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Nathan Gamble, American Actor ( January 12, 1998 - )

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I was a big fan of Indiana Jones; then I realized he was kind of a fake hero. The real heroes are the people who work hard and do their stuff right, like firefighters and policemen.~Nathan Gamble

Work Hero Work Hard

I don't even think I'll see all of 'The Mist' until I'm 18. I'm going to the premiere, but I'll close my eyes during the scarier scenes.~Nathan Gamble

Eyes Think See

I try to be - well, not holy - but my whole family is very religious, and I want to be like that, too. So I try my hardest to be more in touch with the Lord.~Nathan Gamble

Family Want Try

I want to keep on progressing. I definitely think acting is a long process to be one of the greats like Morgan Freeman or Jack Nicholson.~Nathan Gamble

Process Acting Long