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Allan Ray, American Athlete ( June 17, 1984 - )

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My off-the-field heroes, the people who gave me the values to live by and who inspired me with their hard work and unselfish dedication to their family, were my mom, Catherine, and my dad, William.~Allan Ray

Mom Family Work

I faced odds when glaucoma took the bat out of my hands. But I didn't give in or feel sorry for myself. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: 'It may be cloudy in my right eye, but the sun is shining very brightly in my left eye.'~Allan Ray

Myself Sun May

The great teams find a way to win.~Allan Ray

Great Win Find

The real good teams and the real great teams find a way to win.~Allan Ray

Good Great Win

I had some great role models along the way. My on-field heroes were the great Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Willie Mays. I wanted to be like them on the field, and I am so damn proud to join them in the Hall of Fame.~Allan Ray

Great I Am Proud

I wanted to play baseball ever since I was 5 years old.~Allan Ray

Baseball Play Old