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Bae Doona, South Korean Actress ( October 11, 1979 - )

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Being exposed to different production environments in Korea, Japan and the U.S. was a great experience, and each system allows you to quench your thirst in a different way.~Bae Doona

Experience Great You

I really love learning and working long hours.~Bae Doona

Love Learning Long

It was extremely difficult to suppress my emotions, because my character in' A Girl at My Door' goes through so many infuriating situations. It was a lonely process having to portray someone that acts tough but is deeply hurting inside and is unable to express that.~Bae Doona

Character Girl Lonely

Korean cinema is very improvisational, and there is a unique power that stems from this.~Bae Doona

Power Unique Cinema

I'm not partial to any system, but at the same time, I'm a Korean actor, so I expect to work mainly on Korean projects.~Bae Doona

Work Time Expect

If my favourite director gives me a role that is very sparkly? A very brilliant character? I'll do it.~Bae Doona

Character Me Director

In social situations, when I'm surrounded by people, I become very shy. But if there's a camera in front of me, I feel free.~Bae Doona

People Me Free