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Living my life socially means there is a swagger to how I dress, walk; it's not about being 'cool,' it's just being me - that's understanding your place and your center - that's what swagger is, and I guess that's where the soul comes from.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Life Cool Soul

Chicago taught me when to talk, taught me when to shut up, taught me when to stay, taught me when to go. And really it all forms to make BJ the Chicago Kid.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Me Chicago Go

Falling in love in our generation just isn't as popular as it used to be.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Love Generation Falling

What's love without a soundtrack, you know?~BJ the Chicago Kid

Love You Know

I definitely have a relationship with God for myself, and yes I grew up that way, and I choose to keep the relationship that way. It's real; that's my balance. Sundays, I was in church, and Monday through Friday, I was with the knuckleheads having a little fun.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Relationship Myself God

As a man, if you're married, your happiness is with her happiness. If she's unhappy, everything's messed up. It's a woman's world for sure.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Happiness Woman Man

Style is a big part of my life. I used to work in retail before I was an artist; a lot of people didn't know that. I was so good at selling clothes and shoes, and just the lifestyle, that I could tell what size someone was wearing just by looking at them.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Life Work Good

I love loyalty, and I love paying back my end of loyalty, you know what I'm saying? I love making it full circle.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Love Loyalty End

I ain't rocking with Trump, but politics I kinda keep to myself.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Myself Politics Keep

I feel like Black Milk has found his way of putting his life into his music. I feel like, lyrically, he is a beast; a lot of people sleep on Black Milk. Black Milk is a monster. He from church. He from the street. He get down how I get down. He's a soulful cat, and I love how he get down.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Life Love Music

I grew up in church and on the block; the best of both worlds.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Best Church Up

The world hasn't noticed, but R&B has shifted. It's changing course.~BJ the Chicago Kid

World Changing Noticed

I started singing backgrounds for Mary Mary and Usher during 'Confessions.' Then I jumped to working with Anthony Hamilton, Jill Scott; jumped again to Kanye West, The Killers. I kept saying, 'OK, this is the last time; then I get to do my music.'~BJ the Chicago Kid

Music Time Singing

I realize how much my life lines up with artists like Marvin Gaye and Sam Cooke. My sound comes from church, but the stories come from actual personal experience, being out there in the streets living life.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Life Experience My Life

I just love how everyone with that Motown sound seemed to come from a two-block radius from the actual original location. The original location was a house, and then when they outgrew it, they bought the house next door and the house next door and the house next door until they had seven houses on the same lot.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Love Door Same

The aggression. The love. The joy. The pain. All those feelings and emotions that come from the music are Chicago. Chicago pretty much made me the man that I am. It's in my name. I have no choice but to accept and embrace that.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Love Music Man

I only collaborate with the people I rock with in life, period. I rock with people where I really respect their craft and respect what they're doing. That's what collaboration should start from.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Life Respect People

Honestly, I've learned from results, period. Everything isn't a failure. Sometimes it just doesn't work. That's not a failure. Maybe it just means it wasn't its time.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Work Time Failure

I think love is important, but it's not popular.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Love Love Is Important

It's crazy all the dreams you have about what you want to do, how you want to do it, and when you're going to do it. As a child, you never know the date or that one person who's going to take you to the next person, who is going to put you in position and give you that one opportunity.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Dreams Opportunity Child

Passion without purpose is kind of pointless. I think God gives us the vision and wisdom to help enforce what he sees for us. You don't just sit at home and end up on 'Empire.'~BJ the Chicago Kid

Wisdom Home God

Whatever your purpose is that leads you to the point of no return, that's where you go.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Purpose You Go

Success for me is being comfortable, and not in terms of a certain level of financial status, but that comfort comes from within.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Success Me Financial

The most important and common thing is to be able to connect with your fans. If you can't live life, then you can't connect with the fans.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Life Live Life Important

The people I'm inspired by and I listen to are all ballsy, and I feel like I'm closer to an artist when they're open and honest.~BJ the Chicago Kid

People Artist Listen

Every hip-hop artist I have worked with has a respect for higher power, whether that's church, Allah, or any sort of higher being - they all have a humbleness.~BJ the Chicago Kid

Respect Power Artist