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'Sweet Dreams' is such a dark-sounding song, but it's about not taking anything for granted; share yourself with others after you have first spent some time with yourself.~Angel Olsen

Time Dreams Sweet

When people disappoint you, it's just as much your responsibility to be aware of it and what you don't want.~Angel Olsen

Responsibility People Want

I'm not trying to prove that I'm capable of doing many things.~Angel Olsen

Doing Trying Prove

It's very important to enjoy time alone with yourself and just existing, because existence is kind of cool.~Angel Olsen

Time Alone Cool

There's a lot of expectation after you do something that seems to have been well received. It's kind of unfair.~Angel Olsen

You Expectation Kind

I'm sure that the meaning of the songs that I've written will change for me over the years, the same way that I can't even say what inspired some of the songs that I've been singing for a long time anymore.~Angel Olsen

Change Time Singing

I enjoy singing the songs a certain way, but I don't even know how the writing even began. To me, it's work that is kind of invisible; it's a weird kind of work to have because you're not working, but it's not not work. Formulating your thoughts and making a melody that's catchy enough for people to listen to what you're saying is really hard!~Angel Olsen

Work Writing People

My first ever tour of my music was in the Netherlands. I didn't really have a grace period to grow or anything; people just started booking for me. I feel pretty lucky.~Angel Olsen

Music People Grace

I guess that in a lot of ways, my writing is more of a character to me than something that I feel personally attached to.~Angel Olsen

Character Writing Me

If, you know, all your life you're making films or whatever, and somehow along the way you lose meaning in whatever you're doing when you're making the films, they're just not the same as they used to be to you. That doesn't mean your life is over; it just means maybe go try to live a different life.~Angel Olsen

Life Doing Live

Go and experience life the way that someone else might experience it. Maybe you'll find meaning in a different corner of your brain. The fact that it changed doesn't negate the fact that it ever mattered.~Angel Olsen

Life Experience Brain