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Norman Ornstein, American Educator ( - )

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Radicals don't care about the institutions. They are looking for an ideological crusade. Traditions don't matter.~Norman Ornstein

Care Looking Matter

The best way to get your audience larger and more consistent is to be more divisive and more radical and criticize those who cater to or kowtow to other forces.~Norman Ornstein

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Conservatives want smaller government. They want to focus on market-based solutions wherever one can. They want to have as little regulation as possible. But in general, they recognize that government must play an important role for a society to operate.~Norman Ornstein

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Government is inevitably going to play a very significant role in infrastructure, and in a country with a federal system where vibrancy and economic health depend on interstate commerce, it's not going to be private enterprise or state governments that will give you things like an interstate highway system.~Norman Ornstein

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