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I still get very scared when I step in front of a live audience.~Adam Sandler

Step Live Audience

I love hearing my audience breathe.~Adele

Love Breathe Audience

Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.~Alfred Hitchcock

Movies Audience Suffer

I'm sometimes a cartoonist, and there's an audience for that, and I'm sometimes an illustrator, and there's an audience for that.~Adrian Tomine

Sometimes Audience

When I was 4 or 5, I attended my father's concerts. He very often played Strauss waltzes as encores and I saw something happening with the audience.~Andre Rieu

Father Audience Concerts

There is an audience out there for literate films - slower, more observant, more human films, and they deserve to be made.~Alexander Payne

Deserve Human Audience

Your audience is a lot smarter than you realize.~Angela Kinsey

You Realize Audience

You instinctively discover how to entertain an audience.~Anna Held

You Audience Discover

We saw Hulu as an opportunity to broaden our audience for ABC content.~Anne Sweeney

Opportunity Audience

I think - no, I'm sure - 'Coast to Coast' wouldn't work with a daytime audience.~Art Bell

Work Think Audience

In the South, it is different, they have a audience that is literate.~Ajay Devgan

Different Audience South

When I perform, it's very personal. I'm sharing things I like, inviting the audience into my room.~Andy Kaufman

Personal Audience Like

If we're going to be considered horror filmmakers, we have to prove it not only to ourselves but to the audience that we can actually make something scary.~Adam Wingard

Prove Audience Scary

I like it when you read a script and there's the part that you show to the other characters and then there's the part that only the audience knows.~Anjelica Huston

You Audience Like

In Europe, there is no horror movie. It's very hard to make a slasher or gory movie. There is no audience for that.~Alexandre Aja

Audience Europe Hard

Stadium rock and commercial rock are the opposite of what poetry needs. An audience of around 200 is ideal for poetry.~Adrian Mitchell

Poetry Rock Audience

I'm a huge believer in story being this invisible scaffolding that no one ever recognizes or realizes is actually making the audience engaged in what's going on. There is no formula for it.~Alan Yang

Story Invisible Audience

The conductor has the advantage of not seeing the audience.~Andre Kostelanetz

Seeing Audience Conductor

I suppose I'm going on stage and making jokes about the fact that the audience are expecting the show to be about something and that they might learn something.~Andrew Lawrence

Learn Fact Audience

You basically do have a TV show when you're making stuff online. You have an audience that you make stuff for regularly.~Anthony Padilla

You Audience Show