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Austin Carlile, American Musician ( September 27, 1987 - )

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It's disheartening to read the really negative stuff, but at the same time, I know who I am, and I'm comfortable with myself.~Austin Carlile

Time Myself I Am

If I'm not writing songs about things I've actually been through, it ruins the idea of making music to me.~Austin Carlile

Music Writing Me

I'm not going to be like a rapper and mention the people I'm talking about in my songs by name.~Austin Carlile

People Name Talking

I'm actually at home when I'm not on tour, and I have a lot of downtime.~Austin Carlile

Home Tour Lot

I had actually hurt my neck, and because I went a while without getting it taken care of - it was pushing up against the back of my heart - and because I have heart issues, they thought it was this whole big deal. So I spent a good three days in the hospital, two nights in the ICU.~Austin Carlile

Good Heart Hurt

The 'rock world' is a lot smaller than it used to be. It's doing a lot less things than it used to be. From Woodstock back in the day and Rage Against the Machine, no one sells millions of records anymore.~Austin Carlile

Day World Doing

Linkin Park has been a band for such a long time, for me, in my eyes. I was 16 years old when I first heard them. I heard 'Hybrid Theory,' and I was floored at what I was listening to. It was angry yet melodic, it had hip-hop and it had - it was just different, good. Good songwriting.~Austin Carlile

Time Good Eyes