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Terrance Hayes, American Educator ( November 18, 1971 - )

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Anyone reading contemporary poetry - especially contemporary African-American poetry - will quickly see that race is an enduring subject. What some don't realize is just how diverse the handling of that subject is. It's as diverse as blackness.~Terrance Hayes

Poetry Reading Realize

I always turn to Frank O'Hara and David Berman's 'Actual Air,' which came out in 1999. He's a poet I haven't tired of.~Terrance Hayes

Tired Air Turn

Poems are not read: they are reread. Reread the poem, then read between the lines, then look at it, then watch it, then peek at it: handle it like an object. Contemplate its shadows, angles and dimensions.~Terrance Hayes

Look Shadows Lines

Pittsburgh was the first chance to be in a classroom with other writers, to have conversations with other writers. In fact, after graduate school, I lived in Japan, Ohio and New Orleans, and only upon leaving Pittsburgh did I see what a special community it was for poets, so I was eager to come back. It's a strong arts community across the board.~Terrance Hayes

School Community Strong

Every contemporary poet is a door to another poet.~Terrance Hayes

Door Every Another

I became a poet in Pittsburgh. When I lived in the South, I was a basketball player and primarily a jock. An English teacher essentially suggested that I send the poems that I'd been writing - really just for him - to a few programs, so that when I wound up in Pittsburgh, it's where I figured out that I could actually be a poet.~Terrance Hayes

Teacher Writing Basketball

Poems are a form of music, and language just happens to be our instrument - language and breath.~Terrance Hayes

Music Language Breath

When people ask me for secrets to writing, I say, 'Read to write.'~Terrance Hayes

Writing People Me

The summer I got to Pittsburgh for graduate school, I house-sat for a Ph.D. student who had a lot of books. One of the books that I found was 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov. That was eye opening. I've probably read it every other year since my 20s.~Terrance Hayes

School Summer Eye

When I was in high school, I remember writing a research paper, and the teacher said I should write about Langston Hughes. I felt as if I was the only black dude who didn't like Langston Hughes. He didn't seem as dark and layered as someone like Flannery O'Connor.~Terrance Hayes

Teacher School Writing

Poets are like the decathletes of literature.~Terrance Hayes

Literature Like Poets

When I applied for grad school, I did not specify genre. I said I wanted an MFA in Creative Writing. I was so cute and stupid! The admissions committee at Pitt decided to put me in poetry.~Terrance Hayes

School Poetry Cute

Art is not the kind of thing where you get what you put into it all the time. So I learned to not expect anything other than the sort of joy of having a poem in front of me.~Terrance Hayes

Art Time Joy

The thing that I've decided is, I don't want to be invisible, but I'd like to be transparent. I want people to see what I'm thinking and see through me.~Terrance Hayes

Thinking People Me

My working habit is to separate my aims as a painting from my aims as a poet. They come from very different places and ultimately lead me to very different places... I'll leave what I mean by 'places' ambiguous.~Terrance Hayes

Me Painting Working

So the best way to understand poetry, which is made by men, is to imitate, and that goes back to making work as a kind of doorway into new work, as opposed to making work as a mirror of the old work.~Terrance Hayes

Work Best Poetry

We look at the Mona Lisa and say we're going to do our version of the Mona Lisa. We mirror it. But exaptation would say that painting the Mona Lisa would lead to a whole new place... Bugs Bunny.~Terrance Hayes

Mirror Painting Look

We can't really know ourselves because we have not created ourselves. But we can know computers, we can know cars, because anything that we made, we can understand.~Terrance Hayes

Computers Know Understand

Language is always burdened by thought.~Terrance Hayes

Language Thought Always

I value teaching. It's one of the places I get inspiration, engagement.~Terrance Hayes

Value Places Inspiration

While the debate over banned books usually seems to happen just outside the gates of government, it takes on a new danger and urgency when legislators get involved. Their actions cause voices to be silenced both inside and outside the books. That's un-American.~Terrance Hayes

Government New Debate