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Anthony Kiedis, American Musician ( November 1, 1962 - )

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Sometimes life's so much cooler when you just don't know any better and all the painful lessons have not hammered your head open yet.~Anthony Kiedis

Life Cool Better

I was a little self-centered gutter punk in the early 1980s and all I wanted to do was diss everybody.~Anthony Kiedis

Early Punk Self-Centered

I find it hard to meet the right woman as people assume I'm a certain type of person - which I'm not.~Anthony Kiedis

Woman People Find

Personally, I am stuck with one foot in the past and one foot in the present.~Anthony Kiedis

Past I Am Present

It seems like the chaos of this world is accelerating, but so is the beauty in the consciousness of more and more people.~Anthony Kiedis

Beauty World People

I like the idea of defying the convention of what it is to be in your 40s, or 50s, or 60s.~Anthony Kiedis

Idea Like Convention

My days are whatever I want them to be.~Anthony Kiedis

Want Whatever Days

I inherited my father's insatiable desire to meet all the beautiful girls in the world.~Anthony Kiedis

Beautiful Father World

I never really thought in terms of the concept of being a rock star - being around people like that just seemed like normal day-in-the-life stuff to me. Those were just the surroundings I grew up in.~Anthony Kiedis

People Me Rock

What doesn't kill you only makes your book longer.~Anthony Kiedis

Book You Longer

I'm probably not long-term-relationship material for now.~Anthony Kiedis

Now Material

Also, we're all actually different blood types and we have one represented by each guy in the band.~Anthony Kiedis

Blood Band Different

You know I love pot, and I love beer, but I am totally sober, just because it completely stopped working for me.~Anthony Kiedis

Love I Am Me

I discovered surfing, which I absolutely fell in love with. That feels good and kind of keeps your body aligned, so does the salt water.~Anthony Kiedis

Love Good Water

I think art is inherently nonviolent and it actually occupies your mind with creation rather than destruction.~Anthony Kiedis

Art Mind Think

What I've realized over the years is that I have some pretty good friends.~Anthony Kiedis

Good Friends Good Friends

You know, I like to climb trees and ride bikes and play.~Anthony Kiedis

Trees Climb Ride

But then when he left, I realized that it was harder to write songs and feel spiritually connected to art and music as a band. When he came back I felt it again, instantaneously.~Anthony Kiedis

Music Art Feel

We did that with people like Chris Rock, Woody Harrelson, and the environmentalist Julia Butterfly Hill.~Anthony Kiedis

Butterfly People Rock

We'll have these people hang out with us while we're doing our touring, and talk to them and let them speak their piece to the world.~Anthony Kiedis

World People Speak

We've just learned how to balance ourselves a little better so that we're happier way more of the time than not, and, you know, being happy is a radical and desirable act if you ask me.~Anthony Kiedis

Time Happy Being Happy

In terms of having high hopes that the level of consciousness will get higher and higher, yeah.~Anthony Kiedis

High Hopes Consciousness

When I was younger, I used to hate Germany. I hated the country, the people, the language, the culture, everything! But over the years I've grown to really appreciate the German people.~Anthony Kiedis

Culture Hate People

My father rebelled ferociously against his conservative upbringing where his father physically abused him.~Anthony Kiedis

Father Conservative Him

As a father now, I wouldn't do what my dad did, because it left me feeling emotionally unstable as a kid. But he didn't do the things he did out of selfishness or malice.~Anthony Kiedis

Father Dad Me

Four years into the life of my son, I realize I'm so in love with him and he's so in love with me that if I don't find that lifelong partner out there, it's okay.~Anthony Kiedis

Life Love Son