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Sometimes I get off stage, and I almost have no recollection of what happened. It's almost like a trance; it's very bizarre.~Anat Cohen

Sometimes Stage Bizarre

I've always been attracted to multicultural music. It's where the world is going.~Anat Cohen

Music World Multicultural

We still have to overcome the notion that a clarinet squeaks. People need to remember what a beautiful instrument it is, including in popular music.~Anat Cohen

Music Beautiful People

I have two brothers that are musicians. My older brother, Yuval, is a saxophone player. My younger brother, Avishai, is a trumpet player.~Anat Cohen

Brother Musicians Trumpet

My everyday life is not just walking around on clouds. But you have to give the really special things in life importance and not let the temporary things roll you off the road.~Anat Cohen

Life Road Walking

My father had lived in the States in the 1960s for a while and came to love American Songbook material. Even today, he sometimes recognizes singers that I never even heard of, which is beautiful and inspiring.~Anat Cohen

Love Beautiful Father

Whether it's performing a concert with my quartet or sitting in with my peers, enjoying musical conversations at home with my brothers or hanging and playing choro with my friends - sharing moments in that bright space of music are the happiest times.~Anat Cohen

Music Home Friends

When I play the clarinet, I am 100 percent myself. It is as if it is part of my body. I can play whatever I think. Let me just read a melody and make it as sweet as I can.~Anat Cohen

Myself I Am Sweet

I feel like sometimes I get even more goofy onstage than I am offstage. I'm not trying to make the music less than what it is. Even if it's hard for me and I have to think about a lot of details, it's none of the audience's business. I don't want them to feel that I'm having a hard time.~Anat Cohen

Music Time Business

The clarinet chose me more than I chose the clarinet.~Anat Cohen

Me More Clarinet

Clarinet is an incredible instrument. It's a great, expressive instrument.~Anat Cohen

Great Incredible Clarinet

The clarinet has always been my baby. I just didn't know that for a while.~Anat Cohen

Baby Know Always

To me, music is a luminous experience. Whenever I'm immersed in it, life lights up for me, no matter what else is going on.~Anat Cohen

Life Music Experience

I flow between modern and traditional jazz, between samba and choro - all maybe in a week's time.~Anat Cohen

Time Week Jazz

There are a lot of Israeli musicians in New York because you want to grow and go onstage, and eventually you have to get out of Israel to do that because there aren't enough places to play.~Anat Cohen

Musicians Want You

I was focusing on sax while at Berklee, but then I started to play Brazilian choro and Colombian music. I was doing more folkloric stuff on the clarinet because it works better. Finally, I realized I was working more on the clarinet than the saxophone, and I started to feel more comfortable on it.~Anat Cohen

Music Doing Better

Avishai my brother always says to the audience, 'If you weren't here, it would just be a rehearsal.' So it's important to me to acknowledge and engage them. I know that they are there for me, and I'm humbled by that.~Anat Cohen

Brother Me Important

I could never really figure out why people would live in a kibbutz. I'm such a city girl.~Anat Cohen

Girl People City

My father knew classical music very well. Driving in the car, listening to the radio, he could name every composer, every movement, what piece it was. I was fascinated by the way he recognized who wrote what.~Anat Cohen

Music Father Car

I have an ambivalent feeling about the Israeli army. Growing up in Tel Aviv, being involved in the arts, the last thing artists want to do is fight.~Anat Cohen

Fight Growing Up Feeling

With cab drivers, I always say I'm from Brazil. I don't say I'm from Israel. It's happened more than once that someone is blaming me for the government's policy. And I say, 'Listen, I live here. I'm a musician. I don't call the shots.'~Anat Cohen

Government Me Live

Clarinet is often associated with certain genres, like swing or folk music. I combine the old and new, using the clarinet as an expressive tool and not in one genre. I'm just happy that people are drawn to what I do.~Anat Cohen

Music Happy People

I think maybe the only time I think of being a woman... is being on the road and making sure my musicians are fed and they sleep. 'Are you OK? Do you need some water? Are you hungry? Can I get you a cookie?' I'm not sure all the men bandleaders do that.~Anat Cohen

Time Woman Water

There's always this joke that I say in Israel: people don't really have discussions; they just try to convince the other people that they are wrong or they are right - they just try to impose their opinion on the others. Sometimes I think it's easier to avoid talking about things and just make music.~Anat Cohen

Music People Opinion

I'm working really hard to get the clarinet out of that hole, that Benny Goodman thing.~Anat Cohen

Working Hole Hard

The best part about living in New York is that you are able to play with different people in different styles in the same week. It's really part of who I am as a musical person. I try to incorporate everything that I encounter.~Anat Cohen

Best Week I Am