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Billy Paul, American Musician ( December 1, 1934 - April 24, 2016 )

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All my life, I wanted to sound like myself. I never wanted to sound like anybody else.~Billy Paul

Life Myself My Life

I took my uniqueness and treated it like a horn.~Billy Paul

Uniqueness Like Treated

The male singers who had the same range I did, when I was growing up, didn't do much for me. But put on Nina Simone, Carmen McRae or Nancy Wilson, and I'd be in seventh heaven. Female vocalists just did more with their voices, and that's why I paid more attention to them.~Billy Paul

Growing Up Me Heaven

I always liked Nat King Cole. I always wanted to go my own way, but I always favoured other singers like Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn, Ella Fitzgerald - I loved Ella Fitzgerald. There are so many of them. Nina Simone was one of my favourites - Johnny Mathis.~Billy Paul

Loved King Go

I was singing totally jazz then, but when I heard the Beatles and heard the gospel influence and everything, I just said, 'I can make jazz with R&B.'~Billy Paul

Influence Singing Jazz

The most sobering thing is to have a number one record across the whole entire world in all languages.~Billy Paul

World Most Whole

I think about Marvin every day. The love I have for this man is unbelievable. We were close; we were like brothers.~Billy Paul

Love Day Man

It's a city of its own and has its own sound. I think what makes it different is the drama; you know how they say everyone marches to their own beat? Well, I think Philly has its own beat as well, and it's distinctive. It sounds easy, but it's hard to play.~Billy Paul

City You Play

When I heard The Beatles, that was my turning point. They were like my mentors. You know, the funny thing about that, when I heard 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand,' at first I said these guys are like a flash in the pan. But the second album, I had to take all that back. John Lennon - one of the greatest writers in the world.~Billy Paul

Funny Greatest World

I've always worked hard to create my own style. Nobody sounds like me. I've heard them call me 'legendary.' That feels pretty good... though the word is overused these days.~Billy Paul

Good Style Me