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Ashthon Jones, American Musician ( February 27, 1986 - )

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I want to continue to do music and stay on the stage because I love the stage. And I want to continue to write songs.~Ashthon Jones

Love Music Want

I love inspirational R&B, like Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Hudson. I want to do that. That kind of music stays with you.~Ashthon Jones

Inspirational Love Music

Steven Tyler is awesome. He is so humble. He's really sweet and coming from him and his career, it's amazing.~Ashthon Jones

Humble Sweet Amazing

I want to buy my mom a house; I want my family to never have to worry about anything. And I just want to have an amazing career in music, because I love to do it.~Ashthon Jones

Mom Love Family

But I'm a big, firm believer in speaking everything into existence.~Ashthon Jones

Existence Everything Big

I believe that I'm going to have a Grammy.~Ashthon Jones

Believe I Believe Going

I see myself continuing to be a songwriter and a motivator and someone that has grown in her faith.~Ashthon Jones

Myself Faith Her

I love to have confidence, but that confidence doesn't come from myself. It comes from God, and that's what I wanted America to see.~Ashthon Jones

Love Myself Confidence

I like to dress, I love to have make-up on, I like to do my hair.~Ashthon Jones

Love Hair Dress