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Bob Marley, Jamaican Musician ( February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981 )

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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.~Bob Marley

Music Good Pain

Truth is everybody is going to hurt you: you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.~Bob Marley

Relationship Truth Hurt

Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts, put your vision to reality. Wake Up and Live!~Bob Marley

Life Jealousy Road

The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow.~Bob Marley

Good Sad Today

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.~Bob Marley

Integrity Man Greatness

Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver or gold.~Bob Marley

Wisdom Gold World

Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living?~Bob Marley

Life Eyes Living

Get up, stand up, Stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, Don't give up the fight.~Bob Marley

Fight Stand Stand Up

When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.~Bob Marley

Yourself You Smoke

None but ourselves can free our minds.~Bob Marley

Free Minds Ourselves

If you're white and you're wrong, then you're wrong; if you're black and you're wrong, you're wrong. People are people. Black, blue, pink, green - God make no rules about color; only society make rules where my people suffer, and that why we must have redemption and redemption now.~Bob Marley

God Society People

In this bright future you can't forget your past.~Bob Marley

Future Past Forget

When one door is closed, don't you know, another is open.~Bob Marley

Door You Know

Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny.~Bob Marley

Future Man Destiny

Money can't buy life.~Bob Marley

Life Money Buy

Herb is the healing of a nation, alcohol is the destruction.~Bob Marley

Healing Alcohol Nation

My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.~Bob Marley

Music Die Live

The devil ain't got no power over me. The devil come, and me shake hands with the devil. Devil have his part to play. Devil's a good friend, too... because when you don't know him, that's the time he can mosh you down.~Bob Marley

Time Good Power

The more people smoke herb, the more Babylon fall.~Bob Marley

People Fall Smoke

If you get down and quarell everyday, you're saying prayers to the devil, I say.~Bob Marley

Anger Devil You

Man is a universe within himself.~Bob Marley

Man Universe Within

I don't know how to live good. I only know how to suffer.~Bob Marley

Good Live Know

Rastafari not a culture, it's a reality.~Bob Marley

Culture Reality

If something can corrupt you, you're corrupted already.~Bob Marley

You Corrupt Something

I don't believe in death, neither in flesh nor in spirit.~Bob Marley

Death Believe Spirit

As a man sow, shall he reap. and I know that talk is cheap. But the heat of the battle is as sweet as the victory.~Bob Marley

Man Battle Sweet

Possessions make you rich?~Bob Marley

rich wealth consumption

[Reggae] is one of the vehicles that help to free the people, from these chains and bondage, of oppression.~Bob Marley

reggae oppression freedom

Whom god bless, no man curse!~Bob Marley

reggae bless curse