Georges Simenon, Belgian Writer ( February 13, 1903 - September 4, 1989 )

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The lake and the mountains have become my landscape, my real world.~Georges Simenon

Nature Mountains World

The fact that we are I don't know how many millions of people, yet communication, complete communication, is completely impossible between two of those people, is to me one of the biggest tragic themes in the world.~Georges Simenon

Communication World People

It was night and I could see a large and calm lake, reflecting the moon. Black mountains rose around it. I arrived from between two of these mountains, I looked at the lake and the moon, and that was it, nothing else happened.~Georges Simenon

Rose Mountains Moon

I have always tried to write in a simple way, using down-to-earth and not abstract words.~Georges Simenon

Words Simple Way

It just happened. As though a moment comes when it's both necessary and natural to make a decision that has long since been made.~Georges Simenon

Decision Moment Long

Writing is not a profession but a vocation of unhappiness.~Georges Simenon

Writing Unhappiness

I adore life but I don't fear death. I just prefer to die as late as possible.~Georges Simenon

Life Death Fear

I saw Mussolini tirelessly contemplate a parade of thousands of young men.~Georges Simenon

Men Young Parade

Trotsky rises to give me his hand, then sits at his desk, gently allowing his regard to light on my person.~Georges Simenon

Light Me Hand