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Bill Callahan, American Musician ( June 3, 1966 - )

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Every day I don't Google my name, there's another beautiful day.~Bill Callahan

Beautiful Day Name

At midnight every night, I would methodically leave the house for a couple hours' walk, come back in, and record. And then the sun came up. If I had done something good, then I'd be happy and go to sleep.~Bill Callahan

Happy Good Sun

Some people write a thank you note for a gift, and it's three pages long, and some people write a thank you note, and it's five sentences - that's me. I like to pare away words because I don't want to waste anyone's time.~Bill Callahan

Time Thank You Words

There are a million tiny weird towns. You never know what you're going to get into if you drive an hour into the wild.~Bill Callahan

Weird Drive You

I knew absolutely nothing about recording. I had this four-track recorder, and I'd plug my electric guitar right into it, which sounded real bad. I moved any fader that made a drastic change in sound. I thought that was cool - that it was communicating something. I didn't have the skills to do anything subtle. It was just like screaming.~Bill Callahan

Change Cool Guitar

I feel like you come in under a cloak of someone else's skin for a while, but then you can shrug it off - you have to find your own voice, if you want to keep doing it. That became a really conscious thing for me.~Bill Callahan

Me Doing Voice

You get into moods - like, if somebody does something to you, then you're angry for maybe 30 seconds, or maybe 30 years. I was always interested in capturing those awful, unflattering things that everybody goes through - those hot moments, captured in ice.~Bill Callahan

Moments Angry You

I have long begged off the question of my albums reflecting where I am 'at' personally. There is more inaccuracy in that approach than accuracy.~Bill Callahan

I Am Long Question

I will concentrate on playing guitar, on lyrics and on singing. I am a part of things; I am not the encompassing 'Smog.'~Bill Callahan

I Am Singing Guitar

Any talk of 'craft' makes me laugh. My music looks outward; it does not gaze upon itself in admiration. Artisanal is for cheesemakers. I don't know anything about music theory. Every time I approach my guitar, it's like the first time. There's no craft in that.~Bill Callahan

Music Time Me

You know how on Christmas day, the day feels different, even if you're just sitting in your chair waiting for your girlfriend to put her face on and you haven't even started any of the festivities yet, the day still feels different. The electrons are fatter and pushier.~Bill Callahan

Day Waiting You

As a kid, I was just a kid. Average.~Bill Callahan

Average Kid Just

I was late to the Internet. I didn't really understand what it was. I didn't know what an email was.~Bill Callahan

Internet Late Know

To see classic rock, you had to go to an arena. But punk was happening everywhere, even in little towns in the middle of nowhere in Maryland. I'd drive out to places I'd never been, just to go and see it.~Bill Callahan

Drive You Rock

I wanted to live in a house. I wanted to have a place where I could record at home - all of these things I'd wanted to do for years.~Bill Callahan

Home Live Place

I feel like there's already a written narrative going on everywhere. All the different situations and realities you're in, like words floating by. It's something that I didn't start thinking about until recently, but you can hitch that ride, that narrative that's already been created. You just have to read it and write it down.~Bill Callahan

Words Thinking Ride

My first records are integral because I made them, you know, and I'm going to learn from those mistakes.~Bill Callahan

Mistakes Learn You

I did a lot of work without thinking about it in a calm, rational way. Stopping and thinking about what I was doing made my music calmer and deeper in tone.~Bill Callahan

Work Music Thinking

From the first time you can look in the paper and you accept that you're the entertainment for some people that night, it becomes so much more enjoyable to play live.~Bill Callahan

Time Night People

My parents weren't religious at all. I remember the first time I heard about Jesus was at school.~Bill Callahan

Time Parents School

I like mountains and oceans and stuff, which is where I've always felt some sort of power of meaning, but that's not necessarily spiritual.~Bill Callahan

Power Mountains Spiritual

There's so much chaos in life, I think I make music to make things feel calm and sane, to define something, to bring some meaning into it - it's a real peaceful thing to me.~Bill Callahan

Life Music Calm

I cross things out more than I write them. And if I try to sing a line, and I know that it's written incorrectly, I get this weird sort of physical nausea, and my mouth curls up all strange. I guess that's why I always write the words first: because, if everything feels okay, I'm ready to put it to music.~Bill Callahan

Music Words Weird

I'm somewhere between a gumshoe and a journalist. A writer, not a symbol.~Bill Callahan

Somewhere Writer Symbol

When I write a song, it is to fill a niche in people's lives. To have a song for every experience if one hadn't been written yet.~Bill Callahan

Experience People Song

Writing songs was like my ticket to the world, I think.~Bill Callahan

World Writing Think