaddy, Martin Luther King, Senior - we are a family of faith, hope and love.~Alveda King

Love Family Hope

We're reclaiming America and restoring honor. I believe we do that with faith, with hope, with charity, and honoring our brothers and our sisters as we honor each other.~Alveda King

Hope Faith Honor

You travel with the hope that something unexpected will happen. It has to do with enjoying being lost and figuring it out and the satisfaction. I always get a little disappointed when I know too well where I'm going, or when I've lived in a place so long that there's no chance I could possibly get lost.~Andrew Bird

Travel Hope Chance

I write a lot more when I'm happy, because you're hopeful, you're motivated.~Andrew Bird

Happy You Hopeful

In truth, the best Bitcoin can hope for is to be a second-rate version of gold, if that.~Andrew Ross Sorkin

Best Hope Truth

Intuition is the wisdom formed by feeling and instinct - a gift of knowing without reasoning... Belief is ignited by hope and supported by facts and evidence - it builds alignment and creates confidence. Belief is what sets energy in motion and creates the success that breeds more success.~Angela Ahrendts

Success Wisdom Hope

There are moments when you feel free, moments when you have energy, moments when you have hope, but you can't rely on any of these things to see you through. Circumstances do that.~Anita Brookner

Hope Moments Energy

Being an artist is a very long game. It is not a 10-year game. I hope I'll be around making art when I'm 80.~Anish Kapoor

Art Hope Artist

I hope lots of people will join the solidarity march on May 7th and I hope things will change.~Anne Campbell

Change Hope May

With the club now in administration and concern about where the money for land sale has gone, I know there are huge commercial difficulties to be resolved, but I hope that football will once again become the most important issue.~Anne Campbell

Hope Money Football

Are we changing the idea of what beauty is? Let's hope so. I'm not the typical Hollywood beauty. Let's hope we're looking at the insides of people a little more.~Anne Heche

Beauty Hope People

But what I hope for from a book - either one that I write or one that I read - is transparency. I want the story to shine through. I don't want to think of the writer.~Anne Tyler

Hope Book Shine

It seems as if life and hope must cease together.~Anne Bronte

Life Hope Together

As I travel across the country speaking about MS, perhaps I can offer others comfort and hope.~Annette Funicello

Travel Hope Comfort

One lives in the hope of becoming a memory.~Antonio Porchia

Hope Memory Becoming

Flowers are without hope. Because hope is tomorrow and flowers have no tomorrow.~Antonio Porchia

Nature Flowers Hope

We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds.~Aristotle Onassis

Hope Sea Learn

If your theory is found to be against the second law of theromodynamics, I give you no hope; there is nothing for it but to collapse in deepest humiliation.~Arthur Eddington

Hope Law Nothing

You always want to come back with an image that's interesting visually, and you hope to get something from the person you photograph that's different than other images you know of these people.~Anton Corbijn

Hope People Want

It is sound judgment to hope that in the not too distant future we shall be competent to understand so simple a thing as a star.~Arthur Eddington

Future Hope Simple

By the time I am Howard's age I hope to be long retired. I don't plan on working that long.~Artie Lange

Time Hope Age

Iranian filmmakers are not passive. They fight whenever they can, as creative expression means a lot to them. The restrictions and censorship in Iran are a bit like the British weather: one day it's sunny, the next day it's raining. You just have to hope you walk out into the sunshine.~Asghar Farhadi

Hope Day Sunshine

We hope the world will act in the spirit of enlightened self-interest.~Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Hope World Spirit

I never know going in if I've even got a movie to make. Once you start making a film, you hope there's going to be enough material! My job as a director is always to push for more.~Asif Kapadia

Hope Job Start

India and the United States have taken a decisive step, away from the past. The dawn of the new century has marked a new beginning in our relations. Let us work to fulfil this promise and the hope of today. Let us remove the shadow of agitation that lies between us and our joint vision.~Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Work Hope Today

'Halal in the Family' will expose a broad audience to some of the realities of being Muslim in America. By using satire, we will encourage people to reconsider their assumptions about Muslims, while providing a balm to those experiencing anti-Muslim bias. I also hope those Uncles and Aunties out there will crack a smile!~Aasif Mandvi

