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Andy Williams, American Musician ( December 3, 1927 - September 25, 2012 )

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The important things are children, honesty, integrity and faith.~Andy Williams

Children Integrity Faith

You've got to live life to write a book about it.~Andy Williams

Life Live Life Book

I'll keep going until I get to the point where I can't get out on stage.~Andy Williams

Keep Going Stage Point

I never tried to sing like anybody else, fortunately I didn't sound like anybody else. It just happened.~Andy Williams

Sound Never Sing

I made up my mind several years ago that I had worked very hard to get to where I am in life and that I was only going to do things that are fun and exciting.~Andy Williams

Life I Am Fun

I still think I'm not as good as anybody else.~Andy Williams

Good Think Still

We teach about how to drive in school, but not how to manage finances.~Andy Williams

School Finance Teach

There's no doubt in my mind that people on the West Coast - L.A. particularly - and the East Coast have no clue at all about what's happening outside their own little bailiwick. And they think everybody is stupid because they are not sophisticated.~Andy Williams

People Stupid Mind

I guess I've never really been aggressive, although almost everybody else in show business fights and gouges and knees to get where they want to be.~Andy Williams

Business Want Never