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Veerappa Moily, Indian Politician ( January 12, 1940 - )

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Saving petrol is saving India's money. This is a sense of patriotism. The country can be energy-independent by energy conservation. I appeal to the other ministers also to do this.~Veerappa Moily

Money Patriotism Energy

We are not in the regime of Aurangzeb. We are in the regime of rule of law. When rule of law is concerned, it applies to government, it applies to Supreme Court, it applies to everybody.~Veerappa Moily

Law Government Rule Of Law

In the process of ego, in the process of lobbying and in the process of just criticising for stake of criticism or in the process of politicising, don't commit national crime. Don't prevent exploration in the country. Let us move ahead more aggressively; it is in the best interest of the country.~Veerappa Moily

Best Ego Process

If all of us work in accordance with rule of law, if rule of law is implemented, we are all safe, investors are safe, people will be safe.~Veerappa Moily

Work Law People

I am not suggesting that just by taking the Metro, I will save billions. But I hope others will follow.~Veerappa Moily

Hope I Am Follow

I am not helpless. Any timid minister will not go forward... I have come here to strive hard for the sake of the country, to work for the country. If anybody thinks that decision making process in the oil sector will be prevented, they are totally wrong.~Veerappa Moily

Work Decision I Am

As the law minister, I had ensured that the government's right to natural resources was protected. The result was evident. The honourable Supreme Court gave the landmark decision in RIL vs RNRL case that the government is the owner of all natural resources.~Veerappa Moily

Decision Law Government

Fuel conservation is a necessity, and I have to be the first person to set the example.~Veerappa Moily

Example Conservation First

It's a voluntary act. I cannot punish anyone not taking the public transport, but I want everyone, from the highest ranking officers to the lowest, to take public transport every Wednesday.~Veerappa Moily

Want Everyone Act

Fuel conservation is as important as fuel production.~Veerappa Moily

Important Production Fuel

Petrol price is a deregulated commodity, price of which is decided by our oil marketing companies based on input cost and other parameters.~Veerappa Moily

Marketing Price Oil

The consumption of petroleum should be conserved. We need to adopt some austerity measures. The people should cooperate with us.~Veerappa Moily

People Should Need

There are people with vested interest who do not want us to reform our energy sector so that we remain dependent on imports. All reform moves are resisted. Bureaucrats are hesitant to take bold decisions.~Veerappa Moily

Decisions People Energy

I am not playing for any lobby. I am playing for national lobby. I will ignore lobby. Anybody has useful suggestion, they can give it to me. The history will speak about it.~Veerappa Moily

History I Am Me

By 2020, 50 percent of imports should be reduced, which should become 75 percent by 2025. By 2030, India should be energy independent.~Veerappa Moily

Energy Independent Should

We need to do more to conserve fuel or face tougher choices such as steep price increase or even quantitative restrictions.~Veerappa Moily

Choices Face Price

I have written to Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, asking him to consider 'staggered office timings' for government offices, which will help in decongesting road traffic during peak hours.~Veerappa Moily

Road Government Help

India has large proven reserves of gas that remain unexploited.~Veerappa Moily

India Gas Remain

If I can save 25 billion dollars in terms of reduction of import, I will be adding one percent to the GDP. By conserving the oil energy by the people, the GDP will become 5.5 percent, and this will change the economy of the country.~Veerappa Moily

Change People Energy

We as a nation have no choice but to conserve fuel to the best of our abilities or be prepared for harsh measures like steep price increase, if the need so arises.~Veerappa Moily

Best Choice Nation

Those who know me would tell you, 'Moily can't be cowed down.' I have plans to enhance domestic oil and gas production.~Veerappa Moily

Me You Down