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Alan Tudyk, American Actor ( March 16, 1971 - )

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Reading is a heady thing. You can be into the action of someone's thoughts and take a whole trip down someone's ruminations while seconds tick by in the world that they're in, but you can't really do that in film.~Alan Tudyk

World Reading Thoughts

What's casual for a robot isn't necessarily what's casual for a human.~Alan Tudyk

Human Robot Casual

I can tan. I get tannish. It's not really tan, it's tannish. That kind of color.~Alan Tudyk

Color I Can Tan

I'm not a big horror movie fan. I am afraid of them; they scare me.~Alan Tudyk

I Am Me Afraid

I'm very interested in Comedia dell'Arte.~Alan Tudyk

Very Interested

I don't wear jewelry, as a man.~Alan Tudyk

Man Jewelry Wear

I'm a geeky actor, in the way that I like the craft of acting.~Alan Tudyk

Acting Craft Actor

I trained as a stage actor and was given a lot of technical tools to play with.~Alan Tudyk

Play Tools Actor

Vince Vaughn is a master improviser.~Alan Tudyk

Master Improviser