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Heather Mills, British Activist ( January 12, 1968 - )

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Why are we so obsessed with celebrity culture? We have front-page news about divorces instead of front-page news about global warming, about women being abused, about children being abused. We're going on a downward spiral.~Heather Mills

Children Women Culture

If you wear short skirts you get your femininity back.~Heather Mills

Short You Wear

I got a fascination with food.~Heather Mills

Food Fascination Got

The overcoming of adversity and, ultimately, denying it the rite of passage, has been a constant and perpetual motive throughout my life.~Heather Mills

Life Adversity Overcoming

People love me or hate me and all I think about is the people that I know and suffer with different causes and carry on my charity work and that's what keeps me alive really.~Heather Mills

Love Work Hate

I fell in love for the right reason. I fell in love unconditionally.~Heather Mills

Love Reason Right

I love to dance in the disco, but that's about it.~Heather Mills

Love Dance Disco

I was quiet for a year but I had 4,000 articles written about me.~Heather Mills

Me Quiet Year

Eighty per cent of global warming comes from livestock and deforestation.~Heather Mills

Global Warming Eighty Per

It took one human error to take my leg and one human error to take my mother's.~Heather Mills

Mother Human Take

I can't leave England.~Heather Mills

Leave England

There are many other kinds of milk available. Why don't we try drinking rats' milk and dogs' milk?~Heather Mills

Try Milk Why

To have an opinion about somebody you've never met before is pretty superficial.~Heather Mills

Opinion You Never

I am a charity campaigner.~Heather Mills

I Am Charity Am

It's very important with an artificial leg that all high heels are exactly the same height.~Heather Mills

Important High High Heels

I've done sport for a long time.~Heather Mills

Time Long Done

I have a very basic leg. But it has a silicon cover on it. I have a flat foot leg, a high heel leg and then I have a leg which, in the winter, I have to ski in and in the summer I swap it into my roller blades.~Heather Mills

Summer Winter High

Everyone knows that when you go through a divorce, it's a really difficult time for both parties and you've all - you believe, you both believe, individually, that you've put your best into it.~Heather Mills

Time Best Believe

My personal view is that until there is a disincentive to write lies and abusive comments it's going to continue.~Heather Mills

View Personal Going

I don't mean to be accident prone, but my excuse is if you really want to get somewhere you have to go full gas.~Heather Mills

Want You Go

I was hospitalized five times in 2011 because of my skiing. Fracturing my left shoulder twice, snapping my anterior cruciate ligament once and smashing my scapula into five pieces.~Heather Mills

Skiing Shoulder Twice

Having loved sport my whole life, competing in a Paralympics would be a dream come true.~Heather Mills

Life Loved Dream

I told my whole life story in my book.~Heather Mills

Life Book Story

I never used the press for anything except my charity.~Heather Mills

Charity Never Press

The police came to me to say I had death threats and that I had to be careful!~Heather Mills

Death Police Me

If I was a gold-digger, I would have a lot of money in my bank account. I'd be worth millions and millions.~Heather Mills

Money Worth Bank