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Big Bank Hank, American Musician ( January 11, 1956 - November 11, 2014 )

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'Rapper's Delight' was done in 17 minutes. Just one take, no mistakes, and it went to press from there. The record went platinum in 8 days.~Big Bank Hank

Mistakes Done Delight

I see groups that are hot one minute, and next time you see them, they're asking if you want a soda with that Happy Meal.~Big Bank Hank

Time Happy Want

I'm from the Bronx, so I am looking forward to performing before my homies. I'll keep it live in the house.~Big Bank Hank

I Am Looking Forward Live

I was part of a group called Casanova Fly, doing bouncer work, attending college and working in a pizza shop when I first met producer Sylvia Robinson who came into the pizza shop where I was flipping the dough. I was rapping in the park in Englewood, and she heard about what I was doing.~Big Bank Hank

Work College Fly

Fame can take a toll on your personal life. Half of us were in short-lived marriages or not married at all. When you are doing something you love so much that you once did for free, and then someone pays you to do it, it's like a blessing. But you have to be prepared for it.~Big Bank Hank

Life Love Blessing