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I put a lot of fire in my punches.~Rau'Shee Warren

Fire Lot Punches

It's fun when you're winning and performing well, but it's also hard because now you get older, you got responsibilities.~Rau'Shee Warren

Winning Fun You

Every fighter has to go in there with a game plan.~Rau'Shee Warren

Game Plan Fighter

Basically, as a leader, I try not to make any mistakes, because there's a lot of people watching even though you don't think so.~Rau'Shee Warren

Leader Mistakes People

I could have gone professional, but I'm not giving up on my dream.~Rau'Shee Warren

Giving Dream Professional

I always had the theory that if you have a dream, chase it. And I'm chasing it.~Rau'Shee Warren

Dream You Theory

I've got over three-hundred pairs of shoes back home - I'm twenty-four years old and I wear a size four, so all my shoes are just cheap.~Rau'Shee Warren

Home Shoes Old

I just smile. And they - my opponents don't like it when I smile at them. They think I'm playing or something. But - like I smile throughout the whole fight. Sometimes I'll be throwing combinations and I just smile and stick my tongue out at them.~Rau'Shee Warren

Smile Fight Think

My nickname is Nuke.~Rau'Shee Warren


I got to fight every second, every minute and every round.~Rau'Shee Warren

Fight Round Got