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Will Rothhaar, American Actor ( January 12, 1987 - )

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I'm a very open book as far as the way I relate to people.~Will Rothhaar

Book People Way

I would love to do a good gritty drama, a romantic role. I tend to play bad guys for some reason.~Will Rothhaar

Love Good Romantic

What's the fun in approaching something closed-minded? I'm very specific; if dialogue is too on-the-nose, or there's a lot of telling and not showing, I'll talk to my manager and let them know the problems I have with it. But, I always go in with fresh eyes. The first pass just needs to be about figuring out little things here and there.~Will Rothhaar

Eyes Little Things Fun

I think that, just in general, my number one priority is to just go out of your way to stay yourself and put yourself out there in a positive way. It's so easy, and you can connect with a lot of your friends.~Will Rothhaar

Positive Friends Yourself

I hope that, when I leave this planet, I will have touched a few people in a positive way. That's really what I hope I am remembered for the most.~Will Rothhaar

Positive Hope I Am

Both of my parents are actors and directors and whatnot. My dad loves really solid, old school, Broadway musicals, and one of them is 'Assassins' by Stephen Sondheim. All of the successful or non-successful assassins that have ever existed in the United States come together, and they talk about their killing or attempts through songs.~Will Rothhaar

Parents School Dad