Family Smile Hope

As our values are the core to who we are as human beings, they are also the easiest way to identify and connect with others in meaningful ways. Think about it - most political campaigns are based around values. Barack Obama's 2008 election campaign galvanized millions of youth behind two very clear values - hope and change.~Adam Braun

Change Hope Youth

When I see myself on film it makes me smile, I mean making a good living doing what I enjoy is soo much fun. I just hope that everyone has the chance to enjoy life like I do.~Adrienne Barbeau

Life Smile Hope

It brings hope and peace of mind knowing that God gave His only begotten Son for us. I'm able to look back and know that on this day Jesus was born and gave us the opportunity to have eternal life.~Adrian Peterson

Life Son Hope

An America that inspires hope in its ideals must complement an America that inspires awe in its strength.~Adam Schiff

Strength Hope America

On every birthday, I ask my wife, 'What would you like this year?' and her instant reply is, 'Diamonds! Diamonds! Diamonds!' I'm always living in hope that one day she'll say she just wants me!~Akshay Kumar

Birthday Wife Hope

When I went to the University, the medical school was the only place where one could hope to find the means to study life, its nature, its origins, and its ills.~Albert Claude

Life Nature Hope

So I set out to study the oxidation system in the potato, which, if damaged, causes the plant to turn brown. I did this in the hope of discovering, through these studies, the key to the understanding of adrenal function.~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Hope Plant Understanding

Certainly after the tragedy in Neil's life, we were holding out hope for his recovery. It wasn't too promising at the time and obviously you get to the point of thinking that that is it.~Alex Lifeson

Life Time Hope

I hope and trust the infinite, the eternal, and merciful and loving God. I worship Him and feel no guilt in my heart before him for what I am going to do.~Alex Campbell

Hope Trust God

Here is just the beginning of a list of skills that exam results cannot possibly hope to reflect: interpersonal skills, the ability to entertain, how articulate we are as speakers, our ability to work as part of a team, the ability to deal with challenges and invention.~Alexandra Adornetto

Work Hope Team

I'm not qualified to do anything else. So there better be another job. I'm kind of stuck now. I'm enjoying my life and I'm enjoying my work, and I'm enjoying the fact that the work I'm doing is garnering some interest and that's great. I just hope that it continues.~Alfred Molina

Life Work Hope

I'd die if I was Madonna. I'd die. God, what a horrible way to live. And Michael Jackson! To be so famous and to feel so isolated. I feel so bad for them. I don't know how it feels, and I hope it never happens to me.~Alicia Silverstone

Hope God Famous

I hope the next actress offered millions to play the 'fat girl for the day' stops to think about this before she signs the contract - even if just to ask, like any professional actress would in any other situation, 'Why does she weigh 350 pounds? And why me for the part?' If the director can't answer these questions, don't do the movie.~Allison Anders

Hope Day Girl

I can't tell you the number of stories I've told with a female protagonist don't get bought, or they do get bought and get changed drastically. Or, I will literally write into the script different races, and they get cast all-white. I hope that stops and it opens the door for more voices to be heard in movies.~Allison Schroeder

Hope Door You

One of the things I like best about 'Biggest Loser' is being around people who are trying to make the right choices. When you feel defeated about your weight and your health, like there's no hope, and you still make the choice to fight for it, to make the change happen no matter what people say or think, that's inspiring to me.~Alison Sweeney

Change Best Hope

I hope that the institution will succeed in maximizing students' potential in the same way. I will give all of my stock to this institution. It will own the Bose Corporation and be funded by the Bose Corporation.~Amar Bose

Hope Potential Succeed

I hope they remake 'Look Who's Talking' - then I'd make some money!~Amy Heckerling

Hope Money Look

I could have stayed in L.A. and done sitcoms for awhile and will probably go back and do one I hope.~Andrea Martin

Hope Go Done

I hope my daughter knows that in our house we can make messes and have fun and we'll laugh through it. Granted I don't want her to trash the house, but we do make a lot of messes.~Angela Kinsey

