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Alec Baldwin, American Actor ( April 3, 1958 - )

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I just love Rome. It really does cast a spell on you.~Alec Baldwin

Love Rome You

Remember, sex is like a Chinese dinner. It ain't over 'til you both get your cookie.~Alec Baldwin

Remember Dinner Sex

To be in this business and have tremendous integrity and only make distinguished choices is very tough.~Alec Baldwin

Business Integrity Choices

Getting older is hard.~Alec Baldwin

Getting Older Older Hard

There's less critical thinking going on in this country on a Main Street level - forget about the media - than ever before. We've never needed people to think more critically than now, and they've taken a big nap.~Alec Baldwin

Thinking People Media

I don't think acting is addictive. If I stopped acting tomorrow, I really wouldn't care. If you told me that I would have to sell real estate in New York City to look after my family, that would be fine with me.~Alec Baldwin

Family Real Estate Me

Men are literally lying in bed with their wives when the marriage is essentially over, thinking, 'I've got to get the hell out of here', and have a fantasy woman in mind. Then you get divorced, meet a woman, marry her, and by the time all that goes by, you've aged a few years and are ready to go back to your ex-wife.~Alec Baldwin

Marriage Time Woman

I feel I'm two people: I have my interest in acting and I have a lot of other political interests I'd like to pursue.~Alec Baldwin

Political People Acting

I wanted to be president of the United States. I really did. The older I get, the less preposterous the idea seems.~Alec Baldwin

United United States Older

Bush wasn't elected, he was selected - selected by five judges up in Washington who voted along party lines.~Alec Baldwin

Party Judges Washington

I think my exact comment was that if Bush won it would be a good time to leave the United States. I'm not necessarily going to leave the United States.~Alec Baldwin

Time Good Think

For better or ill, I was very heavily influenced by men I knew who always dressed formally.~Alec Baldwin

Men Better Dressed

When I'm not working, I dress like a surfer. I look like I'm going to come into your house and clean your pool.~Alec Baldwin

Dress Look Working

There's three things: there's masculinity, there's intelligence, there's sensitivity. You've got to bring those three things to a leading man's role: masculinity, sensitivity, intelligence. In some people, there's a little too much in the mix of one or the other.~Alec Baldwin

Intelligence Man People

Grown-ups yell. I don't know why, but they do.~Alec Baldwin

Know Why Grown-Ups

You have a lot of optimism when you are young.~Alec Baldwin

Optimism Young You

My wife is the greatest person I have ever known. She is just a living doll; she is great person and a great mom. We have a girl and a boy, and we are going to have another boy.~Alec Baldwin

Mom Wife Great

Hollywood does draw some very strange characters, and then the power of Hollywood and what they can do with it becomes like a blood sport to them.~Alec Baldwin

Power Strange Blood

I turned popular music on the radio, and I never listened to it again after that, in about 1985. That's when I switched over to classical music, and I pretty much stayed with that since then.~Alec Baldwin

Music Never Popular

I'm going to stop giving too much money to charity - the charity is going to become my family. I'm only half-kidding.~Alec Baldwin

Family Money Giving

My children are the only thing in my life that makes me happy.~Alec Baldwin

Life Children Happy

I know there's an impression that I'm someone who seeks to have violent confrontations with people. I don't. Do I regret screaming at some guy who practically clipped my kid in the head with the lens of a camera? Yeah, I probably do, because it's only caused me problems.~Alec Baldwin

Regret People Problems

I worked all the time. Every moment I wasn't working, I was home with my family. I got divorced. And now I'm doing it all over again, and I've learned that the key is, I've got to work less.~Alec Baldwin

Family Work Time

I find myself bitter, defensive, and more misanthropic than I care to admit.~Alec Baldwin

Myself Care Find

I did not have a happy family life a few years ago. I was divorced, and I was very alienated from my daughter, and I was out there cutting every ribbon and running around New York hosting events for different causes to supplant my loss because I didn't have a family to go home to. Now I don't want to be Mr. Show Business anymore.~Alec Baldwin

Life Family Daughter

Look at the shows that are really successful on Broadway. They're musicals. They're things that a woman will pick out the tickets for, or a man will buy the tickets with a woman in mind. It's a date. It's boyfriend-girlfriend, husband-wife. That's what the theater in New York has become.~Alec Baldwin

Woman Man Mind