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John Quelch, American Educator ( August 8, 1951 - )

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You have lines of people outside Apple stores waiting for the latest iPhone, which adds to the hype around new product launch. So scarcity has value not just in its own right, but as a basis for free PR - it can become a story on the nightly news.~John Quelch

Waiting People Value

The closer a brand can cozy up to a consumer with a message along the lines of, 'We're all in this together,' the better off a brand will be.~John Quelch

Together Brand Better

Coca-Cola is an American icon.~John Quelch

American Coca-Cola Icon

In flush times, a rising tide of consumption can compensate for less than optimal branding, positioning, pricing or segmentation.~John Quelch

Tide Rising Consumption

Pepsi and Coke have to co-exist on the shelf for the long term because if they pull each other down, no one's going to drink carbonated soft drinks anymore.~John Quelch

Long Down Drink

If there is cultural imperialism, it is definitely American.~John Quelch

American Imperialism

Personal brand equity erodes much faster than corporate brand equity.~John Quelch

Brand Personal Equity

Ease of navigation is important in both physical and virtual space.~John Quelch

Space Important Navigation

Paying extra for prime placement can often pay off.~John Quelch

Pay Extra Prime

Mention health in most companies, and the cost of health insurance is what comes to mind, not how the company can invest to prevent further escalation in societal health care costs.~John Quelch

Health Mind Care

The only thing you need to set up a business school is a warm body and a piece of chalk.~John Quelch

Business School Body

Instead of being focused on teaching what we already know, we now have to be focused on creating new knowledge that is China-based, because it's absolutely clear that China is going to shift from a production economy to a knowledge economy.~John Quelch

Knowledge Economy Know

The skills associated with knowledge creation are totally different from the skills associated with production.~John Quelch

Knowledge Creation Skills

If you can promise a vital and vibrant research environment as well as great students to your faculty, you can recruit some top faculty. The top faculty on your roster will then help you to attract further top students in your program.~John Quelch

Great Environment Help

Obama and Clinton make an interesting contrast in brands.~John Quelch

Interesting Contrast Make

It's impossible for any institution to compete unless you can afford world class faculty.~John Quelch

World Impossible You

It is well documented that brands that increase advertising during a recession, when competitors are cutting back, can improve market share and return on investment at lower cost than during good economic times.~John Quelch

Good Advertising Back

There are a lot of thought leaders who don't want to see their students. We don't want to hire them. If students are allured to come to the school because of famous faculties, and if they never see them, that leaves very bad taste.~John Quelch

School Famous Want

Instant, soluble coffee has long been the unspeakable wasteland of the coffee business. Conventional wisdom would be that no premium brand should go near it. But Howard Schultz's vision from day one has been to bring quality coffee to the mass market.~John Quelch

Wisdom Business Day

You certainly don't want to market the president as if he or she were a box of breakfast cereal.~John Quelch

Breakfast Want You

When we're talking about brand, we're talking about what does the brand stand for. And when we're talking about approval, we're talking about whether or not I approve of what the brand stands for.~John Quelch

Brand Stand Talking

The Starbucks brand has shifted over time from being a specialty brand to being more of a mass brand. There is a gap at the top of the market.~John Quelch

Time Brand Top

China is a very brand-intensive society. The reason that brands are so very important is that they are a way to signal social status.~John Quelch

Society Important Reason

Consumer behaviour changes in a glacial fashion.~John Quelch

Changes Fashion Consumer

Changing our consumer behaviour is similar to quitting smoking. Unless people are shocked into doing it, either by social disapproval or family disapproval or fear of the medical consequences, they'll just keep on smoking.~John Quelch

Family Fear Medical

Every time there is a recession, consumers will typically be more cautious, more conservative, take more time, and make more serious price-performance trade-offs.~John Quelch

Time Conservative Serious