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I'd rather proliferate funny little rumors than not.~Autre Ne Veut

Funny Rumors Rather

I like Cronenberg's early work; his '80s films had all these weird, amorphous flesh objects in them.~Autre Ne Veut

Work Weird Early

I've never written lyrics. I get up in front of a microphone, and I just sing what comes to the top of my head.~Autre Ne Veut

Head Top Up

I'm trying to use people like Meredith Monk and Philip Glass and Terry Riley as the backing tracks for new pop songs. It's really hard trying to use the format and write a pop song on top of avant-garde music, so we'll see. It could be cool, or it could totally flop.~Autre Ne Veut

Music Cool People

I'm not good at interacting with people and am terrified to get onstage, so I just go up there, freak out and, most of the time, pack up and go home immediately after.~Autre Ne Veut

Time Home Good

I've never been to a psychiatrist so have never gotten to the point where I could be formally diagnosed with any disorder. But I definitely have anxiety.~Autre Ne Veut

Anxiety Point Never

I spent a long part of my childhood repressing my more animalistic desire systems, and in a way, it permits me to do some of the stuff that I would want to be doing in a way that's more comfortable and doesn't break my internal rules. It expands the realm of possibility.~Autre Ne Veut

Childhood Me Rules

I've always loved singing and the catharsis of it.~Autre Ne Veut

Singing Loved Always

Katy Perry's politics I could probably do without, though I have friends who have interacted with her that say she's very nice.~Autre Ne Veut

Politics Friends Nice

I like pop music. Earnestly. Most of the greatest technicians, mix engineers, and players are working in pop music.~Autre Ne Veut

Music Greatest Engineers

There's a certain type of indie fan who would balk at the prospect of there being value in pop music, but I think that's foolish. They're not really listening.~Autre Ne Veut

Music Value Listening

I wanted to make a record that worked against the hypnagogic paradigm, for sure.~Autre Ne Veut

Against Paradigm Sure

There's a constant anxiety that comes from having an innate sense of self, yet existing within a homogenised, aspirational culture.~Autre Ne Veut

Culture Self Anxiety

There's a real existential anxiety at having to exist not just in a generalised social framework, but a capitalist social framework.~Autre Ne Veut

Anxiety Real Existential

My mom is the type of mom who wonders why I haven't used my psychology degree to become a successful clinical psychologist.~Autre Ne Veut

Mom Successful Psychology

There were no good bands in my town. You know, there's like this magic town where every kid started a band in high school, and half of them were good and have careers based on relationships built at that time? That wasn't what my life was like at all.~Autre Ne Veut

Life Time Good

I did a lot of choral music in high school, and that was kind of my primary, stable outlet for music because I didn't feel comfortable being a soloist. It was a cool, safe space for me musically.~Autre Ne Veut

Music School Cool

Music, even if I ended up doing something different or do end up doing something different in the long run, it's just something that is life blood. If I'm not participating in some way, I feel like I'm wasting my time.~Autre Ne Veut

Life Music Time

In high school, I decided I wanted to learn guitar, so I picked it up and starting teaching myself some basic chords and started playing with friends. Guitar inherently lends itself to be guitar music, especially when you're not good at guitar.~Autre Ne Veut

Music Myself Good

In the '90s, it was cool to just like R&B. But I liked Nirvana and stuff, too.~Autre Ne Veut

Cool Like Nirvana

I definitely have a little Woody Allen inside of me. That is true.~Autre Ne Veut

Me True Inside

Afterlife, in my mind, is pretty much nothing. This is it. This is what we get, for me.~Autre Ne Veut

Mind Me Nothing

When I was twelve or thirteen, if you liked something that was outside of your friend group genre, you had to rationalize and explain it in some way. It's totally irrelevant, I think, now. I don't think anybody cares. Not young people, at least. Maybe journalists.~Autre Ne Veut

People Friend Young

When I released my first record, I was really in the middle of having made the decision to follow the clinical psychology path, which is competitive, rigorous, and fairly conservative.~Autre Ne Veut

Path Decision Psychology

I always thought I was depressive, and I only recently realized that I have more of an anxiety disorder than chronic depression.~Autre Ne Veut

Depression Anxiety Thought

I have a master's in psychology, and depression and anxiety are considered to be cyclical.~Autre Ne Veut

Depression Anxiety Master