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Shirley Eaton, English Actress ( January 12, 1937 - )

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Psychologists say don't expect your life to be happy all the time. I go with the philosophy that every day can't be tops. Life is not like that - it's up and down.~Shirley Eaton

Life Time Happy

I'm very expressive, but I'm also a very private person. It is so hard to be private in the entertainment business.~Shirley Eaton

Business Entertainment

I eat what I want but in moderation.~Shirley Eaton

Want Moderation Eat

The reason why people are huge stars is nothing to do with acting. It's the magic. Charisma is a word that's used too often; it's something special, and it's what makes stars. It's luck, and basically, it's genes.~Shirley Eaton

Stars People Luck

A career is a career, but you're a mother until you die.~Shirley Eaton

Mother Die Career

When women are stressed, they either eat too much and get fat, or they eat not so much and get thin, and the latter is what happens to me.~Shirley Eaton

Women Me Fat

I am a great believer in naps, whatever age you are.~Shirley Eaton

Age Great I Am

My mother sent me to dance and drama classes when I was young, and then I got a stage role in 'Set To Partners' when I was 12, followed by Benjamin Britten's 'Let's Make An Opera.'~Shirley Eaton

Mother Dance Me

I combined theatre and films with live TV, such as 'The Royal Variety Show,' performing sketches opposite Bob Hope and Maurice Chevalier.~Shirley Eaton

Hope Theatre Live

I worked with Roger Moore on three episodes of 'The Saint.' He is a lovely man, a good director, and was my favourite actor to work with.~Shirley Eaton

Work Good Man

I've always been a creative person, and I'd always wanted to paint, so I went to art school and began painting and sculpting.~Shirley Eaton

Art School Creative

I don't even want to be on Twitter. I think it's abhorrent, people sending messages to say they're doing the washing-up or whatever.~Shirley Eaton

People Doing Want

It seems unfair that anyone can set up on Twitter using my name, or the name of any famous person, without any checks at all.~Shirley Eaton

Famous Name Unfair