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Barbara Lynn, American Musician ( January 16, 1942 - )

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God has taken care of me, and mother dear has taken care of me, too. All my life.~Barbara Lynn

Mother Life God

I go on stage with what God gave me - and that's a natural high. I don't need nothing to perk me up. The audience picks me up enough. That's the total God's truth.~Barbara Lynn

Truth God Me

In my relationship with a young guy I was going with in a band - his name was Sylvester, and I think he had another little girl on the side - I told him, 'If you lose me, you're going to lose a good thing.' And I went home and put that poem to music.~Barbara Lynn

Music Relationship Home

I tell my grandchildren - I've got seven of them - to go to college and get that degree first. I could have stayed in college and still recorded. Isn't that something? The kids of today are doing it.~Barbara Lynn

Today College Doing

You'd always see a lady or a little girl sitting at a piano. I decided I wanted to play something more unexpected, so that's when I got interested in learning to play the guitar.~Barbara Lynn

Learning Girl Unexpected

I decided that playing piano was a little bit too common, you know what I mean?~Barbara Lynn

You Know Piano

I really wish that I would have gone to college. Even my son, who's into rap himself, I tell him and tell his children, 'Go to college. Get that education - it is so important. Don't do like I did.' I had all this singing on my mind, and I just didn't have time for it.~Barbara Lynn

Education Time Children

I've gotta stick to my roots, and my roots are blues.~Barbara Lynn

Roots Blues Gotta