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Jeffrey Zeldman, American Businessman ( January 12, 1955 - )

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I like files. I like editing a CSS file without necessarily having to edit an HTML file. I like fixing a problem by replacing a corrupted file with a clean one. Maybe I'm set in my ways, but I don't consider it a hardship to open a folder or replace a file.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Problem Hardship Editing

Somebody has to pay our editors, writers, journalists, designers, developers, and all the other specialists whose passion and tears go into every chunk of worthwhile web content.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Passion Tears Go

I spent all day in front of a digital screen, but I'm about to curl up with a book.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Day Book Digital

The code core of the 2001 browser upgrade campaign was the first instance of capability detection in place of browser detection.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Place Campaign First

Business owners should think of designers as architects, not decorators.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Business Think Should

A good designer has technical knowledge - don't treat her like someone who's there to decide whether something should be pink or orange.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Knowledge Good Pink

I was in love with HTML and certain that the whole world was about to learn it, ushering in a new era of DIY media, free expression, peace and democracy and human rights worldwide. That part didn't work out so well, although the kids prefer YouTube to TV, so that's something.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Love Work Peace

Put simply, if an interface is poorly designed, I will not see the data I looked for, even if it is right there on the page.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Data Page See

Marketing is not bragging, and touting one's wares is not evil. The baker in the medieval town square must holler, 'Fresh rolls!' if he hopes to feed the townfolk.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Evil Marketing Bragging

Wildly successful sites such as Flickr, Twitter and Facebook offer genuinely portable social experiences, on and off the desktop. You don't even have to go to Facebook or Twitter to experience Facebook and Twitter content or to share third-party web content with your Twitter and Facebook friends.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Experience Friends You

With consumers buying two smartphones for every desktop computer they purchase, the demands, challenges and opportunities of the mobile space are reshaping our assumptions about design and user behaviour.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Space Design Opportunities

Many thought it was a fool's errand - that the browser companies were never going to listen to us. Others argued that, 'Users don't care if you use Web standards.' Well, of course they don't. They just know that your site works better.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Fool Care Better

I'd like to be able to design as easily as if I was using Photoshop. I'd like to be able to create a multicolumn layout and control source order without having to do advanced mathematics or hire Eric Meyer or Dan Cederholm to figure out the CSS, because I can't.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Mathematics Design Control

There could be no filmmaking without industrywide agreement on frame rates, lenses, and audio recording equipment.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Filmmaking Agreement Frame

The printed word will be around long after many of our digital creations are gone, either because books don't require monthly hosting, and blogs and websites do... or because the languages and platforms for which a particular digital creation was published will become obsolete.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Long Digital Creation

Amazon doesn't want to give Apple a cut of its media sales, so Apple won't let Amazon sell products in its apps.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Media Want Sales

When we launched The Deck, I hoped other networks would take inspiration from it and figure out how to increase engagement while minimizing clutter. I even tried to sell my studio's media clients on the notion of fewer, better-priced, better-targeted ads.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Media Inspiration Clutter

Advertisers don't want to be ignored, and they are drunk on our data, which is what Google and other large networks are really selling. The ads are almost a by-product; what companies really want to know is what antiperspirant a woman of 25-34 is most likely to purchase after watching 'House of Cards.'~Jeffrey Zeldman

Woman Cards Drunk

We at The Web Standards Project turned everything on its head. We said browsers should support the same standards instead of competing to invent new tags and scripting languages. We said designers, developers, and content folks should create one site that was accessible to everyone.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Support Head Everything

The web's strength lies precisely in its unique position as the world's first universal platform.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Strength World Unique

I know and have worked alongside some of the designers, developers, and editors at Vox Media; you'd be proud to work with any of them.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Work Proud Media

Dropbox sweats the user experience details as commendably as it masters the considerable engineering challenges required to reliably sync files everywhere a user may need them.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Experience May Challenges

To my way of thinking, passive management of file assets is okay for screwing around with iPads, where we're mainly watching TV on Netflix or obsessive-compulsively checking the popularity of our Instagram uploads.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Management Thinking Way

Dropbox, with its emphasis on good old-fashioned hierarchies, is superb at automatically saving one original of each photo I take, whether shot with a phone or a fancy camera. No loops, no duplicates, no confusion.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Good Camera Confusion

Validation is easy - you run your site through a validator, and it's either valid or it isn't. The rest of the stuff, such as whether my logo or the biggest headline should be the h1 in my HTML, isn't so easy and is subject to interpretation.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Rest You Easy

I'm not against Flash, and I love the work that people such as Joshua Davis do.~Jeffrey Zeldman

Love Work People