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Alex Winston, American Musician ( September 28, 1987 - )

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I took opera lessons. I can't read music to save my life, but I would just copy and get away with it. I think that they thought I could read music, but I can't. I would just listen.~Alex Winston

Life Music My Life

Growing up, I never listened to English music. I was more into Motown, as well as early rock n' roll like Chuck Berry and Little Richard.~Alex Winston

Music Growing Up Rock

I started taking music lessons and singing when I was about ten.~Alex Winston

Music Singing Lessons

Most of all I want to make pop music that has something real behind it.~Alex Winston

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I'm actually one of the few kids in my grade, especially girls, who didn't end up going to college, just because I already knew what I wanted to do. I had already been actively working in music before I graduated.~Alex Winston

Music End College

I started bands at a pretty young age and played with my friends back in Detroit. I've always known that I wanted to do this. It was all I was ever interested in doing. I never had, outside of music, any extracurricular activities that I took part in.~Alex Winston

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I like real instruments, and try to stay from anything that sounds too synthetic.~Alex Winston

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