Daughter Hope Fun

Flying back from New York, the flight attendant said 'God, I wished you were here yesterday, we had a stroke on the plane. I said, if I have a stroke on a plane, I hope the pretend doctor isn't the one on the plane. I want a real doctor.~Anthony Edwards

Hope God Medical

It's never enjoyable watching yourself. Because you're never as good looking as you hope you are. You're not expecting to be Penelope Cruz... but I'm a female of the species. I have my hang-ups and all of that.~Anne-Marie Duff

Hope Good Yourself

Art is longing. You never arrive, but you keep going in the hope that you will.~Anselm Kiefer

Art Hope Keep Going

There can be hope only for a society which acts as one big family, not as many separate ones.~Anwar Sadat

Family Hope Society

I wish you a tolerable Thursday. That's all any of us can hope for.~April Winchell

Hope Wish You

Music is something that always lifts my spirits and makes me happy, and when I make music I always hope it will have the same effect on whoever listens to it.~Aaron Carter

Music Hope Happy

I try hope that in the end, we will live in a cancer-free world. We want to live disease-free lives.~Aaron Ciechanover

Hope End World

I hope I'm building a record of being a good team player and not just standing for my principles but being willing to work for them. I think when you do that and you work really hard, people take notice.~Aaron Schock

Work Hope Good

I'm a vegetarian and very much active in regards to how I feel about animal rights and protecting animals and giving animals a voice. But at the same time, I appreciate and respect other people's decisions to eat meat. The only thing that I hope is that people are educated, that they're aware, that they're living a conscious lifestyle.~Abbie Cornish

Time Hope Respect

I do a lot of inspirational talks for kids, to motivate them to change their lives and give them hope.~Adam Beach

Inspirational Change Hope

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, like other countries in the region, rejects the acquisition of nuclear weapons by anyone, especially nuclear weapons in the Middle East region. We hope that such weapons will be banned or eliminated from the region by every country in the region.~Abdullah of Saudi Arabia

Hope Nuclear Weapons

For those of us imprisoned in Poland, the Prague Spring was a harbinger of hope.~Adam Michnik

Hope Spring Prague

I would hope that the staffs at juvenile detention centers and reform schools are carefully chosen so that there is a community of support and hope.~Adam Rapp

Hope Community Support

There will be opportunities for hope and happiness, and happiness will return to your life, but you will always feel that loss if that person really meant that great a deal to you.~Adam Silvera

Life Happiness Hope

If there is one thing I hope my books do always and forever, it's that they honor working people.~Adriana Trigiani

Hope People Honor

I hope I never have to face that feeling of missing and sending my country or team out of a competition.~Alan Shearer

Hope Team Competition

No young doctor nowadays can hope for work as exciting and rewarding.~Alice Hamilton

Work Hope Doctor

Art work is inconclusive. It opens your mind up. At least, that's what I hope it does. And advertising, using exactly the same photograph, closes things down. It makes it conclusive. It sells a product, and that is its primary function.~Alison Jackson

Work Art Hope

I can relate to soul, R&B... whatever people want to call me is fine. I just hope it makes them feel something.~Amos Lee

Hope Soul People

The great esteem in which the Nobel prizes are universally held is due to the fact that for several generations they have been given purely on scientific merit and not through lobbying and politicking. I do hope that it will stay this way, and the prizes will never be given according to the number of votes in live TV contests!~Andre Geim

Hope Great Live

I just wanted to fit in as a teenager, but it was hopeless.~Anne Beatts

Hopeless Just Fit

Looking after my health today gives me a better hope for tomorrow.~Anne Wilson Schaef

Hope Health Today

You've got to be the best at what you can do - be the best at it! And the best has to be the best; you can't just fiddle around and hope.~Anouska Hempel

Best Hope You

Everyone has the same kind of fears; everyone has the same big problems in the world, which is, like, fear of death and 'I hope horrible things don't happen to my family,' but they do. And I think people laugh at them as this great release.~Anthony Jeselnik

