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Honestly, I usually have way more guy friends than girlfriends.~Alexa Vega

Friends Way Girlfriends

My career is my girlfriend.~Aaron Carter

Career Girlfriend

I've never necessarily chosen to be a bachelor. I've had girlfriends throughout the last 20 or 30 years. It's just that there were times when I met people that fascinated me and times I didn't.~Adam Clayton

People Me Girlfriends

I don't go out a lot, as I like to stay in. I often go for dinners with my girlfriend, and I love to see movies at the cinema, but I don't understand them.~Anthony Martial

Love Movies Girlfriend

It would be a bit awkward to be with a girlfriend who didn't love what you do.~Ashton Irwin

Love You Girlfriend

It's a bonus if your girlfriend likes your music - definitely not a downfall.~Ashton Irwin

Music Girlfriend Downfall

The public's got it right, a lot of NBA stars are arrogant and like to spend lots of money and have lots of girlfriends and all that.~Andrew Bogut

Money Stars Girlfriends

My main ambition as a teenager was to somehow resurrect the dark-minded writer Franz Kafka and become his girlfriend.~Amy Gerstler

Ambition Girlfriend Writer

I love English girls! I adore all their different accents. Who knows, I could find a British girlfriend on my travels!~Austin Butler

Love Find Girlfriend