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The early firings contained many stones.~Andy Goldsworthy

Early Stones Many

Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high.~Anne M. Mulcahy

Childhood Strategy Early

I was a little self-centered gutter punk in the early 1980s and all I wanted to do was diss everybody.~Anthony Kiedis

Early Punk Self-Centered

I like either skinny jeans or the ripped, casual, super-sloppy boyfriend jeans. A lot of ripped jeans. They are so early 2000, but they are so cute, I love them. I love surfer jeans, too!~Ariana Grande

Love Cute Early

In software systems it is often the early bird that makes the worm.~Alan Perlis

Technology Bird Early

Regression to the stage of early infancy is not a suitable method in and of itself. Such a regression can only be effective if it happens in the natural course of therapy and if the client is able to maintain adult consciousness at the same time.~Alice Miller

Time Early Same

Success is the necessary misfortune of life, but it is only to the very unfortunate that it comes early.~Anthony Trollope

Life Success Early

I was a very awkward high schooler, especially in early high school.~Aaron Tveit

School High School Early

I had breast cancer. I caught it early.~Allison Anders

Cancer Early Breast Cancer

In the early '90s when the American independent movie started, it held personal vision as a premium. That was brilliant timing.~Allison Anders

Vision American Early

If we get you in the early years of your life and we fill your head with all of the Catholic stories, then it's very hard for you to stop being Catholic. Catholics are Catholics because they like being Catholic.~Andrew Greeley

Life You Early

Some grocery stores began using electronic scanners as early as 1976, and the devices have been in general use in American supermarkets for a decade.~Andrew Rosenthal

American Early Decade

Despotism isn't nearly as bad as it's cracked up to be.~Arabella Weir

Bad Up Nearly

Teachers say their schools of education did not adequately prepare them for the classroom. They would have welcomed more mentoring and feedback in their early years.~Arne Duncan

Education Feedback Early

We own only a small percentage in Omnivore, but we manage it. It is basically a venture capital fund to help newer enterprises and provide them with the funding they require in their early stages of development.~Adi Godrej

Small Help Early

I had been working early in my life in films - since I was 11.~Ajay Naidu

Life My Life Early

We can no longer let the threat of an early frost send a chill of fear throughout a large portion of our workforce. Diversification is the only answer.~Alan Autry

Fear Chill Early

People said that way back in the early days I was probably one of the first rappers; the reason is that I couldn't sing, so I had to talk! Lou Reed was probably the one who started it all.~Alan Vega

People Early Reason

In 1939, Fitzroy Maclean, a gangly Highland aristocrat in his early 30s, was serving as a British diplomat in the U.S.S.R. Disgusted by the Soviet show trials, he quit the Foreign Service and would go on to serve with Tito's partisans fighting the Germans in Yugoslavia.~Alistair Horne

Service Fighting Early

God gives all to those, who get up early.~Anna Kournikova

God Early Up

The idea that fiction can capture the stories that fall through the cracks of history informed 'A Constellation of Vital Phenomena,' which progresses across the two Chechen Wars of the 1990s and early 2000s.~Anthony Marra

History Fall Early

I have the utmost respect for synthesizers - Soft Cell, early Depeche Mode. But that's become a cliche for the '80s.~Ariel Rechtshaid

Respect Early Soft

In those days I was new to covers; merely felt pleased that a story of mine had been honored. I later met Rogers who did some of my early covers and I was impressed with him.~A. E. van Vogt

Story Early New

I like Cronenberg's early work; his '80s films had all these weird, amorphous flesh objects in them.~Autre Ne Veut

Work Weird Early

In the early days of the New England colonies, no more embarrassing or hampering condition, no greater temporal ill, could befall any adult Puritan than to be unmarried.~Alice Morse Earle

Early New Days

In the early New England meeting-houses the seats were long, narrow, uncomfortable benches, which were made of simple, rough, hand-riven planks placed on legs like milking-stools.~Alice Morse Earle

Simple Long Early

Few of the early houses in New England were painted, or colored, as it was called, either without or within. Painters do not appear in any of the early lists of workmen.~Alice Morse Earle

Early New Within

At a very early age I knew I wanted to be an actor and then more specifically that I wanted to be on Broadway and be in musicals.~Andrew Rannells

Age Early Actor

My early childhood was spent in Newark, New Jersey, but my family moved to Denver when I was 12.~Anita Diament

Family Childhood Early

There can be life after breast cancer. The prerequisite is early detection.~Ann Jillian

Life Cancer Early

We don't want to show our hand to the fan base or give up too much too early.~Anthony Michael Hall

Want Early Hand

Wil Wheaton, Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes were all the early formidable crushes of my girlhood.~Autumn Reeser

Early Were Formidable

Early in my career I was accused of being overconfident and even cocky, but I really was confident that I had done the training and didn't see any other reason to say otherwise.~Alberto Salazar

Training Career Early

I bent my head over a stove in my early 20s and picked it up in my 30s.~Alexandra Guarnaschelli

Early Head Up

Now, the impact on export markets - we export about 10 percent of what we produce, so obviously that will probably have some impact on the market. At this point it's too early to determine how much.~Ann Veneman

Impact Early Now

In my early 30s, I started to realise I was avoiding something on a personal level, but also as a writer. I was in denial about who I was, and was trying to be someone who I was not.~Ayad Akhtar

Trying Early Someone

The development of quantum mechanics early in the twentieth century obliged physicists to change radically the concepts they used to describe the world.~Alain Aspect

Change World Early

I hit the ball early and move my wrist a lot, so I get bigger angles.~Alexandr Dolgopolov

Early Bigger Move

I realized early on that I always hated girls who used their femininity to get what they wanted.~Amy Locane

Early Always Femininity

Parents are sometimes a bit of a disappointment to their children. They don't fulfill the promise of their early years.~Anthony Powell

Children Parents Early

Parents - especially step-parents - are sometimes a bit of a disappointment to their children. They don't fulfill the promise of their early years.~Anthony Powell

Children Parents Early