Family Death Hope

I play with language a great deal in my poems, and I enjoy that. I try to condense language, that is, I try to express complicated but I hope real emotions as simply as possible. But that doesn't mean the poems are simple, just that they are as truthful as I can make them.~Anne Stevenson

Hope Great Simple

Yes, I do often write poems from the mind, but I hope I don't ignore feelings and emotions.~Anne Stevenson

Hope Mind Emotions

I work fitfully, in hope rather than in expectation, invent methods which last a week, and fill notebooks with tiny, illegible writing which often defies my own attempts to decipher it.~Anthony Minghella

Work Hope Week

The Premier League is more physically demanding than Ligue 1. I love English football; it's the best in the world in my opinion, and I hope to stay here for many years to come.~Anthony Martial

Love Best Hope

I hope the business sense that artists like Jay-Z and Nelly are showing rubs off on the young players. I want somebody to stand up and say, Look, these kids got it going on. We want to be a part of them.~Antonio Davis

Business Hope Young

I must tell you, I haven't done the drug problem that is faced by cops and people on the border. It's a hard show to do, but I think it's going to say a lot about drugs and the problems related to them. I just hope people can watch it, it's a pretty strong show.~Aaron Spelling

Hope Strong People

The passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 represented precisely such a hope - that America had learned from its past and acted to secure a better tomorrow.~Aberjhani

Hope Past Tomorrow

Of all ills that one endures, hope is a cheap and universal cure.~Abraham Cowley

Hope Cure Universal

Hope! of all ills that men endure, the only cheap and universal cure.~Abraham Cowley

Hope Men Cure

I just consider myself a piece of the puzzle and I'm lucky enough to be asked or invited to the party, if you will. I hope I can bring some laughs and grimaces to the fans.~Adam Baldwin

Hope Myself Party

Hope is not a matter of age.~Abbe Pierre

Hope Age Matter

The only way you can influence your fate is to put your soul into your performance and hope it registers with the audience.~Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Hope Influence Fate

We hope to do the Spanish Tragedy based on the play by Thomas Kyd.~Alex Cox

Hope Tragedy Play

As someone who has seen war first hand, and as a father of three young adults, it was my hope that we could have resolved this conflict and disarmed Saddam Hussein without war. However, this was not the case.~Allen Boyd

Hope War Father

We can hope that men will understand that the interest of all are the same, that hope lies in cooperation. We can then perhaps keep PEACE.~Alva Myrdal

Hope Peace Men

Your parents are always a big influence on you. They help you make you who you are. The main thing my parents taught me is just to be a nice person - to be generous, kind and happy. I hope it comes off when I work and meet people.~Amber Le Bon

Work Hope Parents

I hope I'll have the opportunity to debate how we reform and update our immigration system. I will relate my own story and that of the countless immigrants whose American Dream stories have helped build our country into the greatest nation in the world.~Ami Bera

Hope American Dream

When I was about eight, I asked my mother if it was true that God knows everything about you. When she answered yes, I said, 'Then there's no hope for me, Mum.'~Andrew Sullivan

Mother Hope God

It accumulates over the years and I've led so many bands of my own now and forced myself into new situations... You would hope that you play better and better - until you just get too feeble to do it anymore.~Andy Summers

Hope Myself Better

Right now, I'm Writing song lyrics. Experimenting with a play. Toying with an idea for a documentary. I hope one of these will eventually be launched into the light of day.~Anita Diament

Hope Light Day

I feel that these stories are being written to articulate certain confusions and disappointments, and I do mean to shake up the reader, and I do hope they're on target.~Ann Beattie

Hope Feel Target

I want to take on more diverse roles, and I keep building, and I hope to one day write or direct something. But I just want to keep developing as a person, and that will hopefully take my acting to the next level.~Ashley Thomas

Hope Day Acting

I love that Moana is a heroine, and I hope people take that away, and that you most certainly can be the heroine, or hero, of your own story.~Auli'i Cravalho

Love Hope Hero

The Sicilian Defense album was never released and never will be if I have anything to do with it. I have not heard it since it was finished. I hope the tapes no longer exist.~Alan Parsons

Hope Never Will

Studying is something I really love doing, and I just hope to have enough money for tuition.~Alexandra Kosteniuk

