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Andrew Dice Clay, American Comedian ( September 29, 1957 - )

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I lived in Beverly Hills for years. I always had a line, 'I hate the rich.' From what I witnessed after living there for 15 years, these people just don't raise their kids. I used to see the lineup of cars in front of the schools and it was all the nannies.~Andrew Dice Clay

Hate People Living

I certainly don't walk around my home or being with my family and just using profane language all the time, but on stage, it's a constant.~Andrew Dice Clay

Family Time Home

I just like to make people laugh.~Andrew Dice Clay

People Laugh Like

I like when something makes you think after you stop watching.~Andrew Dice Clay

You Think Watching

I do whatever I do. I go to the club. I work on material. While other people are sleeping, I'm awake. I always liked that. I like being able to drive when there's no traffic. It's almost like you own the street at night.~Andrew Dice Clay

Work Night People

I'm a Brooklyn guy onstage, and I try to really feed my fans with the kind of material they expect from me.~Andrew Dice Clay

Me Try Expect

I want to be able to make people laugh as hard as they possibly can, and I really think they need that.~Andrew Dice Clay

People Laugh Want

I've been getting in trouble my whole life and I really don't care what anybody thinks of what I do on stage as a comic.~Andrew Dice Clay

Life Care Trouble