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I don't really dance. I don't drink or smoke. Being at parties is very awkward.~Alessia Cara

Dance Smoke Awkward

And in a world without heroes, as the movie trailer voice-over guy might say, the slightly awkward can be slightly cool.~Adam Brody

Cool World Awkward

The teenage years are ridiculously crucial and hard and, um, awkward.~Aimee Teegarden

Awkward Hard Years

I feel incredibly awkward as a human being and incredibly teenaged still.~Andrew Garfield

Feel Awkward Human

It's always a little nerve-wracking to do a love scene, more than anything because it's just awkward.~Annie Parisse

Love Awkward Always

I get embarrassed by people. It's really awkward for me to have a chat with people who have been to see a gig.~Andrew Lawrence

People Me Awkward

Well, in pharmacology, if the effect is local, it's of course absolutely awkward to use it in any other way than as a local treatment.~Arvid Carlsson

Awkward Way Local