Love Hope Money

Chess is changing. I hope chess is getting more popular, more spectacular.~Alexandra Kosteniuk

Hope Chess Popular

The hope that poverty and ignorance may gradually be extinguished, derives indeed much support from the steady progress of the working classes during the nineteenth century.~Alfred Marshall

Hope Progress Support

It could have been me. And just the hope and prayers that, you know, if, if the shoes were switched, that you know, Laci would do the same thing for me.~Amber Frey

Hope Shoes Me

I really just try to enjoy the game and hope that I can inspire young kids. I started playing tennis because of Monica Seles, and I try to promote the sport in the best possible way. Sometimes it's hard because you get upset on court, but I think in life one learns through experiences in order to evolve as a person.~Ana Ivanovic

Life Best Hope

What we can do now is contribute to a clearer understanding of what happened that day on Everest in the hope that the lessons to be learned will reduce the risk for others who, like us, take on the challenge of the mountains.~Anatoli Boukreev

Hope Day Mountains

To confront criminals, we need to finish with corruption. If we don't do this, there is no hope.~Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Hope Finish Corruption

I hope that I'm always struggling, really. You develop when you're struggling. When you're struggling, you get stronger.~Andrew Garfield

Hope Stronger You

My fitness is good. I hope to improve it even further during training.~Andriy Shevchenko

Hope Good Fitness

I hope we business people can invest more aggressively outside Metro Manila, whether in real estate, factories, or other enterprises, in order to give equal opportunities to all other regions.~Andrew Tan

Business Hope People

I hope 'Bamboozled' will serve as a roadmap that will assist Republicans in reaching out to women, black and Latinos. I believe once minority groups open their eyes and are not afraid to see truth, they will choose the party of Lincoln.~Angela McGlowan

Women Hope Truth

There are hurdles, there are handicaps, hardships you have to face in life, but you hope for a great future.~Anil Kapoor

Life Future Hope

When my mother tells me to do something, I'll do my own thing. A strong character can be good, but sometimes it is not good. I hope it's good in my case.~Adelina Sotnikova

Mother Hope Good

Don't stand back with your arms folded; step forward... There is hope and light to resist injustice and promote peace without violence.~Adolfo Perez Esquivel

Hope Light Peace

I don't do that many appearances at conventions. I like to keep them special for me. And for the fans, I hope.~Anthony Daniels

Hope Me Special

If competition for Kaggle's top talent becomes fierce enough among banks, insurance companies, hedge funds - we hope the world's best data scientists will earn more than $50 million per year, just like the world's best hedge fund managers.~Anthony Goldbloom

Best Hope Competition

We can live with lots of things, but we can't live without imagination, we can't live without hope.~Ariel Dorfman

Hope Imagination Live

I regard Christian and Jewish fundamentalism, and all other forms of fundamentalism, as the enemies of God - and I hope you'll quote me on that.~Arthur Hertzberg

Hope God Me

A large part of the problem, is that young people are being born into the world and growing up without much hope. And so, they become murderers, they become suicide bombers.~Arthur Hertzberg

Hope Suicide World

I write to tell my grandchildren where they come from, and what their grandparents were up to, and I hope they will in their own way continue. I invite anyone else to listen in.~Arthur Hertzberg

Hope Grandchildren Listen

There's no such thing as too late. There are different roles for different ages, assuming an actress has something to offer. There aren't many Helen Mirrens and Meryl Steeps, and it takes a lot of talent to get to that level. I hope I have it. That's the model I aspire to if I'm lucky enough. It's all about luck.~Ayelet Zurer

Hope Luck Talent

I never see myself as the famous person. It never was a part of my life, and I hope this doesn't become the most eminent thing about what I do. I just hope that I'll do things that have meaning for me and for others somehow.~Ayelet Zurer

Life Hope Myself

I was the guy who was friends with everybody. Yes, I had my core group of friends, but I wasn't part of a clique that excluded people. I hope they thought I was a nice guy. I tried to be just friendly and outgoing. I was class president. I'm supposed to run my class reunion in 2013.~Austin Stowell

