Donald Sumpter, British Actor ( February 13, 1943 - )

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The way they do things in the U.S., if you have a show, you'll option your actors for five, six or seven seasons. In the U.K., we just don't have the financing to be able to do that.~Donald Sumpter

You Seasons Way

When I've written episodes of 'Doctor Who', when it comes to the monster chasing somebody, it's the Doctor and the companion, running down the corridor, being chased by a guy with a stick and a tennis ball on the end. Whereas, when I see the rushes of 'Being Human', we're actually looking at the werewolf, and it just looks real.~Donald Sumpter

End Doctor Looking

The bedrock of 'Being Human' has to be characters. I would hope that even if suddenly we had a huge budget per episode, the foundation of the show, and the thing that actually makes it what it is, is character.~Donald Sumpter

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