William Sleator, American Writer ( February 13, 1945 - August 3, 2011 )

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I can't write every day. I have to skip a day in between. If I try to do it every day, nothing comes.~William Sleator

Day Nothing Try

I think about my audience when I write, to some extent. Thinking of writing for young adults, I try to keep the stories moving, never a dull moment, to hold their interest.~William Sleator

Thinking Moment Writing

I've always been interested in both writing and music. When I first started getting published, I also worked as rehearsal pianist for the Boston Ballet, touring with them all over the U.S.A. and Europe - I wasn't making enough money from writing to support myself.~William Sleator

Music Myself Money

Stories develop from things I read and also from my own experiences and experiences of people I know.~William Sleator

People Know Experiences