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Luise Rainer, German Actress ( January 12, 1910 - December 30, 2014 )

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Happiness lies in moments, and while you have it, you're not even aware; only afterwards do you know you were happy.~Luise Rainer

Happiness Happy Moments

I have never had a current state of mind. My mind changes a great deal. I am very affected by any sorrow or sad thing, and I am very affected by joy and beauty.~Luise Rainer

Beauty Sad Great

The best imitation in the world is not half as good as a poor original.~Luise Rainer

Best Good World

The Oscar is not a curse. The real curse is that once you have an Oscar they think you can do anything.~Luise Rainer

You Think Real

Some very beautiful things get lost and forgotten. Just as I got lost.~Luise Rainer

Beautiful Lost Forgotten

The secret of a long life is to never trust a doctor.~Luise Rainer

Life Trust Doctor

I always considered myself the world's worst actress.~Luise Rainer

Myself World Worst

I had immense ambition to become a really valuable actress.~Luise Rainer

Ambition Become Valuable

Take a person like Julia Roberts: she does what she wants.~Luise Rainer

She Person Like

I know the good from the bad, also the in-between, but I was never political.~Luise Rainer

Good Political Know

For my second and third pictures, I won Academy Awards. Nothing worse could have happened to me.~Luise Rainer

Me Nothing Awards

I should have done more. I did too little of everything.~Luise Rainer

Everything Done Should

Once, I was a bigger star than Greta Garbo.~Luise Rainer

Star Bigger Once

I felt very alone in Hollywood.~Luise Rainer

Alone Hollywood Very

One can be more than once in love - that's the most important thing.~Luise Rainer

Love Important Most

I admire people who are creative.~Luise Rainer

Creative People Admire

I feel best in nature or near nature.~Luise Rainer

Nature Best Feel

I was very thin, like a boy, and I was very un-sexy.~Luise Rainer

Boy Like Very

I remember once Robert Taylor invited me to lunch. I asked him, 'What is your ambition?' He said, 'I want to have 10 very good suits.'~Luise Rainer

Good Ambition Remember

I don't believe in acting. I think that people in life act, but when you are on the stage or, in my case, also on screen, you have to be true.~Luise Rainer

Life People Believe

One of the biggest dangers in Hollywood is becoming typed.~Luise Rainer

Hollywood Becoming Typed

I would much rather be a bad Luise Rainer than a second someone else.~Luise Rainer

Bad Someone Rather

In my acting, I have tried to do this - to present to audiences a living creature in whom they can recognise themselves or someone they know.~Luise Rainer

Living Acting Present

I was one of the horses of the Louis B. Mayer stable, and I thought the films I was given after my Academy Awards were not worthy.~Luise Rainer

Thought Awards Horses

I am sensitive to life, and somehow acting comes to me. I can't explain it.~Luise Rainer

Life I Am Me

I don't believe in anything artificial. I don't believe in makeup.~Luise Rainer

Believe Makeup Anything