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Andrew Wyatt, American Musician ( - )

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When I was a kid growing up, we had a cherry tree in the backyard, 100 years old. I climbed it, and it gave shade in the summertime and excellent cherries in the late summer. Having cherry blossoms around gives the best springtime vibe ever.~Andrew Wyatt

Best Summer Tree

I think it's always a mistake when you start connecting a band to a personality. You begin to limit what you're able to do.~Andrew Wyatt

Personality Mistake Start

I've been studying on my own. I'm not really trained. I went to school for about a year and a half. I never really studied music, but, I mean, I did. I studied for two years, maybe.~Andrew Wyatt

Music School Studying

I studied classical music for a year. Then, I studied jazz for a year at the New School, and then I got kicked out. You had to go to your class, so I don't know if that counts as studying. I didn't study jazz. I was supposed to.~Andrew Wyatt

Music School Studying

There are too many things to count that I like about London.~Andrew Wyatt

London Count Like

I used to produce this band, Dragons of Zynth. There's something about their live shows, which, to me, is ultimate. I mean, you feel like somebody could get hurt when you go see them live.~Andrew Wyatt

Hurt Me Live

I was a total music nerd. I grew up on Perry Street in the '80s. My father wrote books about jazz, so I was always at the 'Village Vanguard.'~Andrew Wyatt

Music Father Jazz

I guess, like, the whole thing with music is - you're a little bit in control but not fully in control. Which is kind of the fun of it.~Andrew Wyatt

Music Fun Control

It's even exhausting for me to think about remixes because there were so many Miike Snow remixes.~Andrew Wyatt

Me Think Snow

There are major advantages to remaining out of the radio for a long time before we have something that crosses into the mainstream properly.~Andrew Wyatt

Time Long Long Time