Neal McDonough, American Actor ( February 13, 1966 - )

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Acting is probably the number one team sport in America as far as I'm concerned.~Neal McDonough

Team America Acting

For Michael Wright and Frank Darabont to cast me as the ultimate good guy and Eddie Burns as the ultimate bad guy, and really switching roles from what we usually play, is pretty awesome. That generally doesn't happen, but TNT is a horse of a different color.~Neal McDonough

Good Horse Color

Graham Yost is a genius, and I know that very well because we worked together on 'Band of Brothers' and 'Boomtown.'~Neal McDonough

Together Genius Know

With four kids, it's hard to watch anything other than 'Sesame Street.'~Neal McDonough

Street Four Watch

The great thing about 'Justified' is that the writers will craft a scene, but if the actors come up with a great idea, they're 100% for it.~Neal McDonough

Great Craft Up

If you don't care for the villain, if you don't love him and hate him at the same time, then he's just boring.~Neal McDonough

Love Time Hate

'Justified' is one of the greatest teams I've ever played for. It's just awesome.~Neal McDonough

Greatest Awesome Ever

Ted Griffin, who created 'Terriers,' is one of my dearest friends.~Neal McDonough

Friends Created Who

Mini-series are my favorite medium to act in because it's the right amount of pages you shoot a day, it's the right amount of time that you're with a character, and they really advertise it a lot so that people get excited for this epic event.~Neal McDonough

Time Day Character