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Destiny waits alike for the free man as well as for him enslaved by another's might.~Aeschylus

Man Destiny Free

I've always tried to explain democracy is not perfect. But it gives you a chance to shape your own destiny.~Aung San Suu Kyi

Destiny Not Perfect Chance

I'm a great believer in geography being destiny.~Abraham Verghese

Great Destiny Geography

The first duty of society is to give each of its members the possibility of fulfilling his destiny. When it becomes incapable of performing this duty it must be transformed.~Alexis Carrel

Destiny Society Duty

And when man faces destiny, destiny ends and man comes into his own.~Andre Malraux

Man Destiny Own

If you create an act, you create a habit. If you create a habit, you create a character. If you create a character, you create a destiny.~Andre Maurois

Character Destiny You

Letting the greens dictate your energy choices, whether it's halting the XL Pipeline or fracking in New York, isn't just bad economics. It can also leave your rivals and enemies controlling your energy destiny.~Arthur L. Herman

Destiny Choices Energy

Our history is not our destiny.~Alan Cohen

History Destiny Our

We bear a heavy and therefore a great destiny.~Alfred Rosenberg

Great Destiny Bear

I'm excited about Los Angeles because I believe in her. I believe in her destiny. I think that the fact that we have so many different people from so many parts of the world is a big reason why L.A. is the city of America's promise.~Antonio Villaraigosa

Destiny World People

Demography is destiny.~Auguste Comte


I'm not sure I'm quite ready to have someone be a prospector of jobs for me, because I believe there's some kind of destiny involved with meeting people... some things are just meant to happen.~Audrey Tautou

Destiny People Believe

So, if anatomy is destiny then testosterone is doom.~Al Goldstein

Destiny Anatomy Doom

'I Am Number Four' is a great story about a guy who's trying to find his destiny and figure out who he is and his identity.~Alex Pettyfer

Great I Am Destiny

Bitumen, the new national staple, is redefining the character and destiny of Canada. Rapid development of the tar sands has created a foreign policy that favours the export of bitumen to the United States and lax immigration standards that champion the import of global bitumen workers.~Andrew Nikiforuk

Character Destiny Champion

The choices that we make through our lives, the people who intersect us on our path kind of change what our fated destiny is. So some of us are lucky enough for the choices that we make to keep us on our path.~Anthony Mackie

Change Path Destiny

I was always led to believe you should take care of yourself, trust in your abilities and you're the author of your own destiny.~Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Trust Destiny Yourself

Our future is our sense of common destiny.~Ahmet Davutoglu

Future Destiny Common

So many heroes are driven by destiny. Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, they were all chosen and born to heroism. Even with Batman, it doesn't feel like Bruce could do anything else. His whole life was leading him to become the Dark Knight.~Andrew Kreisberg

Life Woman Destiny

It is amazing that it is my destiny to be the first Aussie to win the Masters.~Adam Derek Scott

Destiny Amazing Win

I want to go behind the scenes as well as on screen. I think you have to make your own destiny in this world.~Avan Jogia

Destiny World Want

The declaration of love marks the transition from chance to destiny, and that's why it is so perilous and so burdened with a kind of horrifying stage fright.~Alain Badiou

Love Destiny Transition

I'm still auditioning and doing other movie parts, but I really like the developing and the writing. You have more control over your destiny.~Alex Borstein

Destiny Writing Control

In these negotiations we are not a helpless object, although great world powers are involved. We play an active role and try to influence our destiny; we have our own trump cards and we use them.~Alija Izetbegovic

Great Destiny Influence

I felt there was a need for us to build a new programming language. I also had come to see that Microsoft functions best when it controls its own destiny.~Anders Hejlsberg

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