Sigmar Polke, German Artist ( February 13, 1941 - June 10, 2010 )

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I love all dots. I am married to many of them. I want all dots to be happy. Dots are my brothers. I am a dot myself.~Sigmar Polke

Love Myself Happy

Mostly, drawings are things I make for myself - I do them in sketchbooks. They are mental experiments - private inner thoughts when I'm not sure what will come out.~Sigmar Polke

Myself Thoughts Mental

There has to be an element of risk-taking for me in my work.~Sigmar Polke

Work Me Element

The conventional definition of reality, and the idea of 'normal life', mean nothing.~Sigmar Polke

Life Reality Nothing

Picabia is a very old painter who some people try to connect me to, but I refuse such comparisons very well.~Sigmar Polke

People Me Try

We were very poor and my family lost everything during the war - our home and our identity. But I'm a believer in luck and think the social conditions you're born into provide the opportunity for you to prove your luck. And I suppose I've been lucky.~Sigmar Polke

Family Home War

Light is a metaphoric thing. There is green light and red light. Then there is black light, which is mostly danger.~Sigmar Polke

Light Black Red

As a child, I copied Duerer drawings and Bruegel.~Sigmar Polke

Child Copied Drawings

When I was young, I was interested in Renaissance art.~Sigmar Polke

Art Young Renaissance

A negative is never finished.~Sigmar Polke

Negative Never Finished

I began drawing as a very young child and had a grandfather who experimented with photography, so those things constituted my first exposure to art.~Sigmar Polke

Art Child Young

Yes, my works... are enshrined in museums, but I don't care if the pieces fall apart in 20 years.~Sigmar Polke

Care Fall Museums

Because I was traveling a lot during the '70s, the only thing I could do on the road was take photographs, so there wasn't much painting during those years.~Sigmar Polke

Road Painting Because

I've never been interested in philosophy, but some of Jung's ideas seem useful in helping people understand pictures and so forth.~Sigmar Polke

Philosophy People Ideas

By making pictures, you learn the many different properties of photography. I use those properties differently than, say, an advertising agency would, but we're both operating in the same reality. A face painted by Picasso occupies the same reality as a portrait by Stieglitz.~Sigmar Polke

Reality Learn Advertising

People expect things from art that are horrible for us who make it! They put the things we make in these restrictive places called 'museums,' then don't want to hear another word from us.~Sigmar Polke

Art People Want

When I came to the West, I saw many, many things for the first time. But I also saw the prosperity of the West critically. It wasn't really Heaven.~Sigmar Polke

Time Heaven Prosperity