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B. B. King, American Musician ( September 16, 1925 - May 14, 2015 )

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The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.~B. B. King

Learning Beautiful You

People all over the world have problems. And as long as people have problems, the blues can never die.~B. B. King

World People Problems

Jazz is the big brother of the blues. If a guy's playing blues like we play, he's in high school. When he starts playing jazz it's like going on to college, to a school of higher learning.~B. B. King

Learning School Brother

Water from the white fountain didn't taste any better than from the black fountain.~B. B. King

Water Black White

We all have idols. Play like anyone you care about but try to be yourself while you're doing so.~B. B. King

Be Yourself Yourself Care

My mother was a very beautiful lady, I thought. She was very good to me. I guess - she died when I was nine and a half, but if she had lived, I probably wouldn't be trying to play guitar. She wanted me to be known, but as something else. Not a guitar player.~B. B. King

Mother Beautiful Good

I started to like blues, I guess, when I was about 6 or 7 years old. There was something about it, because nobody else played that kind of music.~B. B. King

Music Blues Nobody

There are so many sounds I still want to make, so many things I haven't yet done.~B. B. King

Want Done Still

The blues was bleeding the same blood as me.~B. B. King

Me Blues Blood

Blues is a tonic for whatever ails you. I could play the blues and then not be blue anymore.~B. B. King

Blue You Play

Growing up, I was taught that a man has to defend his family. When the wolf is trying to get in, you gotta stand in the doorway.~B. B. King

Family Man Growing Up

The blues was like that problem child that you may have had in the family. You was a little bit ashamed to let anybody see him, but you loved him. You just didn't know how other people would take it.~B. B. King

Family May Child

I've said that playing the blues is like having to be black twice. Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts, but I never noticed.~B. B. King

Music Black Blues

I don't think anybody steals anything; all of us borrow.~B. B. King

Think Anything Borrow

Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but no one wants to die to get there!~B. B. King

Die Heaven Go

I don't have a favorite song that I've written. But I do have a favorite song: 'Always on My Mind,' the Willie Nelson version. If I could sing it like he do, I would sing it every night. I like the story it tells.~B. B. King

Night Mind Song

It seems like I always had to work harder than other people. Those nights when everybody else is asleep, and you sit in your room trying to play scales.~B. B. King

Work People Trying

If you can't get your songs to people one way, you have to find another.~B. B. King

People You Find

I've put up with more humiliation than I care to remember.~B. B. King

Remember Care Up

I call myself a blues singer, but you ain't never heard me call myself a blues guitar man.~B. B. King

Myself Man Me

When people treat you mean, you dislike them for that, but not because of their person, who they are. I was born and raised in a segregated society, but when I left there, I had nobody I disliked other than the people that'd mistreated me, and that only lasted for as long as they were mistreating me.~B. B. King

Society People Me

When we went into World War II, I was a tractor driver then. I drove tractors on the plantation. So when they start calling people my age, 18, up, I was one they called.~B. B. King

War Age World

I liked blues from the time my mother used to take me to church. I started to listen to gospel music, so I liked that. But I had an aunt at that time, my mother's aunt who bought records by people like Lonnie Johnson, Robert Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, and a few others.~B. B. King

Mother Music Time

I was born on a plantation, and things weren't so good. We didn't have any money. I never thought of the word 'poor' 'til I got to be a man, but when you live in a house that you can always peek out of and see what kind of day it is, you're not doing so well. And your rest room is not inside the house.~B. B. King

Money Good Day

I don't care for the music when they're talking bad about women because I think women are God's greatest gift to the planet - I just like music.~B. B. King

Music Women God

I have not been a good father, but no father has loved his children more. Like my father, I decided the best thing I could do for my kids was work and provide. Fortunately, I've been able to do that. Unfortunately, my work was on the road, and that's meant a life of one-nighters.~B. B. King

Life Work Children