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Anthony Hamilton, American Musician ( January 28, 1971 - )

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'Back To Love' is a way of letting people know that sometimes you get caught up in trying to be successful in school or in your social life, and it's a reminder not to forget that each day people are getting older. Nobody is promised tomorrow, so we should make sure that we spend quality time with quality people.~Anthony Hamilton

Life Love Time

People are going to bash you while you're alive, and they're going to bash you when you're gone.~Anthony Hamilton

People You Alive

You have to keep pushing toward those dreams no matter what setbacks happen.~Anthony Hamilton

Dreams You Setbacks

Being a barber is about taking care of the people.~Anthony Hamilton

People Care Barber

I learned patience, perseverance, and dedication. Now I really know myself, and I know my voice. It's a voice of pain and victory.~Anthony Hamilton

Perseverance Myself Pain

I wanna change the game in way where I'm not knocking nobody out of the way, not claiming to be the best at this or that, but just doing wonders with the gift I've been given.~Anthony Hamilton

Change Best Gift

I'm not always a heartbroken guy. I like to laugh, act silly, dance. There are so many more colors to me. I really can be fun.~Anthony Hamilton

Dance Fun Colors

Most songs I write are spur-of-the-moment-type things. I have to be spontaneous. If not, songwriting can bore me. There is no pre-design or idea of what I am going to do when I go into the studio. It's all like that for me. I could go in and write two or three songs in an eight-hour session. You can't over-think songs. You just can't.~Anthony Hamilton

I Am Me You

I love being in the studio, and I am a huge fan of live music. Without writing good stuff in the studio, you have nothing to play live.~Anthony Hamilton

Love Music Good

Like, even when I speak, I think I speak the same way I write. I kind of see it a certain way, and it leads me to write it exactly how I'm seeing it.~Anthony Hamilton

Me Speak Think

I'm a church boy. I got whuppin's. So I'm afraid at any moment my grandmother could just swing down from heaven with a switch.~Anthony Hamilton

Grandmother Moment Church

I encourage women to just feel good about who you are.~Anthony Hamilton

Women Good Feel Good

After a while, you want to sell a lot of records, win awards and touch as many people as you can, but you have to secure the foundation with your family. I'm a family man, but I'm a businessman, too.~Anthony Hamilton

Family Man People

I enjoy touring. I enjoy recording the music, I enjoy dreaming it and I enjoy performing it. I also definitely enjoy selling it, because I like to eat.~Anthony Hamilton

Music Enjoy Selling

I think it's a great time to put out quality work, and it will speak for itself. You don't have to work so hard at being successful at it, because it is something that people want, so when they want it and it is good, then they're going to get it and continue to give it to other people.~Anthony Hamilton

Work Time Good

Creatively, I'd like to achieve not only being an artist, but being a businessman and having my own music home.~Anthony Hamilton

Music Home Artist

You have to be who you are when you do music.~Anthony Hamilton

Music You Who

It was very important for me to touch on things that haven't changed, like schools. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio. My lady's from Ohio, and the schools are being torn down, and they turned them into high-rise condos.~Anthony Hamilton

Me Important Down

I do want to sell as many records and win as many awards as I can. The awards though, they don't necessarily determine if you're good or not. I know that now.~Anthony Hamilton

Good Win Want

When people are running up to me in the grocery store screaming, 'Oh my God! Oh my God!' that's when I know I'm swervin'. As long as people are recognizing you and you matter to them, then you're doing something right.~Anthony Hamilton

God People Me

I have a passion for not only my own kids but just kids in general.~Anthony Hamilton

Passion My Own Own