Jerry Springer, American Celebrity ( February 13, 1944 - )

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We are all born as empty vessels which can be shaped by moral values.~Jerry Springer

Values Moral Born

We can't just have mainstream behavior on television in a free society, we have to make sure we see the whole panorama of human behavior.~Jerry Springer

Society Television Free

It's just a show. It's not the end of Western Civilization. It's chewing gum.~Jerry Springer

End Civilization Gum

With a face like mine, I do better in print.~Jerry Springer

Better Face Mine

I watch sports and cable news. I'm a political junkie, so that's my interest.~Jerry Springer

Sports Political News

I treat politics kind of like my religion. It's something I believe in, but I don't want to have to make a living at it, because if you make a living at it, you somehow become dishonest.~Jerry Springer

Religion Politics Believe

I play a crazy talk-show host, but that's not me. It's like an actor playing a role.~Jerry Springer

Crazy Me Play

No one would have picked me out in high school and said, 'This guy is going to be in show business.' I don't have any of the talents you would normally associate with show business.~Jerry Springer

Business School Me

There's something about the openness of the American people. Yes, we have our faults, but deep down, there's a goodness. America doesn't want to take over the world; in many ways, we don't want to be bothered by the rest of the world.~Jerry Springer

Deep World People

I'm always playing a role, whether it's the role of the mayor, the role of a news anchor, or a role of a crazy talk-show host. But there was a specific function. 'On Dancing With The Stars', I had nothing to do but be me, schlepping around the floor. And when I host 'America's Got Talent', that's really me just talking to regular folks.~Jerry Springer

Stars Crazy America

My guess is more reporters probably vote Democrat than Republican - just because I think reporters are smart.~Jerry Springer

Smart Think Just Because

To go from politics to news, at least the subject matter is the same, even if the view is different.~Jerry Springer

Politics View News

Somebody once said I had a face for radio and a voice for newspapers.~Jerry Springer

Voice Face Said

All of us, whether or not we're celebrities, every one ought to spend part of their life making someone else's life better.~Jerry Springer

Life Better Someone

I'm liberal, but I watch the three majors. Obviously I watch MSNBC, also CNN and Fox, which is what I would call ridiculously to the right.~Jerry Springer

Fox Three Right

I knew early on that I would do politics, but I would never make a living at it. I would do something else.~Jerry Springer

Politics Living Early

When I was first on 'Dancing With The Stars', people were really shocked and surprised.~Jerry Springer

Stars People Dancing

I don't live in Hollywood. I don't have celebrities as friends. I like them, but I don't pal around with them. I just live in the Midwest, a real normal world.~Jerry Springer

Friends World Live

I don't want to be a celebrity.~Jerry Springer

Want Celebrity

I'm a happy guy, but if I'm in a rare dark mood, I won't go out because I don't want to be horrible to people.~Jerry Springer

Happy People Dark