Hope Friends People

I usually stick out my hand and hope he puts the ball in it. Except the one time I went out to take Early Wynn out. I stuck out my hand and he hit me right in the stomach with the ball.~Al Lopez

Time Hope Me

I would like to stress this point undoubtedly: France sees the Arab Spring as auspicious. The Arab Spring holds out tremendous hope - hope for democracy and the rule of law, hope for peace and stability, hope for better future in which every person can pursue goals commensurate with his or her needs, talents and ambitions.~Alain Juppe

Future Hope Spring

I don't think just scaring people is enough. That worked during the freeze days to a major extent, but we really didn't achieve that much even at that time. You have to have more, you have to give people hope and a vision of a better world.~Alan Cranston

Time Hope Vision

I really have to say 'thank you' to our fans, because I think it's difficult for European viewers to find and watch Asian movies, and I hope you enjoy our films.~Alan Mak

Hope Thank You Enjoy

You kind of hope as a musician that you get some recognition for what you do, and when you do, it's nice. It's a really good feeling.~Alex Clare

Hope Good Feeling

From too much love of living, From hope and fear set free, We thank with brief thanksgiving Whatever gods may be That no life lives for ever; That dead men rise up never; That even the weariest river Winds somewhere safe to sea.~Algernon Charles Swinburne

Life Love Hope

Hope thou not much, and fear thou not at all.~Algernon Charles Swinburne

Hope Fear Thou

I wanna work; I love so much making films; I hope I can do one after the other. Being on set is what makes me happy, so... The more I can, the better.~Alice Braga

Love Work Hope

All I can say is in the world of 'The Americans,' like in life, if you're not dead, there's hope.~Alison Wright

Life Hope World

If you watch the scroll at the very start of 'A New Hope,' you'll see plenty of references to the story we tell in 'Rogue One.' And I play a rebel General.~Alistair Petrie

Hope Start You

You never know how things are going to go. I think you hope that people are going to dig what you do and that you're going to get the chance to do it on a really comfortable level.~Amanda Marshall

Hope People Chance

We as people often subscribe to hope to feel better about our lives, to escape the harsh and sometimes cruel injustices of the world.~Aml Ameen

Hope World People

Storytelling, mythology and film provide a lot of hope but, on the flip side, can also create delusion.~Aml Ameen

Hope Create Storytelling

I've done a lot of shows that didn't do well. You have to go in with a 50-50 take on it. If it goes well, fantastic. Hope for the best and plan for the worst.~Amanda Righetti

Best Hope Plan

Our purpose in this project is to begin to turn that fear of cancer, actually America's greatest fear, into a future, not only free of fear, but full of hope.~Andrew von Eschenbach

Future Hope Fear

Remember me when you do pray, that hope doth lead from day to day.~Anne Boleyn

Hope Day Remember

What can you say about such a man as Christopher Reeve? He embodied all the best that a human being can hope to be.~Annette O'Toole

Best Hope Man

'Clone Club' is incredible - probably the best set of fans any show could ever hope for.~Ari Millen

Best Hope Fans

We save paradise by an intense education program where you get people that you can trust to talk sanely about the environment and hope that the message will get through.~Arthur Boyd

Education Hope Trust

Humanists are not characteristically strong in faith, hope and love.~Arthur E. Morgan

Love Hope Faith

If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars.~Arthur Hugh Clough

May Hopes Liars

Television has spread the habit of instant reaction and stimulated the hope of instant results.~Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.

Hope Television Results

I think there's a quality of passion to the American actor. I'm certainly attracted to it, and I like to hope that underscoring it is a characteristic of my work. That quality is certainly also present in some British actors, but I tend to feel the mechanical and intellectual process is dominant in the British.~Arthur Penn

Work Hope Passion

Where there's tea there's hope.~Arthur Wing Pinero

Hope Tea Where

A man can stand a lot as long as he can stand himself. He can live without hope, without friends, without books, even without music, as long as he can listen to his own thoughts.~Axel Munthe

Music Hope Friends

Youth is easily deceived because it is quick to hope. ~Aristotle

youth deceived hope